Top Chart: marketing-and-analytics
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Google Analytics 477988381226 17M+ 4.2 google-analytics-add-ons Access all of your Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets.
2 Advanced Summary by Awesome Table 1091159616075 2M+ 3.8 Talarian Advance Summary of responses generates charts and filters based on a Google Form responses.
3 XLMiner Analysis ToolPak 600284989882 2M+ 3.1 Frontline Systems Inc. Statistical analysis in Google Sheets, with functions matching the Analysis ToolPak in desktop Excel.
4 Mailtrack & Mail Merge for Gmail™ 129668302705 2M+ 4.1 Mailtrack Mailtracker & Mail Merge for Gmail™ web, iOS and Android. Mailtrack is a email marketing tool with Campaigns, Mail Merge and PDF document tracking from Gmail™ with over 2 million active users.
5 Read Meeting Notetaker 766098389391 1M+ 4.4 Read AI Smarter, collaborative meeting notes in Google Meet for free.
6 Form Maker 497819770143 1M+ 3.1 MTMOMK Limited Create forms quickly. Enter the details in a spreadsheet, then press a button to create the form. It supports all question types (except form upload) and allows setting validation rules
7 Supermetrics 523876908005 1M+ 4.4 Supermetrics Move your Facebook Ads, Google™, LinkedIn and other marketing data directly to Google Sheets™ in just a few clicks.
8 Google Ads 288999541255 1M+ 3.2 Google Ads Quickly import your Google Ads data into Google Sheets
9 WiseStamp - Email Signature Management for G Suite 842844122024 1M+ 3.7 Email signature manager for Gmail. Easily automate your G Suite signature management - Manage users, assign signatures by department, set auto-invites & more.
10 API Connector 95804724197 1M+ 4.2 Mixed Analytics, LLC Connect and import data from any API to Google Sheets™
11 Email Spreadsheets 431723916752 1M+ 3.9 Digital Inspiration Effortlessly schedule and send Google Sheets and dashboards via email as PDF, CSV, Excel or PNG images. Email charts, timelines, individual sheets, or selected cell ranges to multiple recipients.
12 Gemini™ AI for Sheets™ 736558611562 1M+ 4.9 Simple Metrics 🚀 Type =GEMINI(prompt) to watch AI magic. No API key needed. Simple, Free, and Effective.
13 Signature Satori - email signatures for Gmail™ 228371523437 952K+ 4.8 Tool for central management of Gmail™ email signatures in Google Workspace™ (G Suite™). Unleash the marketing potential of email signatures and keep your company branding consistent.
14 532272210531 825K+ 4.8 railsware Connect apps like Facebook Ads, Google Ads™ & Google Analytics™ and other apps to Google Sheets™ . Export, merge, visualize data seamlessly. Craft live marketing dashboards.
15 Zoho Survey 83588307665 774K+ 4.1 Zoho Corporation Create, launch, secure, and send surveys instantly!
16 Slemma 943027289849 689K+ 3.7 Slemma Сreate beautiful charts and dashboards easily from data stored in files, cloud storages and databases. Everything in one place, instantly customizable and available for team.
17 Solver 539454054595 647K+ 2.1 Frontline Systems Inc. Solve resource allocation problems with linear and mixed-integer programming, nonlinear optimization, and evolutionary algorithms.
18 Email Signature Management for Gmail 64634722053 398K+ 4.8 Create and manage professional company email signatures for your employees in a simple, easy-to-use interface.
19 Ⓣ Text Analytics | 645992223827 381K+ 4.1 text2data Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis add-on
20 Semrush SEO Writing Assistant 215726158749 357K+ 4.1 Semrush Optimize your copy for reader engagement and SEO with our smart writing editor
21 Zoho Forms 1055037783803 356K+ 4.4 Zoho Corporation Build powerful online forms, on the web or mobile.
22 Conceptboard 1073597505098 344K+ 4.1 None Visual Collaboration Platform for Marketing & Remote Teams
23 SurveyLegend 226460065325 341K+ 3.8 Create mobile-ready online surveys and forms on your tablet or PC for free. Share with a click and view results instantly.
24 Zumpul email signature marketing tool 394696046694 334K+ 4.5 Aeegle Inc Zumpul Gmail signatures, the best email marketing tool for business
25 SurveyMonkey 464504635391 312K+ 2.7 SurveyMonkey Bring your SurveyMonkey data straight into a Google Sheet. Importing your data just takes a few clicks.
26 MeaningCloud 731647936149 295K+ 4.5 MeaningCloud MeaningCloud for Google Sheets is an add-on that allows you to easily embed our text analytics functionality in your Google Sheets.
