Top Chart: sales-and-crm
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Salesflare data 400312729360 29M+ 4.4 SyncWith Inc Connect sheets quickly to Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Salesflare and more
2 Mail Merge with Attachments 223404411203 8M+ 4.3 Digital Inspiration Send personalized emails with Gmail™ Mail Merge. Include different file attachments, schedule emails for sending later, CC and BCC recipients, create drafts, track email opens, clicks, and bounces.
3 Insightly CRM 340379804296 3M+ 4.3 Insightly
4 Shared Contacts: Share Google Workspace™ Contacts 1033860418004 2M+ 4.9 GAPPS Experts Share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Centralize your contacts & labels across your organization & define access permissions like Google Drive™ folders!
5 Zoho CRM 469571659015 1M+ 3.5 Zoho CRM is a flexible cloud-based CRM for your business that helps you attract, retain and delight customers.
6 Salesforce Connector 857627895310 1M+ 3.8 Google Import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Google Sheetsᵀᴹ, make changes to Salesforce directly from Google Sheetsᵀᴹ and more.
7 GMass for Gmail™ 1009043385982 1M+ 4.8 GMass, Inc. A powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail™.
8 Streak CRM for G Suite 800057673271 1M+ 4.0 Streak Streak is the premier G Suite-integrated CRM
9 Calendly 797340822162 1M+ 4.7 Say goodbye to email and phone tag for scheduling meetings
10 Mailtrack for Google Workspace™: Email tracking 224054973946 905K+ 4.2 Add our checkmarks (✓✓) to your Gmail™ through our free and unlimited email tracking software.
11 GPT plus Google Docs™, ChatGPT 669226853089 832K+ 4.6 Everest Web Deals ChatGPT Open AI in Google Docs™ enables you to produce AI translation, inspiration, blog, edition, summarization, image generator. You can use the Chat GPT 3.5 turbo, ChatGpt 4, ChatGpt 4-32k, DALL E
12 Sortd for Gmail™ 197764131182 814K+ 3.8 Sortd, Inc EMAIL REINVENTED FOR TEAMS & SHARED MAILBOXES info@, sales@, support@, orders@ ...
13 Portant Data Merge 1016888648275 789K+ 4.8 Portant 🤖 Generate, save and email documents automatically from templates (mail merge). Portant can merge data from Google Sheets, Google Forms or Trello into Docs and Slides.
14 Capsule CRM 689204729644 758K+ 4.5 Simple, flexible CRM for taking care of customers.
15 Copper CRM for Google Sheets™ 461423560386 727K+ 4.5 You work out of Google Workspace™. So should your CRM.
16 Zoho Desk 916872167866 726K+ 4.2 Deliver more happiness in every support ticket with Zoho Desk. Receive support tickets from email, phone, chat, social media. Respond to them from a single place.
17 465092758304 681K+ 5.0 is a revenue intelligence platform that transforms your growth.
18 PandaDoc for Google Docs 463622177030 594K+ 2.8 PandaDoc Send, track, and e-sign your Google Docs with PandaDoc. Features include legally binding eSignature as well as recipient and document analytics. Start by creating an account at
19 SignRequest 411452145109 504K+ 4.3 SignRequest SignRequest allows you to sign, manage and store your documents and contracts straight from your Gmail or your other favorite G suite applications. Free. From wherever you are.
20 Neartail - Order form 743172720058 503K+ 4.6 Neartail Create order form in Google Forms & collect payment. Extract price & product details to calculate order amount.
21 Gong for Google Calendar™ 779001639133 421K+ 5.0 Gong Schedule meetings and capture participant consent to be recorded with Gong for Google Calendar™
22 Coefficient: Salesforce, HubSpot Data Connector 182621001506 397K+ 4.9 Coefficient Connect data sources & APIs to Google Sheets™. Coupled with GPT Copilot, sync and analyze data faster than ever. No coding required!
23 Shared Contacts addon for Google Workspace™ 50473693482 357K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Share Google Contacts everywhere in Google Workspace™ (G Suite) using this unique ad_don.
24 G-Connector for Salesforce 971770431958 339K+ 4.2 Xappex Pull your Salesforce data into Google Spreadsheets. Then edit it and push back in bulk. Schedule automatic data refreshes. Track historical data. Monitor your data. Do more, faster.
25 Neartail - WhatsApp form 507668674982 304K+ 4.6 Neartail Convert Google Forms into WhatsApp order form. Let your users submit orders to your WhatsApp number.
