Top Chart: task-management
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Smartsheet 46145466229 14M+ 3.6 Smartsheet
2 Trello for Gmail™ 710372432947 9M+ 3.7 Atlassian Quickly create new cards on your Trello boards without leaving your inbox.
3 Gantter Project Management 549517827371 5M+ 3.9 The Leading Gantt chart based online project management software.
4 Trello 28300235456 4M+ 4.4 Trusted by millions, Trello is a visual collaboration tool that gives teams a shared perspective on any project.
5 Calendar Event Automator 688032838695 4M+ 3.7 Turn Google Form submissions into calendar events.
6 Kanbanchi Task and Project Management 631025100586 4M+ 4.6 Kanbanchi Team Project and task management tool designed for Google Workspace. Features include: Kanban, task board, Gantt chart, time tracking, timeline, reporting)
7 Asana 923474483785 3M+ 3.2 Asana Asana is the easiest way to manage your tasks and projects, and now you can use it to streamline your workflows and connect your work with higher-level objectives and progress updates.
8 GQueues 719341039557 3M+ 4.6 GQueues A full-featured task manager for Google Workspace™
9 ProjectWork planning 277635374980 2M+ 3.6 Forscale Project planning with WBS breakdown, Gantt chart, resources, cost calculation, schedule sharing and Google app integrations
10 Form Scheduler 193190292924 2M+ 4.1 Dawent Lets you to limit responses and schedule the form based on the google calendar events.
11 Jira Cloud for Sheets 1065669263016 2M+ 3.5 Atlassian Work with Jira issues from Google Sheets™. Get data using a filter or query directly using JQL.
12 TasksBoard for Google Tasks 938219596206 2M+ 4.7 Qualtir Task manager App for Google Tasks
13 Evernote for Google Gmail™ 294974410262 1M+ 4.3 Evernote Corporation Overcome inbox overload. Bring the best out of your email inbox into a distraction-free workspace.
14 Full Screen for Google Tasks™ 845259613276 1M+ 4.4 Zeeingsoft Full Screen for Google Tasks™: a standalone desktop app for Google Tasks™
15 Form to Calendar 210797006292 1M+ 3.5 New Addons A simple way to create an event from a Google Form submission.
16 KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps 428460800927 1M+ 4.3 KiSSFLOW is your #1 Google Workflow tool.Powerful workflow automation software and super easy to use
17 Calendar Events Creator 101859618418 1M+ 2.5 New Addons Create Google calendar events automatically: - add events to a Google Calendar from a Google Sheet automatically. - create an event from a Google Form submission.
18 Zoho Projects 119811933890 1M+ 3.2 Zoho Projects helps teams effectively plan, track and run successful projects. With 10,000+ business sign ups every month, it is a team-favorite.
19 Smartsheet for Google Docs 306818934099 1M+ 2.2 Smartsheet, Inc. Easily create custom invoices, letters or other documents from Smartsheet data using a Google Doc as a template
20 Smartsheet for Google Forms 667680555707 1M+ 3.7 Smartsheet, Inc. Using Google Forms to accept event registrations, help requests or survey responses? Now you can send your form responses directly into Smartsheet for advanced project management and collaboration features like attaching related documents, tracking dates in a calendar, setting reminders for your team on due dates, and reporting across projects. And, if you allow users to edit their Google Forms responses, those edits will update the responses stored in Smartsheet.
21 ProjectSheet planning 1080532206233 1M+ 3.4 Forscale Create and modify a project planning schedule with WBS work breakdown and Gantt time chart in one sheet.
22 Smartsheet for Gmail Add-On 760724917556 1M+ 4.1 Smartsheet Add emails and attachments to new or existing rows in Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.
23 Drive files to Google Calendar 475882181673 935K+ 3.9 Create an event in Google Calendar with Google Drive files. You can directly add a Google Calendar's event with your Drive.
24 Todoist for Gmail™ 815972520808 775K+ 3.5 Doist Inc Stay on top of emails with Todoist for Gmail™.
25 Wrike for Gmail™ 931326872457 637K+ 4.1 Wrike Create Wrike tasks from emails, easily pick assignees from list of suggestions. Search, view and instantly update tasks, send and receive Wrike comments, all in Google interface.
