Top Chart: web-development
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Colaboratory 1014160490159 60M+ 4.7 Colaboratory team This allows Google Colaboratory to open and create files in Google Drive. It is automatically installed on first use; uninstalling this will not prevent access to Colaboratory.
2 Code Blocks 100740430168 5M+ 4.0 Alex Forsythe Syntax highlighting for Google Docs
3 Formfacade - Embed in website 743872305260 3M+ 4.5 Formfacade Make your form look like your website. Gain users' trust by replacing Google branding with yours.
4 Docs™ to Markdown 700168918607 1M+ 3.8 Bean Road Communications Drive add-on that converts a Google Doc™ to simple, readable Markdown or HTML.
5 Editey 834369361793 1M+ 4.1 floreysoft Free editor for Google Drive
6 ShiftEdit 471018772965 1M+ 4.2 ShiftCreate ShiftEdit is an online IDE for developing PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript using (S)FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive
7 Cloud Audio Recorder for Google Drive 961962551608 942K+ 3.5 Cloud Audio Recorder for Google Drive Online Audio Recorder - Create a Voice Message now
8 Math Equations Editor / Latex Editor 1008813237979 822K+ 4.2 LaTex Editor You can write math formulas, render them then save as a file format tex or open file tex from you computer
9 Python Compiler Editor 807307805212 567K+ 4.2 Python Compiler and editor. You can run Python code in your browser directly. Compile Python code instantly and real-time.
10 FMath Editor Suite 109103342104 533K+ 3.7 Ionel Alexandru Create mathematical equation for documents
11 Overdrive 254158829526 414K+ 4.6 Refractiv Smarter Sites for Google Workspace. A site builder that turns Drive and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) content into web pages automatically.
12 Formfacade - Assign points 706030115252 366K+ 4.5 Formfacade Assign different points for each answer. Calculate scores in Google Forms™.
13 GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics™ 472716783070 320K+ 2.8 google-analytics-add-ons Google Analytics™ account administrators can use this add-on to manage automated GA4 configuration, migrate audiences, user permissions from Universal Analytics to a GA4 property using Google Sheets™.
14 Zoho Sites 62051725134 306K+ 4.5 Zoho Sites website builder lets you create professional websites, without even a single line of Code/CSS. With its Drag-Drop builder and loads of themes, creating a website is just a few clicks away.
15 XML, JSON Viewer with Drive 785390125209 255K+ 3.6 View the structure of XML, JSON files. This XML, JSON Viewer is a simple and powerful, very useful program for XML viewing.
16 IP Converter 514816521852 254K+ 4.8 Chris Karcher LLC Convert IP addresses to a variety of other formats like lat/long, city/state/country, ASN, integer, hex, and more...
17 Markdown Tools 788541604518 214K+ 4.7 jordan2175 This tool will enable heading numbers and the creation of a Table of Contents for markdown.
18 Export Sheet Data 903838927001 188K+ 4.0 Chris Ingerson Open source add-on for Google Sheets that allows users to export sheets as XML or JSON.
19 Bitbucket for Google Chat 313395291201 151K+ 4.0 Google Get updates and take action on your Bitbucket repositories!
20 PHP Compiler Editor 1097749684790 136K+ 4.8 This app is a PHP Compiler and editor. You can run PHP code in your browser directly. Compile PHP code instantly and real-time.
21 Sheet2Site 554447131316 119K+ 4.8 Sheet2Site Turn your 📗 Google Sheets into 🎨 professional websites
22 PlantUML Gizmo 950520042571 111K+ 3.7 fuhrmanator Create and maintain UML diagrams in your Google Docs™ and Google Slides™. The diagrams are drawn by PlantUML, a text-based UML diagramming tool, and inserted into your Google Docs as images.
23 Editor Image Online 265098075916 99K+ 3.6 Victor Lim Online photo editing application. Can edit photo from user computer and G-Drive
24 SQLite Manager 616434418726 98K+ 4.0 SQL Manager "SQLite Manager" extension brings SQLite database interaction to your browser. You can read one or multiple SQLite databases and run SQLite commands right in your browser.
25 WPS PDF Tools 152984896139 82K+ 4.4 Kingsoft WPS Office The official PDF extension of WPS Office. Help people read, edit and transfer PDF files online easily.
26 Joget Low Code Application Platform 337924726811 76K+ 4.1 Joget, Inc. Rapidly Build Enterprise Applications and Automate Processes, Anytime, Anywhere
27 Sign PDF Files 624130427689 68K+ 2.7 Victor Lim Sign PDF documents with our free app. You can import your PDF file from computer or Google Drive.
