Top Chart: productivity
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 DocHub - PDF Sign and Edit 1179802238 59M+ 4.5 DocHub Sign PDF or document files, create forms and edit PDFs online for free! Apply legally binding eSignatures, send (or receive) faxes, create reusable templates and more.
2 Colaboratory 1014160490159 56M+ 4.7 Colaboratory team This allows Google Colaboratory to open and create files in Google Drive. It is automatically installed on first use; uninstalling this will not prevent access to Colaboratory.
3 Lucidchart 7081045131 50M+ 4.0 Lucid Software Collaborate on diagrams, such as flowcharts, wireframes, ERDs, and more.
4 CloudConvert 199590644126 48M+ 4.3 CloudConvert convert anything to anything
5 Form Notifications 573009629797 37M+ 4.1 Google Create and configure email notifications for response thresholds and Form respondents.
6 Magic Rainbow Unicorns Slides™ 727496290931 29M+ 4.4 Dagmar Timler Change boring font colours in your documents to a rainbow-tastic feast.
7 AppSheet 376242260902 27M+ 4.4 Google AppSheet is the intelligent, no-code application development platform. With AppSheet, anyone can build and deploy mobile apps in minutes without code.
8 Document Viewer for Drive 242212781037 24M+ 2.5 This viewer lets you view document files (doc, xls, ppt, pdf, ai, psd, dxf, ps, zip, rar...) online without leaving your browser.
9 Lumin PDF - Sign and Edit PDF Documents 1031094922298 23M+ 3.7 Lumin PDF Annotate and collaborate on documents with Lumin, a digital suite of tools for the modern team. Work in real-time from any device, and sync it all back to Google.
10 Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools 80763634447 20M+ 4.2 Adobe Every PDF and e-sign tool you need, all in one place — embedded in Google Drive™.
11 Email Notifications for Google Forms 984866591130 18M+ 4.0 Digital Inspiration Get form answers in an email after users submit the form. Send emails to different people based on form answers. Receive push notifications on phone, also send webhooks for new form entries.
12 Smartsheet 46145466229 14M+ 3.6 Smartsheet
13 MindMeister 119415359491 12M+ 3.5 MeisterLabs GmbH MindMeister lets you create, share and collaboratively work on mind maps.
14 Awesome Table 56088344336 12M+ 4.5 Talarian Export data from Salesforce, Quickbooks, and many other sources to Google Sheets™. No technical skill required.
15 Cisco Webex 678783785621 12M+ 4.4 Cisco Webex Schedule Webex meetings directly for Google Workspace.
16 Marq | Build on-brand 701689253383 12M+ 4.2 Marq Marq (formerly Lucidpress) is the brand templating platform that enables you to deliver relevant content to your audience, faster, by empowering everyone to build on-brand content.
17 Canva 779010036194 12M+ 4.5 Canva Pty Ltd Empowering the world to design, on every device and every platform.
18 Screencastify Video Editor 242262968495 11M+ 3.8 Screencastify Browser-based video editor with the simplicity you expect from Screencastify. Integrates with Screencastify Screen recorder and Google Drive™.
19 MindMup 2 For Google Drive 758379822725 11M+ 4.1 MindMup Collaborative Mind mapping, tightly integrated with Google Apps
20 Zip, UnZip App 535113574260 10M+ 3.6 This Free ZIP app lets you easily compress your files to the ZIP format. Extract zip files with ease!
21 - Create Slides With AI 904276957168 10M+ 4.1 AI-Powered tool that transforms any text into visually appealing slides, saving you hours of time and effort. Choose from a variety of presentation types and colour presets.
22 Music Snippet 324260072797 9M+ 3.1 Tutteo Limited [Formerly Flat for Docs] Music notation and tablature snippets for your Google Workspace. Create your notation and quickly insert it into your Docs and Slides.
23 Creator Studio 509621243108 9M+ 3.3 Digital Inspiration Convert Google Slides presentation to animated GIF images and video slideshows. Extract Speaker Notes from Slides. Sync PowerPoint with YouTube using Slidecasts.
24 Zoho Writer 457660898219 9M+ 3.7 Easy Online Word Processor
25 Icons for Slides & Docs 381578326502 9M+ 4.0 freepik Flaticon is the largest icon database. With this extension, you will have free access to our icons for your Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms.
