Top Chart: hr-and-legal
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Appogee Leave 920626378223 1M+ 4.4 Appogee HR Absence Management Solution for Google Workspace
2 GoFileDrop 894138275988 1M+ 4.9 Connect people to your Google Drive account with GoFileDrop. Visitors can upload files to your Google Drive, just embed our upload tool on your site or use the ready made page.
3 Org Chart - Best Chart Builder 219218309058 1M+ 4.0 Time is Ltd. Organizational chart builder with instant Google Workspace sync. You can create multiple org charts and the org chart core.
4 Worklytics - Analytics for Google Workspace 325404107925 589K+ 4.7 Worklytics provides advanced analytics Google Workspace. Analyze collaboration and work activity in Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive and many other tools. Learn more:
5 ADP Virtual Assistant 160050757696 404K+ 3.0 Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP) Give employees access to their workforce information within Google Chat
6 HR Software for Google Apps - CakeHR 518584363668 288K+ 3.8 CakeHR is the leading HR Software solution for Google Apps.
7 Greenhouse Report Connector 883282964115 270K+ 4.0 Greenhouse Software Import Greenhouse data to Sheets to easily combine reports and create and manipulate charts.
8 Zoho People 872160754795 254K+ 4.3 Automate HR Management For Your People-Powered Businesses using Zoho People which integrates with GWS environment.
9 Docs Creator - Mail merge for letters 77808591299 244K+ 4.2 copa webservices Easily create mail merge letters with Google Docs™ and Sheets™. Install now for free!
10 Together Mentoring 369249401202 243K+ 5.0 Together App Together Mentoring App's Gsuite integration for SSO + Calendar Integration.
11 Amber by inFeedo 48848010532 236K+ 5.0 inFeedo Developers Employee Engagement Platform
12 Achievers 939849592419 223K+ 5.0 Achievers The Achievers for Google Chat™ app provides Achievers users with notifications when they have been recognized directly in their workspace.
13 Agnya 792521015026 221K+ 4.0 Culturro Technologies Pvt Ltd Agnya is your company's culture bot. It interacts with the employees and collects feedback regarding your company's culture and calculates the culture KPIs (10 KPIs and 30 sub-KPIs), employee productivity, leadership styles, managerial styles to help you understand what needs to be changed. Agnya also enables behaviour modification for employees to induce culture change.
14 JobScore 130512864914 198K+ 4.3 JobScore Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software
15 BambooHR 728417789558 157K+ 4.3 BambooHR The No. 1 online HR software for small and medium size business
16 Bonusly 950065622056 134K+ 0.0 None Bonusly is an engaging recognition and rewards platform that enriches your company culture.
17 Disco 1041310020132 129K+ 3.0 Disco Join the 15,000+ teams already using Disco to celebrate great work when and where it happens in Google Hangouts Chat. Giving stars is a quick and fun way to appreciate your teammates in the moment while sharing that positivity and culture with the team. Have questions? -->
18 Clio for Gmail™ 259969685083 112K+ 2.6 Clio Log emails, save documents, and add contacts to Clio with Clio's Gmail™ Add-on.
19 Comeen Workplace 386684602404 112K+ 4.4 Comeen Comeen Workplace is the platform for today’s modern workplace environment. Make your workspace enter the hybrid office era!
20 Calamari 428704666266 108K+ 5.0 Modern leave and attendance management. Remote work, time off management and clock-in with iBeacons.
21 Jostle 139987893890 106K+ 4.0 Jostle brings everyone together and helps each person succeed. We're an employee success platform that's replacing intranets.
22 Zoho Recruit 246874169334 104K+ 4.5 Zoho Corporation Zoho recruit is a smart online recruitment software that helps you manage job requirements, track the applicants and recruit a right person for the job.