28 BoloForms Formfacade - Customize Google Forms UI 959255309914 62K+ 4.4 BoloForms Build beautiful forms having your own custom branding and design. Embed Google Forms in your website and make it look like your website. Get users' trust by replacing Google branding with yours.
29 Map for Web 29264516067 58K+ 4.6 My Routes Create your own interactive map with markers, shapes, administrative boundaries, directions, images, heat maps, customized style in your spreadsheet and easily embedded in your web page or blog.
30 Online Webcam Capture 484390691914 53K+ 3.6 Web Camera Take a picture from your webcam, and you can save the snapshot image to Google Drive.
31 OpenText ALM 97017528614 53K+ 4.0 OpenText ALM This guide explains how to use Google Sheets with ALM. Using this add-on enables you to upload requirements, tests, and defects from Google Sheets directly to ALM.
32 Code Blocks II 410621186198 52K+ 1.6 Lovely API Format your code in many beautiful themes and optionally include line numbers.
33 Formfacade - File upload 146202960515 49K+ 4.3 Formfacade Allow users to upload files in Google Forms without login. Sync files to your Google Drive.
34 Bsharp Converse 927859725135 46K+ 5.0 Bsharp Bsharp Converse: Your AI Engine For Productivity And Recognition – Google Chat™.
35 Code Compiler Editor 279401190512 43K+ 3.2 This is code editor and compiler. C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Go, Pascal, JavaScript.
36 Planio 1021821981627 41K+ 4.0 Planio Planio is engineered to make your projects more successful and fun! You’ll immediately see improvements in your work, planning, and team collaboration. But don’t take our word for it... try it yourself, for free!
37 Plus Codes 604254879289 34K+ 4.2 plus-codes-publisher Plus codes are addresses for places where the streets are unnamed, or where there are no roads.
38 SQLite Reader 222666924199 28K+ 3.5 SQL Reader SQLite Reader is an extension that help you easily browse, edit and render SQLite database. On our web-site you can easily load SQLite database from your PC or from your Google Drive edit your db and save files on your PC or right on your Google Drive without saving it onto your desktop. All operations available right in your browser! This software is 100% free and does not require you to pay.
39 Aliadoc 403599483843 26K+ 5.0 Add style changes and translations visually to any existing website with Aliadoc.
40 Tablao 285987513149 25K+ 5.0 rockiger Tablao allows you to create proper HTML tables in Google Sheets. Don't write cumbersome HTML-tags anymore. Tablao omits any styles in your HTML tables and are very easy to use in your own website.
41 MVHS Helper 167234074868 24K+ 4.8 Creates java code from a class diagram.
42 Nocode 308066584166 24K+ 5.0 Kaidam Ltd Publish fast, secure & easy to manage websites built from your Google Docs. You can use Nocode for your Blog, Product Documentation, Portfolio or Company Intranet. Basically, you can publish anything.
43 Workday for Google Chat™ 205664636212 23K+ 1.0 Google Take action on your Workday tasks in Google Chat™
44 KnowBe4 SecurityCoach (US) 443672180576 23K+ 0.0 KnowBe4 In the KnowBe4 SecurityCoach app, users can receive real-time coaching notifications for risky activity
45 Java Translations Tool 262006827050 22K+ 5.0 simon.niederberger Tool to create Java Properties files from a Google sheet.
46 PagerDuty for Google Chat 757739757815 21K+ 5.0 Google Get updates and take action on your PagerDuty incidents in Google Chat.
47 Cloudpad | Publish your doc as website or blog 179243800638 21K+ 4.8 Drisa Publish your doc as a website, blog, or linktree. Connect your own domain. The easiest website maker on the planet!
48 Bjorn's HTML-exporter 185743638860 19K+ 4.3 Bjorn Backlund Export documents as nice and clean HTML
49 GTM Tools by Simo Ahava 699273202516 17K+ 4.9 Simo Ahava Manage your Google Tag Manager containers, tags, triggers, and variables with this Google Sheets add-on.
50 Sheet to 696762344271 15K+ 4.2 Turn Google Sheets into an e-commerce shop in 1 click ⚡️ Get orders on WhatsApp/Sheet
51 Honeybadger 15441823055 14K+ 0.0 Honeybadger Industries Work with error and uptime monitoring data provided by
52 Google Analytics Validator 408421930478 14K+ 5.0 Simo Ahava Create a spreadsheet of your GA account hierarchy, and validate the Custom Dimensions in selected properties.