26 Leadmonk 87260422697 298K+ 5.0 LeadMonk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Online FREE Appointment Scheduling Software for Google Calendar™
27 Gmail-based helpdesk for teams | Hiver 300342089616 256K+ 4.7 Hiver is the world’s first helpdesk built for Google Workspace. We help teams deliver fast and empathetic customer service, right from the tool they are already familiar with - Gmail.
28 Form to Chatbot ⚡️ 349974714221 249K+ 4.1 Inc. Turn Google form into a highly engaging chat in one click!
29 Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets 250108887537 240K+ 4.9 Sheet Automation Automatic mail merge, data processing, task tracking, and many more.
30 Blackbaud for Gmail™ 787205246854 226K+ 4.3 Blackbaud, Inc. View constituent information and create email actions in Blackbaud without leaving Gmail™.
31 Streak CRM Importer 1008328246438 222K+ 3.5 Streak CRM Import data from Google Sheets into your Streak Pipelines.
32 Zoho CRM for Gmail 490347649391 213K+ 4.1 Zoho Corporation Zoho CRM is a flexible cloud-based CRM for your business that helps you attract, retain and delight customers.
33 Freshdesk Gmail Gadget 287551691553 201K+ 2.1 Freshdesk Gmail Gadget lets you quickly check into ticket and requestor information right from your email, and even send your replies from there.
34 Online Scheduling by vCita 682364984154 185K+ 4.6 Online scheduling for small businesses: Offer clients to instantly schedule appointments, always in sync with your calendar or phone
35 714057686991 166K+ 4.0 gives sales leaders a complete picture of sales activities and leverages AI to deliver performance analytics, personalized coaching and pipeline reviews.
36 SherpaDesk 155575437725 164K+ 3.5 Sherpadesk is the all-in-one automated solution that combines all the tools you need to run your business and team more effectively: IT helpdesk ticketing, analytics, invoicing, project management, time tracking, billing, remote assistance, & much more. Customer Support Tickets, Invoicing, Time Tracking, Help Desk, Manage Assets
37 Salesforce Connector for Gmail 1085601474281 152K+ 4.4 iEnterprises Integrate your Gmail™, Google Calendar and CRM in one easy step with virtually nothing to install. Now with full mobile support for the Gmail™ app on iOS and Android!
38 Apptivo 372170778797 150K+ 4.8 Apptivo Apptivo is the perfect small business suite for google apps. Apptivo has CRM, Project Management, Invoicing, Timesheets and more. Apptivo is easy to use, affordable and fully integrated. Start now!
39 Form to Notion 55933174335 146K+ 3.9 Fastest & Cheapest way to get Google form responses to Notion table ⚡️
40 i CRM for Gmail™ 595198724352 132K+ 4.6 iEnterprises i CRM for Gmail™ is a flexible and robust CRM solution that works directly inside Gmail™ from any browser or in the Gmail™ MOBILE App.
41 Email Templates by cloudHQ 183322770515 130K+ 4.5 cloudHQ 💥 Free email templates on your Gmail 💥 Get access to birthday cards, price lists, intake forms, and any of those emails that you find yourself having to repetitively send out.
42 Shared Contacts Manager for Google Contacts™ 452164027617 129K+ 5.0 Shared Contacts Manager Shared Contacts Manager for Google™ enables team members to share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Set user-level permissions. Auto-sync across devices instantly.
43 Form to HubSpot 620257753768 117K+ 5.0 Dawent Lets you to connect to HubSpot® and direct your Google Form submissions to create new contact in your HubSpot® CRM.
44 Insightly CRM Sidebar 53572612229 114K+ 2.8 Insightly Inc. Build better customer relationships without having to leave your email inbox with the Insightly CRM Sidebar for Gmail.
45 G-Connect 187100763154 103K+ 5.0 SAP and Google App Integration
46 PandaDoc for Google Workspace 649190349742 102K+ 4.4 PandaDoc Create, send, and eSign documents securely, right from your favorite Google apps.
47 Clari 1026767857296 96K+ 0.0 Harness automation and AI to build a stronger pipeline, shorten sales cycles, improve forecast accuracy and grow revenue.
48 Salesforce for Google Chat 869591570258 89K+ 5.0 Google Find and share your Salesforce records in Google Chat.
49 SolarWinds IT Service Desk 206830152859 82K+ 4.0 IT Asset and Service Management by SolarWinds
50 Data sync by HubSpot 708968829965 82K+ 5.0 HubSpot Set up a real-time two-way sync between HubSpot and Google Contacts ™ in just a few minutes.