27 Zoho Analytics 381009473798 287K+ 4.6 Visualize your data as beautiful charts and dashboards. Get valuable insights.
28 MOLE: Yahoo Finance, Stock, Amazon, Crypto Scrape 259679730019 270K+ 4.6 MOLE Easy web scraping: Yahoo Finance, Stock Market, Amazon, YouTube™, Dividend Data, Stock Price Data, Crypto Price, Facebook, Nasdaq, Binance, Bloomberg - Scraper to crawl website data into Google Sheets
29 Opensense (Formerly SenderGen) 235509812571 264K+ 5.0 Opensense Inc. Manage email signatures, analytics and user synchronization for Google Apps.
30 YT Tracker: YouTube Stats & Analytics 952783286913 235K+ 4.6 SyncWithTech Track real-time stats of YouTube videos/channels like no of likes, dislikes, views, comments, subscribers. Pull all public video metrics of any channel. Setup scheduled update.
31 Analytics Canvas 68933176969 230K+ 3.2 Analytics Canvas Import your Google Analytics data into your spreadsheet, build a dashboard, refresh with one click and share with ease. From the makers of the popular and powerful Analytics Canvas.
32 Text Analysis by MonkeyLearn 76050487453 218K+ 3.3 MonkeyLearn Google Sheets text analysis add-on by MonkeyLearn. MonkeyLearn is a text analysis platform that allows businesses to automatically analyze their data using machine learning. Access powerful text analysis tools through this Google Sheets add-on, including sentiment analysis, topic detection, and keyword extraction models, and create your own AI models via a simple user interface - no code needed.
33 Email Meter for Gmail 911213485616 210K+ 4.3 Email Meter Get an instant and comprehensive breakdown of any email thread without leaving Gmail
34 ImportFromWeb | Web scraping in Google Sheets™ 278587576794 207K+ 4.3 NoDataNoBusiness ImportFromWeb extracts web data with Google Sheets™ using a simple function. It's like ImportXML but on steroids 💥
35 SyncWith 449644239211 206K+ 4.8 SyncWith Inc Automate reports in Sheets: connect Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, Google Analytics™, Shopify and more. Pull together multiple accounts, sync and analyze data with no code. Try it for free!
36 GA4 Reports Builder for Google Analytics™ 589269949355 205K+ 1.7 Google Google Analytics users can use this add-on to create and run reports for GA4 properties using Google Sheets™.
37 KPIBees | Connect Mysql, Postgres, API, JSON, XML 623897559595 203K+ 4.8 KPIBees Connect Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Ads, Search Console, Google Analytics, CSV, API, Intercom, SQL Server, JSON, MySQL, XML, PostgreSQL, Web Scraper, Youtube, MongoDB, SEO, Database!
38 Slides Creator - Mail merge for Slides 292250264895 187K+ 4.6 copa webservices Merge Google Slides™ presentations automatically based on any individual created presentation template and Google Sheets™ content like texts, links, and images. Automate your presentation creation!
39 Form Notifications - Form Notifier 47952302446 185K+ 4.5 Apps Record Unlimited ✔ Email, ✔ Google Document and ✔Google Sheet notifications for your Google forms.
40 LearnDash Analytics 366819483012 162K+ 4.2 Analyse Learndash course and learner's activity easily. You need to install a Learndash Analytics WordPress plugin to your site
41 Zoho Campaigns 240552415845 161K+ 3.9 An email marketing automation software that drives sales and helps you reach and engage with customers.
42 Adveronix 523964251627 159K+ 4.9 Adveronix Easily connect and export all your Google Ads™, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Shopify, Amazon, YouTube™ and other data to Google Sheets™
43 OWOX BI BigQuery Reports 263000453832 156K+ 4.1 OWOX BI Import data, Save, Share & Re-Use Queries, Filter, Limit & Sort automatically, then Schedule Refreshes. Use AI-SQL Copilot to craft queries faster. Bypass rows limits.
44 Signitic - Email signature management for Gmail 348680135472 152K+ 4.5 Signitic Tool for central management of email signatures in G Suite.
45 avgidea 771437130061 145K+ 4.3 Avgidea, Inc. Avgidea Data Platform democratizes Data and AI to improve usability and accessibility.
46 Archive Data 187729264527 139K+ 4.6 Mixed Analytics Automatically store snapshots of historical data in your Google Sheets reports and dashboards.
47 ImportJSON | Import JSON data into Google Sheets 782573720506 132K+ 4.1 NoDataNoBusiness Import JSON data from any API and convert it into an easy-to-read table. All through a simple function!