53 Instatus 732754506819 14K+ 5.0 Instatus Instatus Google Chat App
54 EXE Creator for Go Language 1073420764330 13K+ 5.0 This app is a free executable (exe.. Linux, Mac, Windows) file creator, compiler, builder with Go language in your browser.
55 Notion Add-on for Google Sheets 787971560208 13K+ 2.3 Jama Software All your data in one place. Instantly visualized. Make smarter decisions with Notion. Notion for Google Sheets gives you the power to get all your key metrics in one place. Upload historical values for your KPIs and mix with data from your other tools. Learn from your data so your team collaborates on the goals that matter.
56 Contact Editor for Google Contacts 798905190586 11K+ 4.1 I-ON Communications Edit your contact in a spreadsheet format. You can edit multiple contacts at single action. Sort! Find! Replace! Edit! Save!
57 Form Notifications SMTP 798542428636 8K+ 4.1 Apps Vietutd Form Notifications SMTP - add-on for Google Forms produces professional confirmation and notification emails and sends it via SMTP
58 Blockchain For Sheet 413227996607 7K+ 4.1 Squadx Blockchain For Sheet is a FREE add-on which lets you record your sheet entries to the Ethereum Blockchain.
59 Squarespace 226270441941 7K+ 0.0 Squarespace Single sign-on integration for Squarespace Enterprise customers.
60 AUTORO for Google Workspace 87215635191 7K+ 5.0 オートロ株式会社 AUTORO の Gmail 連携機能をご利用いただけます。Google Workspace アカウントと連携することで、メールの取得や送信が可能になります。
61 GESI 747777332185 7K+ 4.8 George Dietrich Google Sheets™ add-on to interact with the EVE Online ESI API.
62 Contact Forms Pro 1049520823646 6K+ 3.0 Contact Forms Pro Contact Forms Pro is a Add-on for Gmail / Gsuite Workspace users.Now Receive & Respond to website form submissions from with in your Gmail & Gsuite Mailbox!
63 DSK DriveApps 1017304973364 6K+ 5.0 Densan System co., LTD GoogleDriveにDriveAppsを導入します。
64 DriveApps 20889171138 6K+ 5.0 Uniseth Technologies Co.,LTD Install DriveApps (DriveBase and DriveProject) on Google Drive.
65 User-Agent Switcher 603895141542 6K+ 4.5 Quick Simple Apps Quickly and easily switch between popular user-agent strings. Can save your test results on your local drive or Google Drive from web application.
66 Neptyne: Python for Sheets™ 891309878867 6K+ 4.9 Neptyne Inc Call Python code directly from Google Sheets™. Easily develop your code using the built in editor. Use any third party libraries.
67 Sites Starter Templates for Google Sites™ 485598624105 5K+ 4.5 Kirksville Web Design Start awesome Google Sites™ by using pre-designed templates and professional themes. Quickly create a no-code website or company intranet. Free and pro sites available.
68 XML Formatter 454757072908 5K+ 0.0 XML Formatter Format XML in textbox or read/format from file
69 Sheetly 920611906181 4K+ 4.5 Ozgur GUL Create beautiful websites from Google Sheets!
70 COMET Lesson Builder 400793890131 3K+ 5.0 MetEd COMET Lesson Builder and JSON Exporter add-on for Lesson Viewer.
71 DotUML 881643845287 3K+ 3.0 BML Solutions Add UML, Archimate and other diagrams into your documents, easily and securely.
72 Keyword Mapping 998521141704 3K+ 3.1 With your keywords and this Keyword Mapping addon, it’s easy to grow your organic traffic. Get instant, raw idea insights, that you can't see from Keywords along with Volume.
73 Lntol Sheet Translator 1054412249402 3K+ 4.3 Lntol Software Lntol Google Sheet Translator is used to convert texts between different languages using google native translation inside google sheet. First time translation cell will contain =GOOGLETRANSLATE(D7,"en","zh-CN") , but second time will convert it to actual text. Feel tree to update the translation in cell if if you feel it is not accurate. Translate button will not override it. Select a block of text and try our translate button. It will append the translation to the end of project file. This tool is currently supporting 104 different languages. It can create as many as projects as you like. Each projects supports one source language and multiple target languages.
74 JG Utils 522248414220 3K+ 3.0 Abid Akram This is a custom add-on use to put timestamp on a Google doc. It have a menu which have few functions through which time stamps are being added to google document.