26 MeisterTask for Gmail 624973159132 617K+ 4.2 Meister Turn emails into tasks and automatically insert them in the project and section of your choice.
27 Fast Calendar 666425179198 568K+ 3.2 Fast123 Add events in Google Calendar™ with Google Meet link in few seconds...(Google Meet™ Support) David Beauchesne
28 AI for Google Calendar™: 950518663892 535K+ 3.9 AI scheduling for tasks, habits, meetings, breaks & time tracking. Free forever.
29 Workep 191121176373 465K+ 4.4 The best cross-enterprise project management and collaboration experience ever made!
30 Aha! 817440275761 412K+ 4.3 Aha! Send all planning and roadmapping activity from Aha! to Google Hangouts Chat.
31 Jira & Confluence Smart Chips 331162826608 395K+ 4.2 Atlassian Quickly link to your work in popular Atlassian tools like Jira or Confluence to Google Workspace™ with smart chips and get instant visibility into contextual details.
32 Time Tracker 1004396435367 369K+ 4.3 TimeNavi Time Tracking for Google Calendar™. Analyze your calendar with AI. Export your Google Calendar™ to Google Sheets™. Categorise and label calendar events.
33 ClickUp 526382148696 343K+ 2.9 ClickUp ClickUp is a project management and productivity software.
34 Gantt Chart & Project Management by GANTTophant 76134901301 340K+ 4.2 AddonForge | Project Planning & Task Management: Create time charts resp. gantt schedules based on WBS in Google Spreadsheets. All project tasks will be summarized in one chart within your sheet. Free Gantt Chart
35 for Gmail™ 38800197956 339K+ 3.6 Review today’s tasks right from your Gmail™. Easily add action-items directly from your email threads.
36 Kerika 18972185070 336K+ 4.8 Kerika Task management and creative collaboration for remote teams, that integrates perfectly with all your Google Apps™. Now available in 37 languages!
37 GTasks 907528893465 334K+ 2.7 Dawent Lets you to manage your Google Tasks™ from Docs allowing you to tackle your to-do list.
38 GQueues for Google Workspace™ 672546833824 333K+ 4.7 GQueues Create tasks out of emails and mark tasks complete directly from your inbox and calendar.
39 Acunote - Scrum Project Management 595451368326 322K+ 4.3 Online project management and Scrum software. Manage developers, projects, requirements. Predict completion dates. Free for 5 Users.
40 Data Director Original 216069739703 317K+ 4.2 AJ Add-ons Save Form data to multiple Google Sheets. Create new Calendar Events. Many Email options. Create and attach PDFs.
41 Asana for Google Chat 296471829731 294K+ 3.7 Google Get updates and take action on your Asana tasks in Google Chat.
42 543675644531 287K+ 3.8 Easily manage your personal tasks, events, and team’s work all in one place. Trusted by +40M people.
43 753086025073 281K+ 4.4 Manage your workload, communicate with your team, and celebrate success.
44 DailyBot 412891807137 251K+ 4.3 DailyBot The AI assistant powered by ChatGPT for stand-ups, checkins, GPT prompts, surveys, polls, workflows, forms, kudos, virtual coffees, watercoolers, and more.
45 Slick Gantt - Project Management - Chart 963640483752 246K+ 3.9 Slick Admin The only interactive Gantt Chart that doesn't use colored cells. Create, edit, update and Publish your gantt simply dragging and clicking on it.
46 Task Boards & Lists 240906336405 222K+ 4.2 Task list and task board application seamlessly integrated in G Suite - with Google-like layout
47 Zendesk® Connector 30725559692 220K+ 4.1 Google Import tickets, with custom queries or metrics, from Zendesk® into Google Sheetsᵀᴹ, convert Zendesk® URLs to smart chips in Google Docsᵀᴹ.
48 TaskBan 674749721550 196K+ 2.6 David Lang A kanban-style view of your Google Tasks™.
49 275857615071 195K+ 4.2 Turn talk into tasks with the add-on for Gmail™.
50 Formatic - Sync Forms, Sheets , Tasks 946939138329 189K+ 4.7 Formatic Effortlessly manage Google Form responses and organize Google Sheets Tables and Google Tasks. Unify your projects, collaborators, and resources seamlessly."