48 GSM MailMerge 591294975996 118K+ 3.8 klwemu Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!
49 Pigeon Mail Merge: Mail Merge for Gmail™ 963290025925 108K+ 4.6 Pigeon Mail Send personalized mass emails to boost your email productivity with Mail Merge for Gmail™ for free. Track Opens and responses. Follow-ups and schedule email campaigns. Fast and Secure Mail merge.
50 Simplebooklet 406592889490 105K+ 3.9 Simplebooklet Make a microsite from your Google Docs, Slides, and PDFs.
51 Ad Assistant by Clever Ads 908265124698 103K+ 5.0 Clever Ads Tool to increase the performance of your advertising campaigns. Monitor the effectiveness of ads, optimize on the go, and streamline reporting.
52 BigQuery Uploader for Sheets 656385579297 103K+ 4.3 #1 add-on for BigQuery analysts. Brand new version just released! Over 90,000 users and still counting.
53 BulkMail : Mail Merge for Gmail 900519125929 102K+ 5.0 Gautam Bathani | Clinch Script Send Unlimited personalized emails / day with Gmail. Track opens time and count. Follow up.
54 Social Insights for GMail™ 398227766523 99K+ 4.3 iEnterprises Create leads from social media profiles including email address, job title and more while simultaneously integrating LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others.
55 Apipheny - API connector 966163326746 95K+ 4.6 Unlock the power of data with Apipheny, a free API connector that makes it easy to import data from or push data to any REST JSON or CSV API directly from your Google Sheets™.
56 Textmetrics 814378365621 90K+ 3.2 Textmetrics The Smart AI Writing Software for Text Improvement.
57 Sudota | Social comments tools 995038708394 82K+ 4.2 Otter Dev. Limited Sudota comment tool for downloading or replying comments on Facebook business page, Instagram business profile and YouTube channel with Google Sheet. Try it now, it is free*.
58 Fyrebox Quizzes Form Add on 157821415984 78K+ 5.0 Fyrebox Convert any Google form to a Fyrebox interactive quiz in one click!
59 Analytics Aggregator 687991768677 77K+ 5.0 ifactory21 Aggregate the main Google Analytics metrics for all your websites or apps
60 GA4 - Reporting for Google Analytics 4 126881055683 75K+ 4.6 Adformatic Download Google Analytics™ 4 data to Google Sheets™. Easily configure, edit and schedule your GA4 reports. Simplify your data analysis process with our user-friendly add-on.
61 GDoc SEO Assistant 655840236660 73K+ 3.6 yiyun Insert your keyword to generate relevant SEO suggestions and related keywords. You can then optimize your content based on the suggestions given. Unlock the full features to view your keyword metrics.
62 GA4 Magic Reports 6532356327 70K+ 4.5 Michele Pisani Access all of your Google Analytics™ 4 data in Google Spreadsheets™.
63 Zoho: Craft, Send, and Track with Mail Merge 1002365760077 64K+ 2.9 Merge data from Zoho CRM and Google Sheets to your Google Documents for personalized email or letters.
64 Tweet Archiver 976886281542 62K+ 3.9 Digital Inspiration Search Twitter by keyword or hashtags and save matching tweets in a Google Spreadsheet automatically. Use the archive to download your brand mentions, conference tweets, geo-tagged tweets and more.
65 GA4 Google Analytics™ addon by SyncWith 416305139582 62K+ 4.7 SyncWith Inc. This GA4 Google Sheets addon lets you pull Google Analytics™ 4 data into Google Sheets™, to analyze your traffic, engagement, clicks, goals, SEO and more
66 PickYourForm - Themes & Surveys for Google Form 152998192154 58K+ 3.3 Pick Your Form Convert your Google Forms into attractive Surveys using our 1,000,000+ themes. Easily customise and get a shareable URL. Share instantly on Facebook, Email, Linkedin and Twitter.
67 Data Connector - JSON API OAUTH FREE 529655450076 57K+ 4.8 Data Connector Connect to JSON APIs and other data in Google Sheets™
68 WhatsApp Message Sender and Automation 212905810455 57K+ 4.1 WATI Automatically send WhatsApp Messages from your Google Sheets™ based on triggers from Sheets
69 Bybrand - Email Signatures for Google Workspace™ 708221695496 56K+ 5.0 Bybrand A powerful tool managing your email signatures efficiently and professionally.
70 Formito Chatbot 420604891320 55K+ 3.5 Formito Turn your Google Form into a chatbot and collect responses
71 Castodia Data Connector 240754477426 51K+ 4.0 Castodia, Inc. Castodia lets you connect Google Sheets™ to your data sources and auto-refresh data on a custom schedule, with down to 1 minute auto-refresh frequency.