26 Slido for Google Slides™ 240609050747 9M+ 4.2 Slido Add polls and quizzes to your slides and interact with your participants in real time.
27 Text Editor 591525900269 8M+ 3.5 Text Editor for Google Drive Edit text files in Google Drive
28 Trello for Gmail™ 710372432947 8M+ 3.7 Atlassian Quickly create new cards on your Trello boards without leaving your inbox.
29 Extensis Fonts 568288816452 8M+ 3.6 Extensis A better way to preview and utilize over 1400 Google Fonts in Google Docs and Slides. View, access, and sort all the fonts in a convenient panel — even get inspired by trending fonts!
30 Mail Merge 218858140171 8M+ 4.9 Quicklution Easily personalize emails, letters, envelopes & certificates. Auto send emails on a Google Form ™ submit.
31 Power Tools 1058867473888 8M+ 3.6 Ablebits A set of 40+ solutions for daily tasks in Google Sheets.
32 AODocs 993707107224 7M+ 4.6 AODocs Document management, metadata, retention policies, low code configuration and workflow for Google Drive
33 Word Cloud Generator 360115564222 7M+ 3.2 Tanya Gupta, Generates a downloadable word cloud, other features include control over number of words, dropping words auto pretty & word tables
34 GPT Slides Maker - Text, Video, PDF, Url to Slides 715931934006 7M+ 4.6 GPT Slides Maker Let ChatGPT convert text descriptions, summaries of videos/PDFs/web pages into visually appealing Slides™ in seconds. We don't need your OpenAI API key for ChatGPT.
35 Virtru Data Protection for Google Workspace™ 197076597243 7M+ 3.6 Virtru Corporation Easily Encrypt and Protect Emails and Files in Google Workspace™ for Enhanced Security, Privacy, and Compliance
36 Document Studio 429444628321 6M+ 4.2 Digital Inspiration Create documents, certificates and invoices from Google Sheets or Google Forms. Integrate with Slack, Asana, Trello, Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, PayPal, Stripe, Mail Merge, add QRCode and Barcodes
37 PDF Converter 748079751468 6M+ 3.1 You can easily convert your documents to PDF format. PDF converter to convert documents like Word, Excel or Images to PDF.
38 XLS Viewer, Editor 889441654476 6M+ 3.4 Lets you view and edit XLS files without leaving your browser. The supported file formats are spreadsheets, xls, xlsx, csv, sxc.
39 Gantter Project Management 549517827371 5M+ 3.9 The Leading Gantt chart based online project management software.
40 PDF Mergy 567704204295 5M+ 4.4 Manuel Braun Allows to merge PDF files with a simple drag and drop interface.
41 Create & Print Labels - Label maker for Avery & Co 585829216542 5M+ 4.8 Labelmaker The best way to create and print labels from Google Docs and Google Sheets. Mail merge from templates compatible with Avery® as well as SheetLabels®, Online Labels®, Herma® & more.
42 Choice Eliminator FULL Form Choice Limit Limiter 59069098094 5M+ 4.7 AddonForge | Choice eliminator - Limit questions by number of responses, eliminate questions by form limit cell value, restore choices, final choice limit notifications, free form limiter, Choice Eliminator 1 2 3
43 Doc Tools 871708524981 5M+ 3.5 Ablebits A set of 3 tools to format your text, create and apply professional styles, and navigate your docs with ease.
44 Copy, URL to Google Drive™ 569887231197 5M+ 3.9 Allows you to save, unzip any URL (Drive file..) directly to Google Drive. Unzip, Un7z, Untar to any folder. Copy folder, file.
45 CAD, DXF, DWG Viewer for Drive 17781896491 5M+ 2.9 AutoCAD, DXF and DWG Viewer for Google Drive™. It is a tool that allows you to view CAD files (DXF, DWG...) in your browser.
46 Miro 1062019541050 5M+ 4.5 Miro Miro is the online workspace for innovation — together.
47 Avery Label Merge 687713670524 5M+ 4.8 Quicklution Mail Merge envelopes, labels, QR Codes and Barcodes from Google Docs™ and Google Sheets™. The best way to create and print labels using accurate compatible templates from Avery.
48 Code Blocks 100740430168 4M+ 4.0 Alex Forsythe Syntax highlighting for Google Docs
49 Sketchboard 875955645682 4M+ 3.9 sketchboardme Online whiteboard for real-time collaboration, and intuitive diagramming
50 Grackle Docs 1085622905455 4M+ 3.4 GrackleDocs One Click Accessibility for Google Docs
51 Trello 28300235456 4M+ 4.4 Trusted by millions, Trello is a visual collaboration tool that gives teams a shared perspective on any project.
