Top Chart: accounting-and-finance
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 ONE UP 344801895029 1M+ 4.0 ONE UP is the ONE-STOP app for running your business. All-in-one invoicing, accounting, inventory, CRM and expenses.
2 Expensify 452047858523 863K+ 4.6 You weren't born to do expenses.
3 Zoho Invoice 526297669360 681K+ 4.7 Craft professional invoices and collect payments online without spending a dime. Stay on top of your expenses, handle projects, and gain critical insights with over 30 reports using Zoho Invoice.
4 Payable Forms 353824655747 259K+ 4.6 Payable Inc. Let your Google Forms accept payment like magic.
5 Bkper 360398463400 213K+ 4.5 Bkper Make bookkeeping work for you. Finances and Accounting made simple on Google Workspace.
6 FreshBooks 484767076777 174K+ 4.5 FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses and track time on the go. Join over 24 million small business owners already using FreshBooks to make billing painless.
7 Wave Connect 90421189176 156K+ 3.2 Wave Financial Inc. Wave's official add-on for Google Sheets™ makes it easy to upload and download data from Wave, as well as generating key Financial Reports for multiple periods.
8 Zoho Books 932402265855 153K+ 4.5 Zoho Books is your one stop shop online accounting software for managing your business. Its beautiful interface, non jargon text and features like bank feeds makes accounting an enjoyable experience.
9 Beebole Timesheet 888715311106 152K+ 4.6 Beebole Track time, absence, bills, costs / Gain reports, insights, history / Control budgets, KPI’s, your business
10 Form to QuickBooks 619840861140 136K+ 4.0 Digital Thoughts Lets you to connect to QuickBooks and direct your Google Form submissions to create new customer in your QucikBooks.
11 ZipBooks 685151888617 110K+ 4.7 Better Bookkeeping. Instant payment.
12 Free Invoice for Gmail - Bookipi 1081056194387 107K+ 4.5 Bookipi Team Create and send an Invoice or Estimate on the go right from Gmail ™
13 Accounting by Wave 853565579379 106K+ 4.4 100% free, easy to use accounting and invoicing software for you and your small business.
14 Cryptosheets 898843532532 101K+ 3.4 Cryptosheets simplifies the process of accessing, aggregating, manipulating, and processing cryptocurrency API data.
15 Cloud Invoice Creator (Invoice to PDF) 537447173792 95K+ 3.7 Create any invoice and export to PDF format. This app lets you quickly make invoices with attractive invoice template from browser.
16 Tiller Money Feeds 417666986289 88K+ 4.8 tiller-add-ons Your financial life in Google Sheets, automatically updated each day. Track all your accounts in one place, control your spending, and customize everything.
17 Zoho Expense 323286742174 87K+ 4.4 Zoho Expense is an expense reporting software that automates recording of expenses from receipts and credit cards.
18 G-Accon for XERO 229931235832 71K+ 4.7 G-Accon Automatically export, refresh, upload Xero data directly from Google Sheets. Build custom reports and dashboards.
19 Export Emails to Sheets by cloudHQ 777824367087 65K+ 4.3 cloudHQ Parse and extract specifics from emails, like resume or invoice details, and backup your Gmail™ messages, including attachments, to a Google spreadsheet and Google Drive™.
20 QuickBooks 444402402271 63K+ 3.5 Easy accounting software. Built for your business. Approved by accountants.
21 MinuteWorx 310960391381 57K+ 4.9 MinuteWorx Time Clock and Attendance
22 OCR Text recognition 189813737730 52K+ 3.4 Sheet SMS OCR Text Recognition is an add-on to extract texts from PDF, forms or images.
23 Zoho Inventory 1038108775484 52K+ 4.4 Manage your items, orders, and fulfillments with Zoho Inventory's powerful inventory capabilities and the advertising features of Google Shopping.
24 Combine Sheets™ 405522851504 49K+ 2.3 DEEPAK LOHIA Combine Sheets™ Add-on to combine multiple Sheets™ on a click.I
25 Layer 554701957106 45K+ 4.8 Layer Software GmbH Manage, automate, and scale your processes on top of Google Sheets!
26 InnoIso Sheets Macros 232768137523 38K+ 5.0 InnoIso A simple but powerful sidebar of valuable shortcuts to make navigating Google Sheets easier.
27 YHFINANCE 881284038348 34K+ 4.8 =YHFINANCE is the easiest way to pull the Finance data into a spreadsheet. =YHFINANCE formula extends functionality of =GOOGLEFINANCE.
