Top Growing For Last 24 hours
Title ID Add-On Rating Count Installs Install Diff 1 day Install Diff for 7 days Developer Secondary Title
GW Manager 611815485470 55 743000 33000 223000 Addons Studio LLC GW Manager - Google Workspace™ Administration Simplified
Map for Web 29264516067 4 79000 27000 -36000 My Routes Create your own interactive map with markers, shapes, administrative boundaries, directions, images, heat maps, customized style in your spreadsheet and easily embedded in your web page or blog.
こどもスイート たて書きできる版 567192866375 10 603000 23000 1000 ZettaLinx 文字のたて書き変換ができる無料アドオン。よこ書きの文字をたて書きの画像に1クリックで変換可能。 Googleスライドでたて書き資料の作成も楽々!
GPT for Google Forms™ | Quiz Builder | ChatGPT 37349114302 21 392000 10000 6000 Lincoln Apps ChatGPT in Google Forms™. Create quizzes faster and easier with advanced AI.
Master Console 242783388478 7 272000 10000 1000 Master Concept Complements the functionality of the Google Workspace Admin Console.
Img2Go - Photo Editor & Image Converter 435014379494 20 278000 10000 0 Solve all your image editing and conversion needs with this free All-in-One online image tool.
Geocoding by SmartMonkey 1033231575312 35 342000 10000 -8000 SmartMonkey Easy geocoding addresses. Translate your street names into GPS coordinates, fast easy and powerful thanks to Google Maps
Stickity for Docs™ 915817298923 2 449000 9000 5000 Stickity Seamlessly integrate digital stickers into Google Docs™ to increase comprehension, support students with disabilities and English language learners, grab attention and spark joy.
Freshdesk Bot 1040895953200 0 9000 9000 0 Integrations Freshdesk Receive updates from Freshdesk for your Tickets
Email to Text — Send SMS messages from Gmailᵀᴹ 135822310631 442 161000 9000 -1000 Email to Text Email to Text add-on makes it easy to send SMS messages from a computer or a mobile device using Gmail. Only US/CA phone numbers!
Magic Exercise Book 15302321552 4 7000 6971 1 Not so Magic Apps Limited You can use this add-on to add the contents of a Google Docs™/Google Slides™ to the end of all the Docs/Slides in a Google Classroom™ Assignment
Pi Reminder Bot 466420102313 0 5000 5000 0 Pi Reminder Pi Reminder Bot for Google Chat 27525835532 0 5000 5000 0 Hakeem Baba Connects to Google Chat™
Absolute Poll 687007803052 3 348000 3000 16000 Yaskur Create polls or votes in the chat space
ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach 211543069193 1558 698000 3000 1000 Orpheus Technology For the smarter writer. A grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Learn how to improve your writing. Also includes a plagiarism checker.
T4lkV2 151200272733 0 3000 3000 0 Matt T4lkV2 T4lkV2 T4lkV2
Multiple Images, YouTube to Google Slides 38835498083 206 551000 3000 0 Convert multiple images and YouTube videos to Google Slides/Presentation for free. You can share this Slides with others directly.
Polly 1077762947798 6 588000 2000 34000 Polly Drive meaningful connection with your team in every meeting. Polly makes it simple to engage, empower, and entertain your meeting attendees, instantly
Atlassian Cloud 331162826608 6 256000 2000 1000 Atlassian Quickly link to your work in popular Atlassian tools like Jira or Confluence to Google Workspace™ with smart chips and get instant visibility into contextual details.
Greenhouse Report Connector 883282964115 17 263000 2000 0 Greenhouse Software Import Greenhouse data to Sheets to easily combine reports and create and manipulate charts.
Bulk QR Code Generator 127523696998 26 660000 2000 -1000 WorkAddons Generate QR Codes in large numbers from data in Google Sheet file.
MagicSlides App - GPT for Slides 371894645570 395 922000 1000 61000 MagicSlides App Elevate your slide creation with MagicSlides App. Instant presentations with web-sourced data, customized to your style.
Pretty Forms Designer 1077249372154 40 302000 1000 32000 Design Beautiful Forms Customize Google Forms™ with styles, Multi-language form, Inline Math Equation Editor, Custom Form's Layout & Designs, Html formatting, Insert custom Button, Table, & more features.
AI Mail Assistant - ChatGPT™ for Gmail™ 793320270264 72 132000 1000 14000 Klart AI ChatGPT™ AI for Gmail™ - All-in-one tool: Generate answers, summarize mails, translate content, improve & fix mails and ask question to ChatGPT™ to save time and effort.