23 ClockIt 363424559438 104K+ 0.0 TECSOL Software LLC ClockIt is a time clock software that allows users to clock in and clock out. You can punch your time within Google Chat and ClockIt will calculate the work duration automatically. This will help in running payroll in less than 5 minutes. Note: You will need a paid plan with ClockIt and you can sign up for an account from
24 CavinHR 876131792386 97K+ 3.9 Cavintek CavinHR automates HR processes and lets you focus on your most important asset - your employees
25 Comeen Workplace for Google Chat™ 363276719358 90K+ 5.0 Comeen Comeen Workplace is the platform for today’s modern workplace environment. Make your workspace enter the hybrid office era!
26 Timetastic 969170248873 86K+ 4.0 Timetastic Ltd A modern staff leave planner for your organisation.
27 Appogee HR 208930558139 75K+ 4.7 Appogee HR HR Management for Google Workspace
28 Achievers for Gmail 499654438247 75K+ 4.7 Achievers The Achievers for Gmail add-on puts recognition in the flow of work by adding the ability to show appreciation for colleagues’ great work right from within Gmail
29 Thanks 373817042786 72K+ 5.0 O.C.Tanner Simply Rewarding
30 Small Improvements Calendar Integration 886247385835 68K+ 0.0 Small Improvements Create 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements automatically from your calendar.
31 Hrvey 250647355054 62K+ 5.0 Leave management made easy
32 WebHR 612239889203 59K+ 4.0 WebHR - Everyone's Favorite All-in-One Social HR Software - Trusted by 20,000 Companies in 197 Countries
33 Trakstar Hire 634324356186 50K+ 4.9 The most user-friendly recruitment software for growing organizations.
34 TeamTools 424870364007 41K+ 4.7 IBFW Labs, Inc. Instant company directory and org chart for Google Workspace
35 Zoho Sign 461771356083 37K+ 3.0 Zoho Corporation Send, sign, and track documents with Zoho Sign, the complete digital signature solution for business signatories.
36 Perfode eReviewz 921361231662 34K+ 4.8 Perfode eReviewz Talent Management SaaS software for managing employee performance reviews and objectives with an automated easy to use web based solution.
37 Lara 390658168195 34K+ 4.7 Lara AI Your personal assistant with AI
38 S.Time Card 657912814644 32K+ 0.0 Sateraito Office, Inc. Sateraito Office Time Card for Google Workspace (Free Version)
39 Gusto 416608718644 28K+ 4.8 Payroll, benefits, and HR built for small business.
40 Formesign - eSignature 210002188569 27K+ 4.7 Formesign Accept eSignature in Google Forms. Export signed document to Google Drive & send as email.
41 Appogee Leave for Gmail™ 903206719639 27K+ 4.9 Appogee HR Add-on widget for Appogee Leave
42 Bizneo HR 47941492593 26K+ 5.0 Bizneo HR Bizneo HR is a leading company in human resource management, including its HR Suite and its ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
43 UKG Ready 46112121514 26K+ 0.0 UKG Ready® is a fully integrated HCM cloud solution across time and attendance, HR, payroll, scheduling, and more. For more information visit:
44 Zoho Recruit for Gmail 686319187088 21K+ 4.0 Zoho Corporation Add candidates and contacts straight from your inbox to Zoho Recruit
45 Apptivo Employees 726959906901 19K+ 5.0 Apptivo The HR Employee Tracker App allows you to keep track of your employees and vital information about their employment record. You can also control & modify employee email signatures using this app.
46 EmailShot 392337853098 17K+ 5.0 EmailShot Ltd. Save and share any email easily with others in just one click. With a simple direct link, they’ll see the content on a nicely formatted single page. Like screenshots, but for email.
47 Zoho Sign for Gmail 227700145400 16K+ 3.7 Zoho Corporation Get business documents digitally signed in a simple, secure manner right from your mailbox.
48 728941686795 15K+ 0.0 is an intuitive online solution for Time Off and Absence Management for teams and companies.
49 Cargly for Business 364560191290 13K+ 5.0 Vehicle Management Simplified. With Cargly for Business, all your users share a single database for managing and tracking vehicle expenses, maintenance, and repairs.
50 North 1029723061547 13K+ 0.0 North Receive notifications from North in Google Chat
51 PracticePanther for Gmail 1009448003 13K+ 4.2 PracticePanther Add emails, attachments, tasks, and time entries to new or existing contacts in PracticePanther without leaving Gmail.