72 Scribe 456495922678 51K+ 4.8 Scribe Email signatures made Smart & Sexy
73 askR 330826503362 50K+ 4.0 You have data questions but you don’t like the technical process to access the answers? Let search the information you need. Simply ask your question and our artificial intelligence will give you the answers: tab, graph, numbers, etc. It explores and gathers data from your databases to generate the information you need within seconds. Your data assistant will also suggest additional analysis based on your recent questions.
74 Holistics Data Reporting 717468166706 46K+ 0.0 Holistics Software Automate your DataOps. Holistics is a SQL business intelligence and data preparation platform.
75 US Local News & Weather 900317630710 44K+ 3.7 Provides quick access to the top news & weather for the City, State of US. The fastest news reader for the City, State of US.
76 Skyvia Query 134536098526 44K+ 4.6 Devart Connect your cloud apps and databases to Google Sheets, create reports on their data, share them with your colleagues. Skyvia supports all major connectors: Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk, SQL Server, etc
77 Two Minute Reports 6804555176 41K+ 4.9 Two Minute Reports Pull any Data into your Google Sheets in minutes. We make it is easy to integrate with any 3rd Party Data Source like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
78 we advocacy 274741758918 40K+ 5.0 Leverage your communication by empowering employee advocacy
79 315949223004 37K+ 0.0 is your data-assistant. Connect to your business data and chat about your KPIs and receive notifications in Google Chat.
80 Newsletter Sender 277493015991 37K+ 0.0 JW-GAS Send beautiful email newsletters to your subscribers for FREE!
81 Wikipedia and Wikidata Tools 595109124715 34K+ 4.6 Thomas Steiner Adds Wikipedia and Wikidata functions for use in Google Spreadsheets like WIKITRANSLATE, WIKISYNONYMS, WIKIGEOCOORDINATES, etc.
82 Knoema DataFinder 770708373912 33K+ 4.5 Knoema Automatically find, visualize and integrate relevant global data and charts into your workflow
83 Sigilium Email Signatures 691154681190 32K+ 4.0 Centrally manage email signatures for your company
84 RankTank SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool 22225448367 31K+ 4.5 RankTank Keyword rank checking and position tracking automated for your website domain using Google Sheets.
85 ClipCoverage 485482013710 31K+ 4.8 ClipCoverage Public Relation agencies and in-house PR departments use ClipCoverage to create media coverage reports automatically. Paste in coverage URLs and we grab all the screenshots & PR metrics automatically.
86 Formula Bot 1074378600312 30K+ 4.2 Formula Bot Revolutionize your data & spreadsheet workflow with AI.
87 Collaboration Index 210927495375 28K+ 4.9 cix Accelerate G Suite adoption for all your users with a smart virtual coach and monitor adoption on a large scale!
88 Address verification, Find a Zip Code 865247202568 28K+ 4.3 Address verification, validation helps you avoid incorrect formatted addresses. and Find Zip code across the world.
89 Prodoscore 500114080071 28K+ 4.7 Business insights that give you visibility into employee productivity in the form of one simple score.
90 Risk Solver 309062064248 26K+ 2.6 Frontline Systems Inc. Easily perform risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in your spreadsheet. Go beyond what-if to see the full range of outcomes.
91 SeekWell (Legacy) 1020096801877 26K+ 3.3 SeekWell Legacy app
92 Easy Reminder 479820014463 26K+ 3.1 Send RSVP & reduce no-shows! No monthly subscriptions! Google Calendar Add-on
93 Mode Analytics 296291962412 26K+ 5.0 Mode Analytics
94 Rebrandly 865494018682 25K+ 3.5 Rebrandly Import/create branded links in bulk
95 Facebook Ads™ & Instagram™ data (Meta) by SyncWith 525820101725 24K+ 4.8 SyncWith Inc. Facebook Ads™ (aka Meta Ads) & Instagram performance & metrics, pages, posts, leads, reviews & more into Google Sheets™
96 Power My Analytics 606653648723 24K+ 4.7 Power My Analytics Automatically import marketing metrics from popular platforms in Google Sheets.
97 Transform Connector for Sheets 18626872365 24K+ 5.0 The Transform Connector for Sheets enables your business consumers of data to seamlessly pull in, analyze, and share all the accurate metrics that are defined in Transform using Google Sheets™.
98 Jasper 914955604864 23K+ 5.0 Jasper The Jasper Add-on brings Jasper Chat into Google Docs™.
99 Buzzybiz Survey 787086402518 22K+ 4.3 BuzzyBiz Survey is your one stop shop for easy data collection and analysis. Create great looking surveys and quizzes that are fun to complete.
100 Url Shortener 640322864632 21K+ 4.8 Nicolas R. Url Shortener for Google™ Sheet shorten links and save metrics for you