WorkGPT: GPT (ChatGPT™) for Workspace™ 368806015202 17 212000 1000 12000 ZQ Labs, Inc. GPT (ChatGPT™ AI) for Docs™, Sheets™, Gmail™, Slides™. It enables full AI power to write, create and improve content, deliver good work with 10x productivity and efficiency!
Live Polls Maker - Create Interactive Presentation 964324417500 37 467000 1000 8000 Live Polls Make your meetings and classes more interactive by live polling to collect instant feedback. Include multiple choice, open text, word cloud, survey, Q&A, quizzes.
Amber by inFeedo 48848010532 1 119000 1000 6000 inFeedo Developers Employee Engagement Platform
Agora Software 1007985987213 0 234000 1000 5000 Agora Software Natural language gets the IoT, applications and users to communicate natively.
Aha! 817440275761 0 260000 1000 5000 Aha! Send all planning and roadmapping activity from Aha! to Google Hangouts Chat.
AI Transcriber 453672319332 4 166000 1000 5000 SpeechText.AI Turn audio and video content to text and subtitles
Polaris Office HWP 451104773053 9 108000 1000 3000 Polaris Office Polaris Office HWP allows you to easily and quickly open hwp, hwpx files on Google Workspace & Google Drive on web browsers.
AI Business Coach 866816835009 0 22000 1000 3000 Business-Coach.AI AI Business Coach
Atlas bot 219651002574 0 114000 1000 2000 codedoers Atlassian Bitbucket bot
Document Translator - Translate PDF, PPT/Slides 151510329810 31 52000 1000 2000 Document Translator Translate PDF, Word/Google Docs , Excel/Google Sheets, PowerPoint/Google Slides, and other documents with just one click.
CapCut-Web 87571557143 9 22000 1000 1000 CapCut As a top video & image editor, CapCut is your creative stage. With CapCut's diverse text stickers, templates, and audio filters, you can craft high-quality videos and images easily.
Polly 681816873282 4 261000 1000 1000 Polly Create quick polls with Polly.
Video Recorder for Google Drive 224966914694 40 252000 1000 1000 Online Voice Recorder Record audio or video from your microphone or webcam. Free and simple to use.
FileDrop 223672111812 26 121000 1000 1000 HeadwayApps Insert files in Google Sheets™ , Google Docs™ and Google Slides™. OCR extract text from images or PDF files and translate. List files from Google Drive™ folders and use ChatGPT AI functions for more.
GPT Diagram Maker - Create Diagrams with ChatGPT 208081298936 17 16000 1000 1000 GPT Diagram Maker Draw Flowchart, Sequence diagram, Class diagrams, Gantt chart, Timing diagrams, Tree diagram, UML diagram, Venn diagram, Process diagrams, etc. In natural language through ChatGPT.
Smart References 139900623597 75 71000 1000 0 Sealion Software Smart References is a cross referencing feature for Google Docs. A Smart Reference contains a reference to a heading or numbered list item elsewhere in the document.
Mandarin ChatBot 211375949773 1 25000 1000 0 Dan Kennedy Simple chatbot to translate English to Mandarin.
Text Analysis by MonkeyLearn 76050487453 31 194000 1000 0 MonkeyLearn Google Sheets text analysis add-on by MonkeyLearn. MonkeyLearn is a text analysis platform that allows businesses to automatically analyze their data using machine learning. Access powerful text analysis tools through this Google Sheets add-on, including sentiment analysis, topic detection, and keyword extraction models, and create your own AI models via a simple user interface - no code needed.
Calendar Timeline View 361849401457 4 3000 1000 0 Max Brawer Pull your calendar(s) events data directly into format for the new Sheets timeline view
Xodo 127976202811 10 24000 1000 0 Apryse The Xodo Google Marketplace app boosts productivity for Google Drive™ users working with PDF documents.
Email Templates by cloudHQ 183322770515 115 112000 1000 0 cloudHQ 💥 Free email templates on your Gmail 💥 Get access to birthday cards, price lists, intake forms, and any of those emails that you find yourself having to repetitively send out.
North 1029723061547 0 11000 1000 0 North Receive notifications from North in Google Chat
GPT Genie 1062739279834 4 6000 1000 0 The GPT Genie Use GPT for text extraction, summarization, cleaning, answering questions, generation of formulas and automation of complex tasks by using your own words.
HTML To PDF With Google Drive™ 689696948539 53 213000 1000 0 View HTML file directly in browser. Get a HTML text and generate a PDF file to make it printer-friendly. Convert raw HTML to PDF.
askR 330826503362 0 17000 1000 0 You have data questions but you don’t like the technical process to access the answers? Let search the information you need. Simply ask your question and our artificial intelligence will give you the answers: tab, graph, numbers, etc. It explores and gathers data from your databases to generate the information you need within seconds. Your data assistant will also suggest additional analysis based on your recent questions.