75 Javascript Formatter 524403183535 3K+ 0.0 Javascript Formatter Format Javascript in textbox or read/format from file
76 Zenduty 259111674631 2K+ 0.0 YellowAnt Technologies Pvt Ltd End to End Incident management platform
77 Docs to Ghost 97697242055 2K+ 3.0 Epilocal The only direct integration for Google Docs and Ghost. No complicated automation platforms required. Move your posts directly from Google Docs to Ghost with no need for a new third-party account
78 GGeditor 644886139871 2K+ 3.7 Hsin Yuan Yeh Generate content in reStructuredText format and commit to Github repository.
79 BizMerlinHR 340203218437 2K+ 4.3 BizMerlinHR BizMerlin is the AI-powered HCM system for fast-growing mid-sized enterprises that need to go beyond traditional HR and use the best workforce planning tool available.
80 NS Lookup 846174337359 2K+ 3.0 Accemy & SW gApps Lookup various DNS records e.g A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT and SOA in bulk for domains
81 ParallelDots APIs 729052469457 2K+ 4.6 ParallelDots This add-on provides the state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing capabilities to your analysis without the need to write code (which you need in case you want to use the APIs).
82 Codes Highlight 997261352482 2K+ 1.8 Codes Highlight Highlight Code in Google Slides™ or Google Docs™
83 Promptrepo 8043874585 1K+ 5.0 Formfacade Train AI with data in Google Sheets. Test it as formula. Use it as API.
84 Contact Form 740912714240 1K+ 0.0 Nicolas R. Contact form is contact form that do not needs a website or email address. Receive messages directly into your Google Sheets™ ! That’s simple
85 Contact Share for Google Contacts 980932964539 1K+ 3.7 I-ON Communications Contact Share - simple, fast, and convenient tool to share Google contacts with users inside or outside of your organization.
86 SQL Formatter 1078203063903 1K+ 0.0 SQL Formatter Format SQL in textbox or read/format from file
87 KnowBe4 SecurityCoach (CA) 137386611500 1K+ 0.0 Knowbe4 In the KnowBe4 SecurityCoach app, users can receive real-time coaching notifications for risky activity
88 JSON Formatter 762468867406 1K+ 1.0 JSON Formatter Format JSON in textbox or read/format from file
89 Fake Data 125232469160 1K+ 5.0 Hater Apps Generate and insert random fake data in your spreadsheets.
90 Cloudstitch 598590744642 1K+ 2.0 Cloudstitch Export your API spreadsheet to continue using your Cloudstitch widget or form.
91 GSheetDomains 1012720687024 1K+ 4.2 Craig Pearce Search and Collaborate on Domain Name Research from a Google Sheet
92 n-aos Low Code Development Platform 128083201635 1K+ 5.0 Develop applications with no coding
93 Frontly for Google Sheets™ 601039036284 1K+ 5.0 Frontly Software Inc. Frontly is the simplest no-code app development platform for Google sheets. With Frontly, anyone can launch a modern, mobile-friendly web app in minutes with no coding experience.
94 Bjorn's Sheets2HTML 293604224812 1K+ 3.0 Bjorn Backlund Export cell ranges to nice and clean HTML tables.
95 Tech Doc Assistant 125263110502 854 5.0 Amol C Write impressive technical docs Technical Doc Assistant is an extension that provides instant recommendations on the technical writing. It helps you improve your writing quality and make it more cons
96 G-Mail Merge with chatGPT 904766101478 837 5.0 ElephantRohck Solutions The Mail Merge chatGPT for Gmail™ can distribute customized emails. Every email is distinctively designed specifically for its recipient, making them feel as if the message was only sent to them.
97 Map Your Lawn 1096784128725 681 4.0 My Routes Simple GeoJSON editor with freehand drawing
98 Xooa Blockchain Logger 19855621686 665 4.8 Xooa This add-on can be used to leverage the power of blockchain to store responses to your google form in a secure and immutable ledger. The immutable nature of XLDB guarantees that such response has not been tampered with once written to the Ledger.
99 KnowBe4 SecurityCoach(DE) 853234657704 612 0.0 Knowbe4 In the KnowBe4 SecurityCoach app, users can receive real-time coaching notifications for risky activity
100 Classr for Sheets 1080734339783 598 5.0 Classr Classr for Sheets allows for really easy data cleaning. Use your account to create a unique data cleaning flow.