51 Organiseme for Google Workspace™ 577526175439 183K+ 3.9 Organisemee UG (limited) Turn Gmail™ mails into tasks or create tasks from any Google Workspace™ application in Organiseme, the productivity and project management application integrated in Google Workspace™.
52 Todo List App 107424389954 182K+ 3.2 Add, manage and track your daily To Do Lists. Add your tasks and delete them directly from your list.
53 CloudFuze for Production 674570916653 168K+ 5.0 CloudFuze brings all your cloud accounts for effortless collaboration across clouds from one platform.
54 Backlog 500035432616 165K+ 4.0 Nulab inc. Get updates about Backlog in Google Chat™
55 Bulk Sheet Manager 933437941260 164K+ 3.5 Tovly Deutsch Delete, protect, and hide multiple sheets at once with the powers of shift click and the "select all" button!
56 Quire 1045213044648 156K+ 4.7 Quire team Instantly add new tasks to your Quire project from your mailbox.
57 middlespot 551267218535 151K+ 4.4 Middlespot Desktop your Google Drive. Visually organized desktops for the important stuff in google drive and across the web. Spend less time looking and more time doing. From personal productivity to team collaboration.
58 Task Management - MeisterTask 396878345091 150K+ 4.5 Meister The most intuitive project and task management tool on the web.
59 Podio 310801260299 140K+ 4.3 Podio
60 Swit 398585404475 135K+ 4.7 Swit Technologies Inc. An incredibly powerful collaboration tool to bring up your teamwork to another level!
61 Publication workflow by Awesome Table 356749239371 134K+ 4.0 Talarian Set up some basic publication's workflow based on simple requests submitted via a Form. Display the result in an Awesome Table view.
62 Jira for Google Chat 1063804824442 127K+ 4.3 Google Get updates and take action on your Jira Cloud items in Google Chat.
63 ClickUp 897450447475 124K+ 4.3 Clickup ClickUp is a beautiful productivity platform that allows you to get more done in your work and personal lives. Receive notifications from the Space, Project, or List of your choice. Updates to tasks will automatically be sent to the channel of your choice with this handy feature. The ClickUp Hangouts integration is available for all users. Contact developers at
64 Avaza 1086137187155 123K+ 4.8 Beautiful Project management, Time tracking and Billing for your business. Signup for your free Avaza account now!
65 Cflow - Workflow 943522611884 105K+ 4.7 Task management & Workflow software for SMBs. Cflow comes with a visual drag & drop form builder that helps you integrate with more than 1000+ essential apps and it is one of the best free apps here.
66 TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do 1046514147108 102K+ 4.1 Appest Inc Stay on top of your inbox by adding emails as tasks into TickTick. Never miss any important ones by setting due dates and priorities.
67 Flowlu Tasks 569525873061 102K+ 4.9 Powerful task management app
68 GitHub for Google Chat 536184076190 97K+ 2.7 Google Get updates and take action on your GitHub projects in Google Chat.
69 Redbooth 229562957481 94K+ 5.0 Redbooth is the award-winning platform that empowers teams and companies to collaborate, communicate in real time, and achieve breakthrough productivity.
70 Trello 422686114456 92K+ 4.5 Atlassian, Inc. Bring collaboration to the conversation with Trello, and work with perspective. Get customizable alerts from Trello in Google Chat for actions on boards, lists, and cards.
71 Fast Forms 610034903731 91K+ 4.5 Create customized documents, certificates and reports from Google Form responses. In addition, you can email documents to users.
72 Egnyte 71542057771 86K+ 4.8 Legacy Egnyte Integration
73 Projects 695027381457 66K+ 5.0 Projects is a project management solution for companies working under Google Apps for Work.
74 TeamCal for Google Calendar ™ 268675989861 66K+ 4.5 TeamCal TeamCal provides a timeline view layout for Google Calendar™ that displays many calendars at once
75 Email to task on a Kanban board 590990492974 65K+ 4.3 Kanbanchi Team Create new task from email. Kanbanchi Gmail integration allows you to create tasks from email
76 Google Cloud Build for Google Chat 738392267258 65K+ 4.3 Google Get updates and take action on your Google Cloud Build projects in Google Chat.
77 DataScope 926856425180 65K+ 4.3 DataScope Mobile solution to automate your operation. Collect data offline in any mobile device (Android or iOS), generate custom PDF, Export to PDF, Excel and 2000+ apps.