52 Sorted Paragraphs 658758119473 4M+ 3.2 Filipe Werneck Sort your paragraphs, lists and bibliography in either alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.
53 Calendar Event Automator 688032838695 4M+ 3.7 Turn Google Form submissions into calendar events.
54 PDF Viewer 619241882594 4M+ 3.1 PDF Viewer, Reader allows you to view PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT files directly in your browser without uploading the file to any servers.
55 GQueues 719341039557 4M+ 4.7 GQueues LLC A full-featured task manager for Google Workspace™
56 Kanbanchi Task and Project Management 631025100586 4M+ 4.6 Kanbanchi Team Project and task management tool designed for Google Workspace. Features include: Kanban, task board, Gantt chart, time tracking, timeline, reporting)
57 Smallpdf 3122370240 3M+ 4.6 Smallpdf Easy-to-use tools to compress, convert, e-sign, and merge your documents directly from within your Google Workspace™—for free!
58 Asana 923474483785 3M+ 3.2 Asana Asana is the easiest way to manage your tasks and projects, and now you can use it to streamline your workflows and connect your work with higher-level objectives and progress updates.
59 Mail merge for Google Docs ™ 799434348782 3M+ 3.7 Mail merge emails, documents, letters and envelopes within Google Workspace ™. Create hundreds of documents with the best mail merge add-on for Google Docs ™ and Google Sheets ™.
60 Table Styles 893333631855 3M+ 2.9 Ablebits Make your tables look professional with 50+ ready-made styles or create your own style templates.
61 Grackle Slides 273764076887 3M+ 3.9 GrackleDocs Grackle Slides will automatically check the accessibility of Google Slides and guide users through corrections.
62 Mindomo 521918824624 3M+ 3.9 mindomo Get Mindomo to organize your thoughts, present ideas, take or record notes, study and memorize, plan your work and keep track of your goals, brainstorm, and many more
63 Remove Duplicates 347814268012 3M+ 3.3 Ablebits Find, highlight, combine, and remove duplicates in Google Sheets.
64 DocuSign eSignature for Google Workspace™ 469176070494 3M+ 3.7 DocuSign Upload Documents, Send & Sign Agreements via the DocuSign eSignature Integration
65 LIMIT Everything: Form Limiter & Choice Eliminator 646012956183 3M+ 4.4 LIMIT Everything Form limiter and choice eliminator: limit form or limit choices by number of responses, set a choice limit tied to a cell, start & stop form by date and time etc. Basic form limit features are free
66 Zoho Sheet 848301886308 3M+ 3.7 Create, edit, and share powerful spreadsheets with your team in real-time, from anywhere!
67 Adobe Creative Cloud 969673929375 3M+ 4.4 Adobe Inc Streamline team collaboration with access to Creative Cloud right from Gmail, Docs, and Slides
68 Slack 19570130570 3M+ 3.8 Slack Slack is where work happens
69 QR Code Generator 771094986501 3M+ 4.2 AnyMerge Generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets.
70 myViewBoard 11040883588 3M+ 4.2 Your digital whiteboard in the cloud. myViewBoard™ merges the physical and virtual space with on-site touch and online interactive technologies for engaging content creation.
71 Formfacade 743872305260 3M+ 4.5 Formfacade Make your form look like your website. Gain users' trust by replacing Google branding with yours.
72 WeVideo 40890320994 3M+ 5.0 WeVideo, Inc. WeVideo is the essential creative app that drives deeper learning and student engagement. With the WeVideo Google Classroom add-on, teachers can assign and review students’ multimedia creation.
73 PDF to Word Doc Converter 363901784508 3M+ 3.0 Free PDF to Word Converter, This allows you to convert your PDF files to word doc for free. Almost 100% accurate.
74 Audacity Online 112820967478 3M+ 4.1 OffiDocs Audio editor to import audios, remove noise, cut & combine clips, and apply special audio effects.
75 Grackle Sheets 974235888140 2M+ 4.7 GrackleDocs Grackle Sheets users can easily check a Google Sheet for accessibility issues and publish an accessible HTML version of the Sheet organized into tables and charts.