28 SheetsFinance | Stock Market Analysis 454765795033 28K+ 4.6 SheetsFinance Real-time & historical price data, 30+ years of fundamentals, 70,000+ stocks, ETF, FOREX, crypto, indexes & more. Build investing dashboards, portfolio trackers, stock screeners, and valuations.
29 Budget n Sheets for Sheets™ 628594713587 27K+ 4.1 budgetnsheets Easy budget spreadsheet to annotate your daily expenses. Free, ad-free, open-source.
30 Currency Converter 562317989852 25K+ 4.3 Serghei Gorodetki Includes functions for currency conversion according to exchange rates from European Central Bank and other sources.
31 Jivrus' Integra for QuickBooks 356405545193 24K+ 3.9 Jivrus Technologies Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks is an add-on app for Google Sheets™ to help users get objects and reports into Google Sheets™.
32 Zoho Invoice for Gmail 639835714152 24K+ 4.5 Zoho Corporation Add senders as contacts and view related transactions within Gmail.
33 G-Accon for QuickBooks 652300792306 22K+ 4.8 G-Accon Automatically export, refresh, and bulk upload data to QuickBooks directly from Google Sheets. Certified by Intuit QuickBooks.
34 Currency Converter Real-Time 867829880109 20K+ 3.9 A Real-Time currency converter calculator, foreign exchange cross rates. Calculate currency rates between 159 different currencies.
35 Invoice Generator | Bulk Invoices | PDF Receipts 307475216962 19K+ 4.5 AddonForge | Mail merge for invoices: Create bulk invoices based on a Spreadsheets table and optionally email those PDF invoices automatically to your clients. An invoice tempalte is provided. Send Free Invoices
36 Quick Form Builder & Maker 58766033916 18K+ 4.0 Quick Form Builder & Maker Lets you to import form questions from Google Sheets for to create your form much quicker and easier.
37 Pigment Connector 40115800624 17K+ 5.0 Pigment SA Connect Pigment Apps to Google Sheets™ to easily push and pull data across platforms.
38 FinanceSheets 739036233594 17K+ 4.7 QuickFinance FinanceSheets transforms Google Sheets into a powerful business budget.
39 Skovik 394940767215 16K+ 5.0 Skovik Skovik is a service that automate the expense reporting process for companies.
40 Gatekeeper 1039932861683 15K+ 4.6 A better way to manage your Suppliers and Contracts
41 Alpha Vantage Market Data 434809773372 15K+ 4.4 Alpha Vantage This is a Google Sheets Add-on that provides convenient high level access to the Alpha Vantage market data API (Now with Fundamental Data!).
42 - Blockchain based digital signature 635678450331 14K+ 5.0 is a cloud platform created to make things easy: easy signatures, easy collaboration, easy pricing, and worry-free security. Data security is our highest priority. In an effort to address modern challenges, the platform is built on IBM's industry-standard blockchain technology, the Hyperledger. This presents us with the opportunity to make contracts and revision histories tamper-proof. Get unparalleled security without compromising on ease of use.
43 Cryptofinance 1068702502555 14K+ 3.7 Cryptowatch Returns the exchange rate and other data for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. As simple as =CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/USD")
44 Beebole Timesheet for Google Sheets™ 1006351238806 13K+ 4.8 Beebole Create custom and flexible employee time reports in Google Sheets™ from your Beebole Timesheet data in real time.
45 FlowAccount Sheet Add-on 983398668466 13K+ 4.4 FlowAccount Connecting FlowAccount with Google sheet for an easy and simple way to import product database and address book (cannot be used with FlowAccount Classic).
46 HitPay 969836523186 12K+ 4.3 HitPay Payment Solutions Pte Ltd Collect customer payments in a snap with the HitPay Google Forms™ Plugin. It’s free to install, and setup takes just five minutes.
47 Wisesheets 805540020563 12K+ 3.6 Wisesheets Real-time and historical stock data, including stock financials, key metrics, and price data for over 50,000 stocks and ETFs.
48 Zoho Billing 236041623460 12K+ 3.3 Zoho Billing is an end-to-end billing solution for every business model.
49 BudgetSheet - Budget & Bank Imports 922376225939 11K+ 3.7 Actridge, LLC Auto-import live bank transactions directly into your spreadsheet. Work with your own live bank data. No more manual exports or copying and pasting from CSV files.
50 クラウド会計ソフト freee会計 for Google Gmail™ 905560778810 11K+ 0.0 freee株式会社 このアドオンはGoogle Gmail™の添付ファイルをfreee会計のファイルボックスに連携できるアドオンです。
51 FreshBooks Invoicing Add-on 35731807065 11K+ 4.2 FreshBooks FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses, and track time on-the-go. Join over 24 million small business owners already using FreshBooks to make billing painless.
