Top Chart: erp-and-logistics
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Zoho Creator 77578066546 1M+ 4.2 Zoho Corporation Create custom apps for all your business needs with very little code. Build once on web and use them across mobile platforms with targeted functionality.
2 Scan-IT to Office 54058147825 865K+ 4.3 TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning for Google Sheets
3 Pretty Forms Designer 1077249372154 748K+ 4.1 Design Beautiful Forms Customize Google Forms™ with styles, Multi-language form, Inline Math Equation Editor, Custom Form's Layout & Designs, Html formatting, Insert custom Button, Table, & more features.
4 EMS for G Suite 317959924954 470K+ 4.0 EMS Software Google Calendar extension allowing users to create and manage bookings from EMS.
5 Geocoding by SmartMonkey 1033231575312 347K+ 4.1 SmartMonkey Easy geocoding addresses. Translate your street names into GPS coordinates, fast easy and powerful thanks to Google Maps
6 AceRoute 896581466376 294K+ 4.1 AceRoute Software Machine learning powered schedule and route optimization solution for Service & Delivery Management
7 Vehicle Routing 659197111295 116K+ 4.3 Zagetdoo Simple tool for daily vehicle route planning. Support various kinds of constraints. Start saving your transportation cost and time.
8 Workspace 852754008567 89K+ 4.7 Workspace LLC Workspace connector for GSuite
9 Regystrum 666965413586 53K+ 5.0 TS Mood S.r.l. Streamline document and file management with seamless indexing, registration, storage, retrieval, and sharing capabilities. Oversee a connected workflow that revolves around your valuable documents.
10 Package Tracker 896633196427 38K+ 4.1 Hello Package 📦 Package Tracker tracks your packages in Google Sheets.
11 ERPNext 358636246923 32K+ 4.2 Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd ERPNext is a fully open-source ERP system for companies of different sizes (SMBs to Enterprises) across multiple verticals. This integration allows sharing files in ERPNext on Google Drive. Having an ERPNext account is a prerequisite. ERPNext is built to serve organizations in various industries across different domains like Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Services, Education, Healthcare, Agricultural, and Not for Profit organizations. You can start using ERPNext by signing up for a trial account on or by setting up an instance with your favorite VPS provider by following: Documentation to setting up Google Apps in ERPNext:
12 VOGSY 389594857013 14K+ 4.6 VOGSY Professional Services Automation for outcome-driven professionals who love Google Workspace
13 simPRO Calendar Integration 205188416396 14K+ 2.0 Calendar Integration for simPRO
14 GURUS NetSuite Data Exporter 553600402286 9K+ 4.8 A Google Sheet Add-on built to accelerate and automate the process of exporting NetSuite saved search results to Google Sheets.
15 TripTally 489186066938 9K+ 4.8 Sheets Help TripTally calculates the distance, time, and route between addresses in Google Sheets™.
16 Order Processing 69126382520 7K+ 4.5 M.Jäger - Brand's Mill Germany DMS & CRM with embedded Google Workspace, GMail and Google Contact. Individual Workflow & ERP
17 Route Optimizer for Google Spreadsheet 80526361570 6K+ 3.9 How much time are you going to waste today calculating routes? This tool helps you finding the best route to find your clients, quick and easily. Are you going to continue wasting your time?
18 Striven For Gmail 50257582687 6K+ 4.7 Miles Technologies With the Striven for Gmail Add-on, you can create tasks directly from emails, all without leaving your inbox.
19 BoondManager for Gmail 858567776015 5K+ 4.5 BoondManager Synchronize your mails and events to BoondManager ERP
20 SIGE Cloud ERP 947923268338 4K+ 4.4 Simples. Completo. Fácil. O ERP mais completo do Brasil para micro e pequenas empresas.
21 Procurelist - Purchase Order Software 146890529357 4K+ 0.0 Procurelist Simplifying your company's or institution's purchase orders
22 Global Package Tracker 543013470351 2K+ 4.2 DynamoChart UG This add-on allows you to track your packages and parcels on Google spreadsheet.
23 SaaS Data Connector 382852734203 1K+ 5.0 Prism Load data from external data APIs into your Google Sheets™.
24 Prodsmart 96903136741 1K+ 4.8 Prodsmart helps manufacturers and fabricators to track shop floor activity and achieve paperless production through mobile and IIoT. We turn any production plant into a digital smart factory. Prodsmart’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows you to eliminate all the paperwork load, reduce waste and scrap and increase efficiency.We use smartphones and tablets as sensors, allowing you to immediately acquire data from the factory floor and get instant results.
25 Ragic 135474885933 1K+ 4.8 #1 No Code tool to digitize your business process
26 Regystrum for GMail™ 266159728487 1K+ 5.0 Quickly log, register, store and assign your email attachments with Regystrum without leaving your inbox.