76 ProjectWork planning 277635374980 2M+ 3.6 Forscale Project planning with WBS breakdown, Gantt chart, resources, cost calculation, schedule sharing and Google app integrations
77 pdfFiller for Google Drive 554084336035 2M+ 2.0 airSlate Inc. Open Google Drive PDFs in pdfFiller to edit, annotate, and eSign them online
78 Grammar and Spell Checker - LanguageTool 805250893316 2M+ 4.3 LanguageTooler GmbH A style and grammar checker for English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and several other languages. It finds many errors that the Google™ spell checker cannot detect.
79 Form Scheduler 193190292924 2M+ 4.1 Digital Thoughts Lets you to limit responses and schedule the form based on the google calendar events.
80 BeFunky Photo Editor 303057181160 2M+ 4.2 befunky-chrome-developers Edit your photos. Create beautiful collages. Design stunning graphic design layouts.
81 Jira Cloud for Sheets 1065669263016 2M+ 3.5 Atlassian Work with Jira issues from Google Sheets™. Get data using a filter or query directly using JQL.
82 Adobe Express for Google Drive 91953354819 2M+ 4.6 Adobe, Inc. Transform your ideas into stunning visual stories. Create impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes with Adobe Express
83 Show 82177279234 2M+ 2.2 pasgoude Displays non-printable characters within a Google Docs document. Affiche les caractères non-imprimables d'un document.
84 Coggle 884143833690 2M+ 4.1 The clear way to share complex information.
85 Fillable Document 305830069607 2M+ 4.1 Jivrus Technologies Make live Fillable Forms from your Google Docs™, Slides™ and Sheets™
86 Icons by Noun Project 863243688714 2M+ 2.2 Get access to millions of high-quality icons from Noun Project. For icons from Beyoncé to Venn diagrams, we got you covered.
87 Text Editor for Drive 1014087004651 2M+ 3.7 A powerful and lightweight Text editor, extractor for Google Drive. It allow you to edit the Text file, Extract text from file.
88 Fun Text 25652727687 2M+ 4.3 The Coder Cat Applies fun effects to your text, such as Rainbow, Growing, Upside down, and much more.
89 TasksBoard for Google Tasks 938219596206 2M+ 4.7 Qualtir Task manager App for Google Tasks
90 Pixton 433178159359 2M+ 4.2 Pixton Comics Inc. Quickly create illustrated comics, storyboards, and custom characters. For educators, students, and business. Fun and easy to use, and sure to engage.
91 Direct Link Creator for Drive 158310171475 2M+ 3.8 Allows you to create 'direct download' for your Google Drive files. Get permanent, direct links. you can easily share them.
92 Form Choice Limiter, Choice Limit, Eliminator 919524732132 2M+ 4.7 Everest Web Deals is a Google Forms™ app for adding choice limits when making an appointment form, event registration form, sign up form, or survey using Google Forms™. Easy choice eliminator and choice removal tool.
93 SmartDraw Diagrams 627192760989 2M+ 3.0 SmartDraw Software LLC Your team can use SmartDraw to create presentation-quality documentation, including flowcharts, org charts, UML diagrams, network diagrams, floor plans, and more.
94 AutoCAD web app 988888629532 2M+ 3.8 Autodesk, Inc Edit, create, and view CAD drawings in the AutoCAD web app anytime, anywhere.
95 Photopea 463342976776 2M+ 4.5 Online photo editor. Open, edit and save PSD and XCF - Photoshop and Gimp files. Convert between PSD, XCF, JPG, PNG and WebP.
96 Macro Converter 383201976440 2M+ 2.6 Google The Macro Converter is a Google Workspace add-on that makes it easier to convert Excel files that have Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to Google Sheets files and Apps Script.
97 Split Names 1072896854591 1M+ 3.9 Ablebits Split name in a cell into multiple cells and auto-detect its parts.
98 DOC, DOCX, PPT File Viewer 825904744868 1M+ 3.2 This viewer is a tool that allows you to view DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX directly in your Drive.
99 Powtoon 267262502328 1M+ 4.1 Powtoon Create unique and beautiful videos and presentations easily with Powtoon. Over 25 million people use Powtoon to add a spark of awesomeness to their internal and external communications every day. Start today!
100 Insert icons for Slides 👌 96201000411 1M+ 3.6 Romain Vialard Insert 1800+ icons in Google Slides. Available in all colors.