Top Chart: work-from-everywhere
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Zoom for Google Workspace™ 364750910244 56M+ 4.3 Zoom Video Communications Use Zoom to easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from Gmail and Google Calendar.
2 Cisco Webex 678783785621 12M+ 4.4 Cisco Webex Schedule Webex meetings directly for Google Workspace.
3 Zoom for Gmail 585972765488 12M+ 4.5 Zoom Video Conferencing Meet happy with flawless video, clear audio, and easy content sharing directly from Zoom for Gmail!
4 Mail Merge 218858140171 8M+ 4.9 Quicklution Easily personalize emails, letters, envelopes & certificates. Auto send emails on a Google Form ™ submit.
5 Miro 1062019541050 6M+ 4.5 Miro Miro is the online workspace for innovation — together.
6 Slack for Gmail™ 533288507123 5M+ 4.0 Slack Technologies, Inc. Send emails into Slack to discuss them with your teammates.
7 Mail merge for Google Docs ™ 799434348782 3M+ 3.7 Mail merge emails, documents, letters and envelopes within Google Workspace ™. Create hundreds of documents with the best mail merge add-on for Google Docs ™ and Google Sheets ™.
8 Box 828801433755 1M+ 4.4 Box Seamlessly copy your Google files over to Box, attach file links from Box to emails, download email attachments directly to Box, and attach Box file links to meetings.
9 Publigo document merge 677216675116 1M+ 4.8 Scriptit Email & print personalized docs and PDFs based on templates + spreadsheet or Forms data.
10 SMS Reminder for Google Calendar™ 33150033653 1M+ 3.9 SMS Reminder Send appointment reminders by SMS text from your Google Calendar™. Try it for FREE!
11 Signeasy eSignatures for Google Workspace 484878786372 771K+ 4.4 Signeasy Sign documents, request signatures, and sign agreements directly from Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail with Signeasy's unified app for Google Workspace.
12 Zoom 846561030874 696K+ 4.9 Zoom Video Communications Create Zoom meetings with flawless video, crystal clear audio, and instant screen sharing directly from Hangouts Chat!
13 Dialpad Meetings for Google Calendar™ 255217867751 694K+ 4.5 Dialpad, Inc Schedule calls from Google Calendar™ and easily access your call info.
14 Translate All 862887788144 566K+ 3.5 Joey Bronner Translate All is an add-on allowing any user to translate the spreadsheet, doc or presentation content, in only one click 🔥
15 Loom 574092966097 491K+ 5.0 Loom Loom is the video communication platform for async work that helps companies communicate better at scale.
16 Jira & Confluence Smart Chips 331162826608 395K+ 4.2 Atlassian Quickly link to your work in popular Atlassian tools like Jira or Confluence to Google Workspace™ with smart chips and get instant visibility into contextual details.
17 Reports for Gmail™ 207548580557 360K+ 4.3 Gdev apps Efficiently organize emails into Google Docs™ for easy tracking, ideal for educators and businesses managing student/client interactions.
18 for Gmail™ 38800197956 339K+ 3.6 Review today’s tasks right from your Gmail™. Easily add action-items directly from your email threads.
19 GQueues for Google Workspace™ 672546833824 333K+ 4.7 GQueues Create tasks out of emails and mark tasks complete directly from your inbox and calendar.
20 Loom for Google Chat 465555601047 300K+ 0.0 Loom Loom is the video communication platform for async work that helps companies communicate better at scale
21 Polly 681816873282 300K+ 2.4 Polly Create quick polls with Polly.
22 Amber by inFeedo 48848010532 236K+ 5.0 inFeedo Developers Employee Engagement Platform
23 Email to Text — Send SMS messages from Gmailᵀᴹ 135822310631 221K+ 4.5 Email to Text Email to Text add-on makes it easy to send SMS messages from a computer or a mobile device using Gmail. Only US/CA phone numbers!
24 Appbot 23698574660 203K+ 5.0 Appbot Automatically send app reviews to Google Chat.
25 275857615071 195K+ 4.2 Turn talk into tasks with the add-on for Gmail™.
26 Check Sheet Notifications 239755856136 189K+ 4.8 Check Sheet Google Sheets™ Notifications and Reminders for Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord and Google Chat™ based on updates, form submissions or dates.
27 LumApps Publish in Google Workspace™ 721757337035 184K+ 4.6 LumApps Create contents in LumApps from Google Workspace™ documents.
28 Atlas bot 219651002574 167K+ 5.0 codedoers Atlassian Bitbucket bot
29 Fax.Plus - Online Fax Service 657386331374 164K+ 4.1 Alohi Send fax from Google™. Send fax securely from Google Drive™, Docs™, Sheets™, and Gmail™. It’s fast, easy, and reliable.
