Top Chart: google-apps
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Form Notifications 573009629797 38M+ 4.1 Google Create and configure email notifications for response thresholds and Form respondents.
2 Google Analytics 477988381226 17M+ 4.2 google-analytics-add-ons Access all of your Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets.
3 Google Arts & Culture 629054125733 14M+ 3.3 Google Arts & Culture Artworks, Stories, Games and more from the collections of leading museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions
4 Google Play Books 866840267307 3M+ 3.0 Google LLC Distribute ebooks to students and link books to assignments in Google Classroom
5 Goal Seek 583737146763 3M+ 2.7 Google The Goal Seek add-on for Google Sheetsᵀᴹ enables users to calculate the required value of a cell to achieve a desired formula value in another cell.
6 Google Drive 882371411600 None 0.0 Google Get updates on changes in Drive.
7 Salesforce Connector 857627895310 1M+ 3.8 Google Import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Google Sheetsᵀᴹ, make changes to Salesforce directly from Google Sheetsᵀᴹ and more.
8 Meet 65916410991 769K+ 0.0 Google LLC An intelligent scheduling assistant from Google.
9 Giphy for Google Chat 1088857497057 756K+ 0.0 Google Post GIFs from GIPHY directly into Google Chat.
10 Asana for Google Chat 296471829731 294K+ 0.0 Google Get updates and take action on your Asana tasks in Google Chat.
11 Zendesk® Connector 30725559692 220K+ 4.1 Google Import tickets, with custom queries or metrics, from Zendesk® into Google Sheetsᵀᴹ, convert Zendesk® URLs to smart chips in Google Docsᵀᴹ.
12 Zapier for Google Chat 905224480607 194K+ 0.0 Google Get Zapier notifications directly in Google Chat based on Zapier triggers.
13 Jira for Google Chat 1063804824442 127K+ 0.0 Google Get updates and take action on your Jira Cloud items in Google Chat.
14 Salesforce for Google Chat 869591570258 89K+ 0.0 Google Find and share your Salesforce records in Google Chat.
15 Jenkins for Google Chat 915511515503 42K+ 0.0 Google Get updates and take action on your Jenkins builds in Google Chat.
16 Sheets to Colab 945625412720 38K+ 5.0 Google Colab Team Add on to import data from Google Sheets™ into a pandas DataFrame from Google Colab.
17 Workday for Google Chat™ 205664636212 23K+ 0.0 Google Take action on your Workday tasks in Google Chat™
18 PagerDuty for Google Chat 757739757815 21K+ 0.0 Google Get updates and take action on your PagerDuty incidents in Google Chat.
19 Flight Emissions for Sheets 655425728274 20K+ 4.3 Google Compute CO2 emissions of flights to understand your climate impact.
20 Zendesk for Google Chat 577662735832 18K+ 0.0 Google Get updates and take action on your Zendesk tickets in Google Chat.