78 Data Director 2581768900 61K+ 4.7 AJ Addons Send emails. Create and attach PDF files. Save Form data to different spreadsheets. Create calendar events.
79 Travel Mapper 412821700766 60K+ 4.4 Blue Planit Plan trips using an intuitive itinerary template with a built-in dynamic Google Map. Export to Google My Maps, organize to-do’s, track costs, collaborate with friends, and more!
80 Zoho Sprints 884371352941 54K+ 5.0 Zoho Corporation Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool for Scrum teams.
81 Unito Spreadsheet Sync 548272798607 52K+ 4.6 Unito Move your data to and from Google Sheets™ in real-time. Connect Google Analytics™, Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. Set up in minutes, no code required.
82 Zoho Projects for Google workspace 560656173590 51K+ 4.0 Zoho Corporation Manage tasks and issues within Gmail, with smart chip integration for seamless linking between Zoho Projects and Google Docs
83 The Predictive Index 1005661348241 50K+ 5.0 Noah Duncan Receive notifications from The Predictive Index
84 PlanBoard 813681974626 44K+ 4.1 Forscale Make a planning board from Google Calendar events
85 Productivity To-Do List 75288171304 44K+ 1.9 Milan102 Enhance the functionality of Google Docs with this to-do list add-on. A sidebar helps you organize your current notes and horizontal lines in the document help divide each task.
86 Gantt Chart by GANTTophant Reloaded 314127098959 42K+ 4.4 AddonForge | Create interactive Gantt Charts - move tasks, drag dependencies, choose resources - everything within one chart
87 Viewpath PM 259122409285 39K+ 4.6 Viewpath aligns project tasks and resources in one complete picture. It quickly gets everyone on the same page, and focused on the right task at the right time. Flexible features simplify workflow on projects of any size
88 zenphi - Google Workspace Automation, Simplified. 922794911863 37K+ 5.0 Zenphi The most sophisticated and yet easy to use process automation for Google Workspace.
89 5pm 792485913254 37K+ 4.3 Disarea, LLC 5pm project management for teams
90 Freedcamp for Gmail 494468950748 35K+ 5.0 Freedcamp, Inc. Increase productivity and save time with the Freedcamp add-on for Gmail.
91 Writing Habit 908529024908 33K+ 4.2 Jed Grant Track words written over time, active time, WPM, multi-doc tracking, goal forecast based on amount written, 180 day history, writing streaks, and progress against goals.
92 Integration for Jira by Mobility Stream 331237863609 32K+ 4.2 Mobility Stream, LLC Better analyze Jira data. Export Jira issues to Google Sheets™. Real-time bi-directional syncs Jira issues ←→ Google Sheets™.
93 Gantt Chart Generator 597114635116 32K+ 4.6 Takuya Tokiwa You can automatically create a gantt chart. This is suitable to manage a small or middle project. English & Japanese are available.
94 Project Viewer 365 for Web 1088358989214 31K+ 3.8 Housatonic Software, Inc. Project Viewer 365 allows project team members to open MS Project MPP Plans from cloud locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box, Basecamp, URL Links and email attachments.
95 Priority Matrix for Gmail 340828899668 28K+ 4.4 Appfluence Inc Reach inbox zero. Turn emails into tasks and win at project management without leaving your inbox.
96 Teamwork for Google Docs 585067086184 27K+ 4.0 apps Save time and eliminate extra steps by creating Teamwork tasks directly from Google Docs.
97 Drag for Gmail™ 301585329545 27K+ 3.9 Drag Drag is the all-in-one workspace for Gmail and Google Workspace. Stop switching between tools. Run your entire workflow from your inbox.
98 Citrix Podio 196510367697 26K+ 3.6 Citrix Podio Use the Podio add-on for Gmail to turn emails into actions and get work done.
99 Better Meeting Notes for Google Workspace 139330383191 24K+ 5.0 Max Brawer Open a blank doc, use this add on, and zap over the details from the calendar event. Then, automatically share your notes with the events and all attendees! Be a better meeter today.
100 Remember The Milk for Gmail 107855203903 24K+ 4.2 Remember The Milk Quickly add new tasks to Remember The Milk without leaving Gmail.