27 Route Optimizer for Google Spreadsheet 59979660028 1K+ 4.0 Routal route optimizer for Google Spreadsheet. Upload you data from Spreadsheet to Planner and optimize your routes in seconds. The easiest way to plan your delivery and service routes.
28 GFiles by GX7 Docs 802181940852 1K+ 5.0 GX7 Docs SoluciĂłn documental que mejora la productividad y competitividad de entidades pĂşblicas y privadas
29 Planning in a Box 886474345794 1K+ 5.0 Supply Chain Planning Solution for exceptions based Forecast, Demand, Supply Planning and Pricing.
30 Alerting Notifier 199116348439 964 3.0 Prism Get notified when data changes in your Google Sheets™.
31 Travel Formulas 963938167732 929 2.3 Sheets Help Bring the power of Google Maps™ into your spreadsheets with the Travel Formulas Google Sheets™ add-on. You can use formulas like TRAVELDISTANCE and TRAVELTIME.
32 Xfleet New Route Planner for Google Spreadsheet 857134676425 880 5.0 Xfleet Solutions Xfleet Delivery Management new add on for Google Sheets - optimize free up to 20 stops per route.
33 RSJ 3D Packer 483180475230 774 4.3 RSJ Software GmbH Tightly pack boxes into containers.
34 Acumatica for Gmail™ 980548332619 711 0.0 Acumatica Use this add-on to extend Acumatica CRM functionality into Gmail™. Seamlessly create leads, contacts, cases, opportunities or vendor bills. View related Acumatica records for an existing contact.
35 Anteater 691559709735 683 5.0 AntEater A CRM for teams on G Suite - 
always up to date using AI, 
no data entry, no maintenance
36 SuiteSheet 390351173177 560 5.0 Sterling Rose Connect your Netsuite account to google sheets for a direct flow of data between Netsuite and Google Sheets.
37 Aysling 175893904778 469 0.0 Aysling With Aysling’s ERP you can run your entire business, from leads to sales, through delivery to payments.
38 ERP Suite 124684849054 425 3.5 ERP Suite Sistema de gestĂŁo que simplifica a rotina da sua empresa
39 ScanPower 610558146117 348 5.0 ScanPower The ScanPower add-on provides bi-directional API access between Google Sheets™ and the ScanPower API.
40 NiftyGYM 947857834779 314 5.0 Das Infomedia Pvt Ltd. Gym Management System is an ideal way to manage complete Gym operation.
41 FlyDM Marketplace Automation 452985661925 287 0.0 FlyDM This script allows you to manage quantity and prices for products listed on all Lazada and Shopee Marketplace. (Covers all region)
42 Firmhouse Data Connection 247737889667 268 5.0 Firmhouse Import realtime data from the Firmhouse Platform into your Google Sheets
43 Plenion for Gmail 467536215204 264 5.0 Plenion Integrated with Gmail and G-Suite, Plenion's Add-on allows you to integrate your e-mail attachments into Plenion.
44 BaGApi Menu 509809772127 248 5.0 IS&T Benelux - BA Team This tool is used to create reports from MAP BeNeLux Databases
45 Loadsmart Simple Quote 139106214226 247 0.0 Loadsmart Inc Quote FTL directly on google sheets
46 FRSC - Vendor E-mail [v2.4] 550487889050 94 0.0 Federal Resources Send Vendor RFQs from DLA TLS QWUPs
47 E-Z POD 1087680270487 93 0.0 E-Z POD LLC 1-click motor carrier inspection in your Gmail™ window
48 J.B. Hunt Quick Quote 596390703152 86 0.0 J.B. Hunt Shipper 360 Quote and book truckload shipments in seconds with J.B. Hunt’s Quick Quote tool!
49 Plenion 676256881078 61 0.0 Benoit Vanlandeghem Our ERP solutions and Apps ensure saving time for important activities/projects in/for your company.
50 NiftyHMS - (Hospital ERP) 675339454212 59 4.0 Dasinfomedia It helps Digitize your clinic or hospital. Achieve Legal Compliance today by storing all patient data securely.
51 Thunk.AI 395146260095 55 5.0 Thunk AI Inc. Automate your ChatGPT work with Thunk.AI, a fully self-service AI Agent platform for Workflow, Automation, and Intelligent Projects. It applies GPT4 AI models to each row in Google Sheets™.
52 GWAO Test 959438225043 17 0.0 Google Test This is a Short Description
53 Highway 636866238808 13 0.0 Highway Highway provides Carrier Identity for 3PLs and freight brokers.
54 sBizzl 175236807638 7 0.0 sBizzl Manage Deals and Projects in sBizzl directly from Gmail™