52 Quidlo Timesheets - Time Tracking Software 42699177650 12K+ 4.8 Quidlo Simple employee time tracking tool. Free for small teams. Check it out!
53 ChartHop Sheets 397657075455 12K+ 5.0 ChartHop, Inc Sync data directly from ChartHop into Google Sheets.
54 happierWork 704319879299 12K+ 5.0 happierWork is an AI-powered, ‘people experience platform’ designed to make work better & people happier for organizations using Google Workspace.
55 Employee Onboarding App 55865453655 12K+ 4.6 MangoBlogger This Google sheets add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates & adding them to online tools.
56 Placeholder 593560314556 11K+ 2.2 Rain Solution Placeholder allow user(s) to replace multiple keywords in document template in one go. User can use symbol {{ before keyword and symbol }} after keyword as placeholder. eg. {{keyword}}
57 HireVue Hiring Assistant Calendar Integration 36472329053 10K+ 1.0 This HireVue app helps in scheduling interviews by looking at Interviewer free-busy times. HireVue client organization IT admins can chose to install this app for their domain.
58 Time Doctor 555601194439 10K+ 4.0 Time Doctor is a productivity app that helps you to get a lot more done each day and eliminate distractions. It's great for teams or individuals that want to increase their productivity.
59 Actionstep 857048888210 10K+ 3.1 Actionstep Assign emails to actions. View action details and organize attachments.
60 Easy HR 957184888052 10K+ 5.0 Easy HR is simple & intuitive HR Software for SME & Enterprise. It provides HRIS records, leaves & attendance, Payroll, expenses, travel making it very easy to manage.
61 Vacation Tracker 906816703974 9K+ 0.0 Vacation Tracker Technologies Vacation Tracker is an effortless leave tracking system for organizations collaborating on Google Workspace.
62 Small Improvements Calendar Integration EU 1058581511050 9K+ 0.0 Small Improvements Create 1:1 Meetings in Small Improvements automatically from your calendar.
63 Freshteam 693552703929 9K+ 0.0 Behind every great product company is a great team.
64 1s Learning Management System 651705922174 8K+ 4.0 1s Learning Management System The only Learning Management System (LMS) built natively to support Google Workspace™ accounts. Start with your existing Google Drive™ content and have a course ready in seconds.
65 happierWork 901380554905 6K+ 4.8 happierWork happierWork is a cloud-based feature rich software which automates HR process like recruitments, attendance and payroll for small and medium scale organizations..
66 Filevine 843192500762 6K+ 2.2 Filevine Attach emails and documents instantly to Filevine projects
67 Nectar 751519140195 6K+ 0.0 Nectar HR Recognize great work, increase engagement, promote core values, and redeem rewards ─ all from your Google workflow.
68 Bucketlist 262074315303 5K+ 5.0 Bucketlist Rewards Bucketlist is a rewards and recognition platform that motivates employees to grow, thrive and be more productive by helping them achieve personal life goals. Connect your company’s Bucketlist site to Gmail to make it even easier for employees to recognize each other – and achieve their Bucketlist goals. To get started, you must have a paid Bucketlist account.
69 TravelPerk 1029628525364 4K+ 5.0 Travelperk S.L. TravelPerk, the travel booking platform offering the largest inventory and management & reporting.
70 Free Recruiting Software by 100Hires ATS 881641468336 4K+ 5.0 Applicant tracking system Attract, interview & hire the best candidates faster. Powerful Recruiting Software with G Suite integration
71 PeopleForce 38103911901 4K+ 5.0 PeopleForce All-in-one Human Resources Software, that helps thousands of businesses, from startups to large enterprises build a high-performance culture.
72 Trustbot for Gmail 105593154213 4K+ 4.6 Trustbot Software Inc. Trustbot is the best way for teams to take care of non-disclosure agreements, without leaving Gmail.