52 Uchet Zakazov 735825731296 11K+ 4.6 Учет заказов и оформление ТТН для Новой Почты, УкрПочты, ИнТайма. Учет товара на складе. Рассылка СМС и Email
53 Invoiced 980661723912 10K+ 4.3 Invoiced, Inc. Modern Invoicing And Subscription Billing For Growing Businesses
54 DateBS 40502736063 10K+ 2.2 Sujit Maharjan convert date from BS to AD and vice versa.
55 Google Sheets Financial Add-In 258473626842 10K+ 5.0 EODHD Financial APIs (EOD Historical Data) Easiest way get End-of-Day (EOD), Intraday, Delayed and Real-Time prices for: Stocks, ETFs, Funds, Indices, Futures, Bonds, Options, Forex Pairs and Cryptocurrencies into your Google sheets directly.
56 Amazon ASIN Lookup 712711166184 10K+ 3.7 YML Solutions Tool for Amazon sellers - returns complete in bulk amazon's ASIN info for selected list of identifiers (UPC, EAN, Keywords etc.).
57 BudgetForLife 211117436852 9K+ 4.8 BudgetForLife Customizable budget tool
58 Bluesofts Acchelper - Read number into words 106415974776 9K+ 4.1 Nguyễn Duy Tuân Read number in words Endlish or VietNamese in GoogleSheets =USD((number) in words for English =VND(number) in words for Vietnamese Author: Nguyen Duy Tuan -
59 Docso 720899743631 9K+ 4.6 HocExcel.Online Hàm Đọc số thành chữ =VND(123) => Một trăm hai mươi ba đồng =docso(123) => một trăm hai mươi ba
60 Budget Sheets 249801210316 8K+ 5.0 Eugene Chao Keep track of your monthly sum of transactions and make your life easier, so you can focus on whats more important.
61 BoloForms SheetGod - Excel Formula Bot 101821053012 8K+ 5.0 BoloForms Transform your text instructions into Google Sheet™ formulas with the help of AI using BoloForms SheetGod.
62 CFDI Tools 431167342188 7K+ 4.0 Tesel Usa CFDI Tools para leer, descargar y validar archivos de facturas CFDI XML de Google Drive y tener la información organizada en columnas de una hoja de cálculo Google Sheets. Soporta CFDI 4.0
63 QuickBooks Connector 801508416022 6K+ 4.3 iEnterprises Integrate QuickBooks Online with Gmail. View your QuickBooks dashboard inside of Gmail and view related items including overdue invoices and more from QuickBooks as you are corresponding in Gmail.
64 Apptivo Invoicing 215743877868 6K+ 5.0 Apptivo Apptivo is the perfect small business suite for google apps. Apptivo has CRM, Project Management, Invoicing, Timesheets and more. Apptivo's business suite consists of 40+ apps that are integrated and seamlessly work with each other. The information is shared across apps, so data once created can be used everywhere improving overall productivity. There is also no need of multiple data entry avoiding duplicate or incorrect data.
65 Currency Converter 962968609488 6K+ 4.4 Yagisanatode Currency Converter allows you to convert currencies based on daily exchange rates right in your Google Workspace sidebar. You can even modify the currency conversion to your own preference or region. 
66 µFunds 274036499952 6K+ 4.2 José Ballester µFunds is a Google Sheets add-on that allows to import data of your mutual funds directly from Morningstar, only with their ISINs.
67 Bulk Invoices | Batch Invoices | Mail PDF Receipts 142181200532 6K+ 4.3 AddonForge | Create and email PDF invoices based on a Google Spreadsheets table
68 Cube Planning 401553015258 5K+ 5.0 Cube Planning, Inc Cube Planning
69 Happay for Gmail 967469749911 5K+ 4.3 VA Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd Creating expenses from your mail has never been easier! Create expenses directly from your Gmail and get them added to your Happay expense management dashboard along with a copy of the bill directly attached.
70 Tracxn 474169435149 5K+ 5.0 Tracxn Technologies Limited Get company information from Tracxn directly into Google Sheets
71 Market Data 453586334945 5K+ 3.0 Market Data Current and historical options prices. 15+ years of data. Bid, ask, volume, open interest, and more. Market Data’s free Sheets Add-on is the perfect companion for options traders.
72 Spreadsheet•Fund 43325720496 5K+ 4.4 Spreadsheet Fund Investment Fund Administration Made Simple. Portfolio Tracking & Shares Accounting
73 Stock Ticker 962523968901 4K+ 2.8 Get US stock market tickers and track your favorite stocks using financial stock tickers. Set-up is quick and simple.