BAHTTEXT For Google Sheets 136173670236 62 24000 1000 0 DwThai.Com BAHTTEXT is used with Google Sheets for converting numbers into Thai words in the form of money such as = BAHTTEXT (99) will be "เก้าสิบเก้าบาท", it like BAHTTEXT format in Microsoft Excel.
GitHub for Google Chat 536184076190 6 72000 1000 0 Google Get updates and take action on your GitHub projects in Google Chat.
ReMail: Undo Sent Email 648056884708 5 15000 1000 0 Lincoln Apps Unsend or recall an email sent within your organization.
Resource Manager 995689811803 0 5000 1000 0 Abhishek Mehta This Add-on helps Google Workspace™ Admins to Manage Calendar Resources like Buildings, Resources and Features right from Google Sheet™.
Strategic Group Maker 997854293694 5 155000 1000 0 Luke Gangler Quickly and easily make groups randomly, homogenously, or heterogenously (with Google Classroom Import and Zoom Breakout Room Export)
NBC Learn 1014849600786 3 442000 1000 -1000 NBC Learn offers unique collections of video resources, primary sources, historic footage, images, mini-documentaries and text resources designed for use in the K-12 and Higher Ed classrooms.
Data Tools 735275429229 80 56000 1000 -1000 Pavlova Data Tools add on for Google Spreadsheets provides you with the missing functionality you used to have in Excel.
PlagiarismSearch 347088629827 104 442000 1000 -1000 PlagiarismSearch is the cost-effective solution regarding plagiarism check. PlagiarismSearch works best for GDocs; real-time check.
Data Director Original 216069739703 83 324000 1000 -1000 AJ Add-ons Save Form data to multiple Google Sheets. Create new Calendar Events. Many Email options. Create and attach PDFs.
PDF Toolbox 46881712139 47 174000 1000 -1000 Digital Inspiration Password protect PDF files, Google Documents, Sheets, and Google Slides. Remove password protection from encrypted files.
ezNotifications for Sheets 879186315214 37 89000 1000 -2000 St3ph Get notified of changes made in your Google Sheets automatically. Also include editors and readers to the notifications and be alerted of file name change.
Payable Forms 353824655747 126 242000 1000 -3000 Payable Inc. Let your Google Forms accept payment like magic.
MLA/APA Formatter 802725608480 94 482000 1000 -5000 F12 developers MLA Formatter is a simple and easy way to insert a MLA header and automatically change font settings, with templates for each class. NEW - Supports APA format too!
Classroom Feud Game 354058347740 2 756 340 204 by LeadCamp, I Allow Teachers/Trainers to conduct a feud style game in their class using Google Slides™
Sheets to Site -NoCode website builder from Sheets 506565334814 0 87 87 0 Sheets to Site Build websites from Google sheets without writing code. Manage your website content directly from the Sheet. All the changes will be automatically reflected on the website.
Question Quest Game 418047536973 3 66 34 10 by LeadCamp, I Question Quest Game allow teachers/trainers/coach to conduct Jeopardy style game in their class using Google Slides™
bUtils 436756636448 0 964 33 18 Open Development & Education The add-on provides 59 utility functions for Google Docs™ including extracting text from tables, saving custom styles, and regex-based text formatting.
bFormat 361320731146 0 905 33 3 Open Development & Education Docs add-on helps to set up predefined styles for tables, lists, headers and footers.
Notion to Sheets™ - Sync between Sheets and Notion 833980739163 1 29 29 0 Notion to Spreadsheet Connect Notion to Google Sheets™ to pull in databases (tables) and keep them updated automatically. Fast. Easy. Free to get started.
DiscordQ - Discord Notifications for Google Forms™ 51819148983 1 146 21 19 XURJ Create and send personalized Discord notifications whenever someone submits your Google Form™
Mail to Notion 798174831908 3 159 12 89 Mail to Notion Save email messages with all your attachments from Gmail™ to your Notion workspace.
Plagiarism Guard 456077501639 0 29 9 20 AI Text Detector Your trusted partner in maintaining the integrity of your written content. Our app helps you identify potential instances of plagiarism and AI-generated text with ease.
GPT Visualization for Sheets™ 287194826116 0 175 7 89 GPT Visualization Automatically explore data, generate visualizations and infographics from Sheets™ using large language models like ChatGPT and GPT4. We don't need your OpenAI API key for ChatGPT.
GoPublish 527310211728 8 263 7 76 Advait Vaidya 1 click bulk publishing from Google Docs™ to WordPress™. Works with both Google Docs™ and Google Sheets™.