73 Weekly Update 585345631186 3K+ 5.0 Collect short status updates from your team each week.
74 Lexzur Connect for Google Workspace™ 988964327011 3K+ 5.0 App4Legal DWC-LLC Lexzur Connect is an off-the-shelf integration with all your favorite Google Workspace™ Apps; Gmail™, Google Drive™, Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, and your Google Calendar™.
75 Waiver Electronic 417790549978 3K+ 5.0 None WaiverElectronic is the leading online waiver system with app available for iPAD, Android Tablets
76 mfloow 1070019564321 3K+ 5.0 株式会社メタップスホールディングス Various mfloow notifications can be received via Google Chat™.
78 IceHrm 856479553466 2K+ 0.0 IceHrm is a Human resource management system for small and medium-sized organizations who want to streamline hr management with a quality and fairly priced HR product
79 Primalogik 598215687702 2K+ 5.0 Primalogik is an affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution.
80 Auto OOO 24816344173 2K+ 5.0 Luis Peralta Automatically enable your GMail™ autoresponder based on your Google Calendar™ availability.
81 Talentia HCM 188255858035 2K+ 0.0 Talentia R&D Engage your employees with push notifications and natural language interactions.
82 MahaloHR 666492392314 2K+ 4.3 None Recognizing great work has never been easier. Send thank yous that count by giving out Mahalos in emails to coworkers. Redeem earned Mahalos for prizes and a culture of appreciation is born.
83 HackerRank Interview 386396436142 2K+ 4.9 HackerRank Add a HackerRank remote interview to any calendar event.
84 Oorwin Labs for Gmail 901984136810 2K+ 4.5 Oorwin Labs Inc AI-powered, integrated CRM, ATS, and HRM
85 UKG Dimensions Integration Admin 745145621395 2K+ 5.0 UKG Dimensions Integration Admin Generate settings files which enable users to connect to Dimensions from their Google Sheets.
86 Org Chart Slideshows 575273283932 2K+ 5.0 Max Brawer Create modern, dynamic org charts that fit on slides every time. No clicking, no art projects, just data => the chart you need. Use for headcount planning & more
87 Culture Cloud 476050774711 2K+ 0.0 O.C. Tanner Recognize great work anywhere
88 Softstart 613582084981 2K+ 0.0 GSoft Greater onboarding. Faster belonging.
89 UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule 236461531690 2K+ 1.3 UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule UKG Dimensions Integration Schedule allows users to login to their Dimensions account and import valuable workforce management data for analysis, visualization, and collaboration.
90 StarMeUp for Gmail 333531860019 2K+ 4.5 Globant Add-on to use StarMeUp inside Gmail: acknowledge your work mates for their helpful emails!
91 Athri Talent Manager 1090650928902 2K+ 0.0 Athri talent manager Talent Manager for the Enterprise
92 LeaksID 601652532319 1K+ 5.0 G-71 Inc. LeaksID is a cloud-based solution that deters malicious users from leaking valuable data. You can now share documents securely and identify the person responsible in case of a leak.
93 Limeade Listening 786580139085 1K+ 5.0 TINYpulse Respond to Limeade Listening surveys, submit anonymous suggestions, send Cheers and more.
94 People Hotsheets 898526684503 1K+ 5.0 People HR Apps People data load made simple.
95 Template Toolbox 856397640301 1K+ 2.5 On Your Own Terms Template toolbox is an addon designed for Google Docs™ users to access legal documents they need.
96 Huminos 507952990708 1K+ 5.0 Huminos OKR software to accelerate growth 🚀
97 Place Snippets 178924412278 1K+ 5.0 Rain Solution Place Snippet can be use to insert snippets / clauses for document template, document builder, knowledge management, clause management, contract management, document automation
98 Sapling HR 610659591425 1K+ 4.5 Sapling Sapling Admins can view their employee data directly from their inbox through a Gmail Add-on.
99 LawVu 738004338820 1K+ 4.9 LawVu This add on enables you to work directly with LawVu from your existing Gmail based workflow. It streamlines the process of creating and updating your legal matters by enabling you to import email content and attachments.
100 Waive Me! 456196127594 976 3.0 Waive Me! is the most advanced digital waiver form solution. Share and securely sign your waiver forms in the cloud.