51 Pipedrive CRM 181457847709 81K+ 2.1 Pipedrive Team Manage sales without leaving your Gmail inbox
52 Rapid MailMerge 626977639702 80K+ 4.6 Apps Send email campaigns right from your Google Sheet. Merge values from the sheet in to the email.
53 Trello for Gmail by Cardbox 105205845151 76K+ 3.7 Cardbox LLC New! By Cardbox – Create cards from Gmail, view emails and reply from Trello.
54 Frederick - Automated Marketing for Local Services 397365807303 73K+ 4.7 Frederick helps local service businesses fill their schedule with smart email and text marketing campaigns.
55 Shared Contacts for Google Docs™ 401846437003 72K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Share Google Contacts like you share Google Docs™ with Gmail and Google Workspace™ (G Suite) users using Shared Contacts for Gmail® from everywhere.
56 Share Contacts 411072400724 72K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Add sharing capabilities to your Gmail™ inbox with this add-on : See and update contact info, add notes and comments, and share any email sender or recipient with your team without leaving your inbox!
57 Groove Gmail Add-on 230905528911 66K+ 4.2 Groove Bring the #1 sales engagement platform into Gmail
58 Calendar Analytics 86533064402 65K+ 4.6 Time is Ltd. See who your top 20 team members are meeting with most frequently for FREE. Access your team’s internal & external meeting insights to better understand collaboration and drive more sales.
59 Atrium 82978052357 63K+ 0.0 Atrium helps sales managers use data to improve team performance
60 Dynamics 365 Connector for Gmail 1068646806018 61K+ 4.7 iEnterprises An easy to use full featured integration between Gmail™, Google Calendar and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
61 Apptoto - Appointment Reminders & Scheduling 635317462637 59K+ 4.1 Automatic appointment reminders for your Google Calendar!
62 Salesforce Essentials 345624350505 58K+ 4.7 Salesforce Get the #1 CRM. Made for small business. Free for 14 days, plus G Suite customers get 25% off an annual subscription using the link below.
63 Ask1up 926681905295 58K+ 0.0 1up Corp. Ask1up, the official app for, is the fastest and most secure way to automatically answer your sales team’s questions in Google Chat using the sources you trust.
64 Hunter for Sheets 327237705162 50K+ 4.4 Hunter Find and verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets.
65 Contact Share App: Share Google Contacts with Gmail & G-Suite Users 961188090958 48K+ 3.9 Contact Share App Contact Share App for Google Contacts & Gmail lets you share contact lists/labels from Google Contacts.
66 Solve for Google Sheets 959597358447 48K+ 3.0 Norada Corporation Create reports and charts directly from records in your existing Solve CRM database.
67 Mixmax 445090274054 46K+ 4.0 Mixmax, Inc. Enhance your email with unlimited email tracking, instant scheduling, reminders, surveys & polls, and more! Best tool for revenue teams looking to build pipeline, close deals and engage customers.
68 Capsule CRM for Gmail 797289802522 44K+ 4.3 Capsule Action your emails by integrating Capsule's powerful CRM and sales management tools into your Gmail inbox
69 Video Email for Sales Person 683660006843 44K+ 4.5 Hippo Video Send personalized videos to engage prospects.
70 Groove - Email & Calendar Integration 1098270747392 43K+ 4.0 Groove #1 Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce and G Suite Users
71 Bigtincan Hub 939422331593 41K+ 5.0 Bigtincan Bigtincan for Gmail enables users to view and share their Hub content and get content recommended for your communication. It also allows Salesforce users to log email communications easily.
72 Samanage IT asset Management 610957804982 41K+ 3.3 IT Asset Management by Samanage
73 Salesforce - Einstein Activity Capture 463500743912 40K+ 0.0 Automatically capture and sync relevant customer and sales information between your Google account and Salesforce.
74 Yet Another Email Merger: Mail Merge For Gmail 979074983792 40K+ 4.3 JYS Infotech Mail merge for Gmail to send personalised bulk emails with attachments directly from Google Sheets and Gmail Draft Templates
75 ClientSuccess 284383917735 40K+ 5.0 ClientSuccess ClientSuccess for G Suite
76 Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager 337624936001 39K+ 4.4 Share contacts across your Google Workspace domain
77 WhatsForm ⚡️ 513270768589 38K+ 4.5 Get Google form orders, booking & feedback on your WhatsApp number 💬
78 Sales CRM for Salespeople 396636611996 37K+ 4.7, a sales CRM 100% tailored to salespeople that helps you track and close more deals without spending hours filling forms.