74 XBRL Filed Data 1022892734367 4K+ 3.8 XBRL US The XBRL Filed Data Google Sheet add-on lets you build queries to the XBRL US Public Filings Database and return results to your spreadsheet. You can also check XBRL reports with automated checks.
75 Dividend Data 536038016271 4K+ 2.5 David Levy The Dividend Data Add-on provides extensive Data about historical and future dividend events.
76 Syft Analytics 943674579366 3K+ 5.0 Syft Analytics The interactive & collaborative financial reporting tool
77 Apptivo Expenses 112426580927 3K+ 5.0 Apptivo Apptivo Expenses is the perfect app to streamline your expense management process
78 Financial Modeling Prep 262992176931 3K+ 4.2 Financial Modeling Prep Access Real-time stock price, fundamentals data and also historical data such as income statement, balance sheet statement and cashflow statement quarterly and annually.
79 Kashoo Cloud Accounting 876560799025 3K+ 4.0 Say goodbye to your old accounting software and say hello to Kashoo: the leading "anytime, anywhere" accounting software platform for small business, featuring a simple, full-featured iPad app.
80 Tally Reports 141500484268 3K+ 4.3 Tally Tally Prime / Tally.ERP9 Real Time sync reports on google sheets™ | Import Entries | PDF Invoices into Tally
81 CryptoReports 790439683778 3K+ 4.7 Bliggfang CryptoReports is a professional crypto tax software and portfolio manager for all exchanges and cryptocurrencies.
82 Stock Price in Google Sheets | Finsheet 574480000400 3K+ 3.2 Finsheet Real-time and historical intraday (1-minute) price for global equity; 30+ years of stock fundamentals, analyst estimates, ETF holdings and much more.
83 Quickbooks Connect 373457065729 2K+ 4.3 Boopis Media Seamlessly integrate QuickBooks with Google Sheets! 🌟
84 GeniusSheets 283228034376 2K+ 4.6 Genius Sheets Inc Create financial reports and analysis using text prompts from Quickbooks into Google Sheets.
85 SITG | Crypto Portfolio 99600737246 2K+ 3.1 sitgapp Automatically sync exchange accounts and blockchain wallets balances to a spreadsheet. Once configured – always up to date.
86 Cryptocurrency Prices Terminal 131347746561 2K+ 5.0 Interactive app for tracking and monitoring cryptocurrency stats in real-time. All prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin and any other coin.
87 Coin Creator With My Photo 163871365733 2K+ 4.4 Create a coin image printed with your photo, picture, and image. You can download this coin as PNG or animated GIF format.
88 Moon Invoice - Easy Invoicing 641955887210 2K+ 5.0 Moon Technolabs Private Limited Free Professional Invoice App - Invoice Maker
89 FinanceFixx Journal 589913461059 2K+ 3.0 SW gApps LLC Get your financial house in order with FinanceFixx and Investing Fixx, the money skills programs from Jean Chatzky and HerMoney. The programs include coaching, educational content, and powerful tools.
90 Sage One 986263040526 2K+ 1.0 Sage Sage One is the simple way for freelancers, sole traders and small businesses to keep on top of cashflow, invoicing and payroll - now integrated to work with Google Drive.
91 Automated DCF and WACC | 817305592941 2K+ 5.0 Import financial data and compute fair-value estimates for any company worldwide with a click of a button!
92 Aspire Budgeting 693937943684 2K+ 1.0 Aspire Budgeting LLC Using the Aspire Budgeting add-on, you can connect your bank accounts and automatically important your transactions into Google Sheets™.
93 SyncQ - QuickBooks Online Integration 424826017018 2K+ 5.0 HelloCODER LLP View Account Receivables Inside Gmail
94 SANsheets 1015707980262 2K+ 5.0 santiment Use Santiment cryptocurrency data in your Google sheets!
95 Markets4Sheets 551807321831 2K+ 4.7 Matias Rivera Obtené el mercado argentino, en tiempo real, en tus propias planillas y operá directamente via DMA.
96 Brex for Google Workspace™ 167036574990 2K+ 5.0 Brex Automatically collect receipts from your Gmail™ inbox for your Brex expenses.
97 AWS Pricing by Strake 378787760903 2K+ 5.0 Strake Get AWS Pricing in Google Sheets™
98 95827898397 2K+ 3.3 Simple ERP with Accounting, CRM, Project Management, HR and Payroll
99 Sheetsync 198068442022 2K+ 3.3 Sheetsync, LLC Automatically sync your finances with your spreadsheet
100 GuruFocus Add-on for Sheets 543994648063 1K+ 3.3, LLC Fully customizable investing research and analysis tools