30 Quire 1045213044648 156K+ 4.7 Quire team Instantly add new tasks to your Quire project from your mailbox.
31 Mail Track for Gmail 888949007475 145K+ 4.6 Qualtir Track your emails and know when they are opened. Mail tracker for mobile & desktop
32 ClickUp 897450447475 124K+ 4.3 Clickup ClickUp is a beautiful productivity platform that allows you to get more done in your work and personal lives. Receive notifications from the Space, Project, or List of your choice. Updates to tasks will automatically be sent to the channel of your choice with this handy feature. The ClickUp Hangouts integration is available for all users. Contact developers at
33 Free Invoice for Gmail - Bookipi 1081056194387 112K+ 4.5 Bookipi Team Create and send an Invoice or Estimate on the go right from Gmail ™
34 Chat for Confluence 342664663583 90K+ 5.0 Hakeem Baba Connects confluence cloud to Google Chat™
35 Comeen Workplace for Google Chat™ 363276719358 90K+ 5.0 Comeen Comeen Workplace is the platform for today’s modern workplace environment. Make your workspace enter the hybrid office era!
36 Dialpad 432300556969 66K+ 1.0 None Dialpad is communications for the modern workplace.
37 Ask1up 926681905295 58K+ 0.0 1up Corp. Ask1up, the official app for, is the fastest and most secure way to automatically answer your sales team’s questions in Google Chat using the sources you trust.
38 askR 330826503362 50K+ 4.0 You have data questions but you don’t like the technical process to access the answers? Let search the information you need. Simply ask your question and our artificial intelligence will give you the answers: tab, graph, numbers, etc. It explores and gathers data from your databases to generate the information you need within seconds. Your data assistant will also suggest additional analysis based on your recent questions.
39 Mandarin ChatBot 211375949773 39K+ 5.0 Dan Kennedy Simple chatbot to translate English to Mandarin.
40 Translate My Chat - Google Chat™ Bot Translation 210900597882 33K+ 5.0 Joey Bronner 🌍 Instantly break down language barriers in Google Chat™ with Translate My Chat. Effortless, accurate, and free translations in +50 languages, right at your fingertips.
41 Envoy 957276327935 33K+ 4.0 None The easiest way to sign in visitors and send a Google Hangouts Chat message to your employees when their visitors arrive.
42 Bulk Member Manager 927553207499 26K+ 5.0 Google Easily add/remove members in bulk to a chat space.
43 Workday for Google Chat™ 205664636212 23K+ 1.0 Google Take action on your Workday tasks in Google Chat™
44 Send It Later 748395078163 22K+ 2.3 Send It Later Schedule chat messages for later. Set up recurring messages and reminders easily.
45 Honeybadger 15441823055 14K+ 0.0 Honeybadger Industries Work with error and uptime monitoring data provided by
46 Instatus 732754506819 14K+ 5.0 Instatus Instatus Google Chat App
47 Field Trip 440837514573 14K+ 0.0 Union Code Field Trip shares your team's latest Basecamp activity in Google Chat™.
48 RandomBot 667006205564 10K+ 0.0 Yaskur Random space member names or anything like motivations, jokes, quotes, places, numbers, etc
49 Standup Alice 664843310757 10K+ 1.0 Standup Alice Standup Alice is a bot that runs your asynchronous stand-up meetings. Results can be delivered to your Google Chat™ rooms.
50 Streak Bot for Google Chat™ 322242857240 8K+ 0.0 Streak Search for Streak boxes, add Google Chat™ conversations to boxes, and send Streak notifications to Google Chat™.
51 Foreman 841222184801 8K+ 0.0 Jacob Luers Foreman is the leading monitoring and management software for cryptocurrency mining data centers.
52 Live Chat 952780143313 7K+ 5.0 Social Intents Offer website customer service with business live chat and ChatGPT Chatbots for Google Chat™
53 Pi Reminder Bot 466420102313 7K+ 0.0 Pi Reminder Pi Reminder Bot for Google Chat
54 DeepSights Assistant 272354009487 6K+ 0.0 Market Logic Software AG Ask DeepSights assistant questions on your content and receive insights
55 Yoxel Signals 718274495003 6K+ 0.0 Yoxel, Inc. Access and manage Salesforce, Hubspot, and SugarCRM data in Google Spaces!
56 Google Cloud Monitoring 642447156236 6K+ 0.0 Google Google Cloud Monitoring App to get notified of alert activity
57 TaskCall 807878040735 4K+ 0.0 TaskCall Cloud Services, S.L. TaskCall for Google Chat™
58 MyJiraBot 356241633230 4K+ 5.0 Redwerk Jira integration for Google Chat™
59 MyRepoBot 776097929338 3K+ 0.0 Redwerk Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket for Chat
60 TrackingTime Bot 40024297059 3K+ 0.0 Tracking Time LLC Track time and collaborate in Google™ Chat.
61 Zenduty 259111674631 2K+ 0.0 YellowAnt Technologies Pvt Ltd End to End Incident management platform