79 Setmore For Gmail 477202397093 37K+ 3.6 Setmore Appointments Free, powerful online scheduling that helps you book appointments with your customers and grow your business.
80 Solve CRM 807650370325 37K+ 4.8 Norada Corporation Modern CRM with features to manage projects.
81 S.Cloud CRM 210204729772 37K+ 5.0 Sateraito Office, Inc. Sateraito Office Cloud CRM for Google Workspace (Free version)
82 ZoomInfo for Google Calendar™ 635708537658 35K+ 0.0 ZoomInfo ZoomInfo products help teams find leads and close deals faster.
83 ZoomInfo for Gmail™ 711918189885 35K+ 0.0 ZoomInfo ZoomInfo products help teams find leads and close deals faster.
84 Neartail - Payment form 1009337415848 34K+ 4.6 Neartail Calculate payment amount. Accept Paypal, Venmo, Credit/Debit Card, Cash App, PayNow, UPI payment in Google Forms.
85 PipelineDeals: Simple and Powerful CRM 909992050522 34K+ 4.7 PipelineDeals is a simple and useful CRM in the cloud. With PipelineDeals, your sales team can easily organize your sales pipeline, track leads and deals, and manage your tasks.
86 Sortd 649946191683 34K+ 4.6 Sortd
87 Bullhorn for Email 174384294008 33K+ 4.0 Bullhorn Seamless integration of Bullhorn with Gmail
88 Chorus Scheduler 903225597070 33K+ 5.0 Chorus Schedule meetings and gather compliance in one click with Chorus
89 Mapsly: Map, Routing, Territories, Geo-automation 512164799392 32K+ 5.0 Mapsly A highly customizable map platform for geo-analysis, multi-day routing and location tracking, territory management, prospecting, embeddable maps and no-code automation.
90 Simple Mass Mail Merge 1087023983878 31K+ 4.6 harnoor Create a Gmail Draft™ and Google Docs™ (if you want to include attachments) and use dynamic variables. Create a datasheet in Google sheet and configure Simple Mail to send configured autometed emails.
91 Email Verification 684650843691 30K+ 4.5 EVADDON Run email verification directly in Google Sheets
92 Banckle Chat 508290158140 30K+ 0.0 Banckle Chat is a live chat customer support app which helps you to effectively and efficiently monitor and interact with your website visitors in real-time, turning them into loyal customers.
93 HappyFox Chat 426269065442 29K+ 4.2 HappyFox Chat is an Incredibly powerful live chat software that is simple, easy and fast. Putting experience first, HappyFox Chat is lightweight and mobile responsive. With integrations, sync and streamline data between HappyFox Chat and all your favorite business apps. HappyFox Chat helps bring the most focused and highly relevant data to every chat, this helps you to deliver personalized customer service like never before. Native applications for iOS, Android and Mac enables you to have meaningful customer conversations anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
94 Odoo Inbox Addin 873497133275 28K+ 3.5 Odoo SA Connect your Odoo Online database to your Gmail inbox.
95 WORKetc 441734354933 28K+ 4.8 This gadget is no longer supported. Install the new WORKetc Add-on for Gmail:
96 Freshsales 726050414426 27K+ 5.0 Freshsales CRM is a customer relationship management software for high velocity sales teams. Integrated Email and Phone, User behavior tracking, Lead scoring and more, in one hassle-free CRM package.
97 MyriadHub 54620616301 27K+ 4.4 MyriadHub Manage contact lists in Google sheets, extract email data to sheets and mail merge
98 Jitbit Helpdesk 512280805673 25K+ 5.0 Jitbit Jitbit Helpdesk is an IT ticketing system for email, live chat and other support channels. Jitbit can be tightly integrated with Google services such as Google Drive (attaching files from your drive), Google Map (location suggestions) Google login and other nice additions.
99 Levitate for Gmail 712591083975 25K+ 4.2 Real Magic, LLC Levitate for Gmail helps you manage your personal and professional relationships right from your Gmail inbox.
100 Cargo for sheets 635545301111 24K+ 4.6 GetCargo Inc Experiment leadgen initiatives in seconds