KnowBe4 SecurityCoach (CA) 137386611500 0 136 6 130 Knowbe4 In the KnowBe4 SecurityCoach app, users can receive real-time coaching notifications for risky activity
Tackle 300477308774 6 685 5 174 TimeTackle Inc Track, allocate, and analyze your time directly from Google Calendar and Workspace with the world’s most intuitive time tracker - Data Connector for Sheets 675859399176 9 915 5 16 Conduit is the easiest way to integrate with all your data sources with Google Sheets. No technical skill required.
Rewritely 218335758129 2 787 5 12 Nikhil Transform your writing with the power of AI
TelegramQ - Telegram Notification for Google Form™ 164974575469 7 113 5 6 XURJ Create and send personalized Telegram notifications whenever someone submits your Google Form™
Document Generator 948417480968 9 843 5 3 DuoCloud Infotech Private Lim Easily create customised documents from spreadsheet rows into beautifully designed PDFs, Google™, or Office documents.
Brex for Google Workspace™ 167036574990 1 510 4 48 Brex Automatically collect receipts from your Gmail™ inbox for your Brex expenses.
PayQ - Add Payments on Google Forms™ 566637729889 1 32 4 23 XURJ Add Payments to Google Forms™ & Start collecting payments via different options such as PayPal, Stripe & more.
AI Mail Composer 617604727283 4 56 4 16 Mail Rocket Compose, Reply, Summarize Emails Right Inside Gmail™ With AI. An advanced AI Email Writer which also doubles as your AI virtual assistant. Powered by Chat GPT.
WhatsQ - WhatsApp™ Notifications for Google Forms™ 797996208155 1 99 4 10 XURJ Create and send personalized WhatsApp notifications whenever someone submits your Google Form™
Slide Translated | Translate Slides Free Forever 830601900535 1 16 4 8 Slide Translated Slide Translated instantly translates all your slides in a single click to multiple different languages! Translate all slides, single slides, or parts in a slide!
Email Checker 891870184663 0 805 4 -2 Easy Email Verification Easy Email Verification or Email Checker is a tool that helps you to check the validity and quality of the email addresses. Starts for free. Free Email Checker. Free Email Verification
IP Geolocation - Batch IP to Location Conversion 747607336176 0 43 3 38 IP Geolocation Batch convert IP addresses to geolocation
GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™ 478132388403 12 30 3 27 AI power GPT ChatGPT (OpenAI) for Forms™. Creation, generation, translation, multi language form, quiz in one click.
Route Optimizer for Google Spreadsheet 59979660028 3 974 3 16 route optimizer for Google Spreadsheet. Upload you data from Spreadsheet to Planner and optimize your routes in seconds. The easiest way to plan your delivery and service routes.
Tab Lab - CSV and Parquet viewer and graph maker 91285510383 2 166 3 10 Shipit Software View, convert, and make dashboards from tabular data
Xfleet New Route Planner for Google Spreadsheet 857134676425 1 817 3 8 Xfleet Solutions Xfleet Delivery Management new add on for Google Sheets - optimize free up to 20 stops per route.
Send Sleuth - Email Verification & Validation 316077168209 3 652 3 4 Boost Addons Bulk email verification and validation directly in Google Sheets™!
RingPlan Meet for Google Workspace™ 264526729906 2 756 2 545 RingPlan Use RingPlan to easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from Google Workspace™
Sheet AutoScript 217902150658 0 333 2 29 Sheet Automation Create apps script with AI
AI Content Labs for Google Sheets™ 357975887115 0 747 2 25 AI Content Labs Unleash the power of multiple AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and more, directly in Google Sheets™ via AI Content Labs.
Color Themes for Slides™ 559457633341 1 317 2 23 LeadCamp, Inc Generate new color themes for your Google Slides™, use different kinds of color schemes and elevate your presentation skills.
Album Translate for Spotify 700910738122 0 397 2 20 indeliblecanopus Translate Spotify® album tracks easily and search within the artist’s translated discography
JSON Formatter 762468867406 1 905 2 18 JSON Formatter Format JSON in textbox or read/format from file
Slide Theatre 78369711743 4 271 2 18 Tabgraf Create stunning videos, GIFs, and image sequences with Google slides™.
Icons & Emojis by Iconduck 300502618303 0 849 2 15 Iconduck Iconduck lets you search through 300,000+ icons, emojis and illustrations, and add them directly to any documents you're working on in Google Docs™ or Google Slides™. All icons are open source.
MSBDocs eSign 193592688524 7 845 2 13 MSB Digital Pvt. Ltd. MSB is a cloud-based digital workflow and eSigning solution that allows complete automation and control over key aspects of your paper-based document processes.