Top Chart: top-rated
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Shared Contacts for Google Drive™ 790612621267 33K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Never give access to your documents or Drive™ folders to the wrong people: Know who is in any Google group, or see and update contact details of any document collaborator. Share Google Contacts.
2 Shared Contacts for Google Calendar™ 760247068596 9K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Now get to know about your Calendar™ event members and organizer: Know who is in any Google group, or see and update contact details of organizer and event members. Share Google Contacts.
3 Shared Contacts for Google Docs™ 401846437003 19K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Share Google Contacts like you share Google Docs™ with Gmail and Google Workspace™ (G Suite) users using Shared Contacts for Gmail® from everywhere.
4 Shared Contacts Manager for Google Contacts™ 452164027617 110K+ 5.0 Shared Contacts Manager Shared Contacts Manager for Google™ enables team members to share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Set user-level permissions. Auto-sync across devices instantly.
5 Shared Contacts addon for Google Workspace™ 50473693482 321K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Share Google Contacts everywhere in Google Workspace™ (G Suite) using this unique ad_don.
6 Share Contacts 411072400724 67K+ 5.0 GAPPS Experts Add sharing capabilities to your Gmail™ inbox with this add-on : See and update contact info, add notes and comments, and share any email sender or recipient with your team without leaving your inbox!
7 Mailmeteor 1008170693301 5M+ 4.9 Mailmeteor Send personalized mass emails, track engagement, automate follow-ups, and unlock a suite of powerful features. Try it now, it's free!
8 Mail Merge 218858140171 7M+ 4.9 Quicklution Easily personalize emails, letters, envelopes & certificates. Auto send emails on a Google Form ™ submit.
9 Shared Contacts: Share Google Workspace™ Contacts 1033860418004 2M+ 4.9 GAPPS Experts Share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Centralize your contacts & labels across your organization & define access permissions like Google Drive™ folders!
10 Mergo mail merge 91302273949 3M+ 4.9 Email marketing by Scriptit Send mass personalized emails. Get more Opens & Responses thanks to ChatGPT AI.
11 Mail Merge for Gmail 562406866377 863K+ 4.8 Qualtir Send 2000+ personalized emails / day with Gmail. Track opens & responses. Follow up.
12 Foxy Labels - Label Maker for Avery & Co 534005213458 1M+ 4.8 Foxy Labels 🔥 Print perfectly aligned labels in Google Docs and Google Sheets. Select from 1000+ templates compatible with Avery® labels. Install the Foxy Labels add-on ➤
13 Free Online Appointment Booking Software 957496294765 1M+ 4.9 Koalendar [ FREE ] Appointment Booking System for Google Calendar™. Get your Koalendar booking page ready in 5 minutes. The easiest scheduling tool to share your availability.
14 Timer for Google Forms 341515549984 2M+ 4.8 Qualtir Create Online Tests with Google Forms
15 Avery Label Merge 687713670524 5M+ 4.8 Quicklution Mail Merge envelopes, labels, QR Codes and Barcodes from Google Docs™ and Google Sheets™. The best way to create and print labels using accurate compatible templates from Avery.
16 GoFileDrop 894138275988 1M+ 4.9 Connect people to your Google Drive account with GoFileDrop. Visitors can upload files to your Google Drive, just embed our upload tool on your site or use the ready made page.
17 Create & Print Labels - Label maker for Avery & Co 585829216542 6M+ 4.8 Labelmaker The best way to create and print labels from Google Docs and Google Sheets. Mail merge from templates compatible with Avery® as well as SheetLabels®, Online Labels®, Herma® & more.
18 Dr Merge: Free Unlimited Mail Merge & Certify 244379344366 363K+ 4.9 Dr Merge Fastest Unlimited Mail Merger and Certifier for Google Sheets, Free Forever !
19 GMass for Gmail™ 1009043385982 1M+ 4.8 GMass, Inc. A powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail™.
20 Yet Another Mail Merge: Mail Merge for Gmail 52669349336 14M+ 4.7 Talarian Send mass personalized emails with your Gmail™. Track each email in real-time from Sheets™.
21 Bigin for Gmail 696512189870 11K+ 4.9 Zoho Corporation Take your customer pipelines closer to your inbox.
22 Coefficient: Salesforce, HubSpot Data Connector 182621001506 268K+ 4.9 Coefficient Connect data sources & APIs to Google Sheets. Coupled with GPT Copilot, sync and analyze data faster than ever. No coding required!
23 Hex Viewer with Drive 803709495823 267K+ 4.9 Hex Viewer is an app that you can use to view the hexedecimal code of any file. Open a file from local or your Google Drive.
24 Form Builder Plus 235019714744 3M+ 4.8 Jivrus Technologies Build your Google Form from anything - Sheets™, Docs™, Slides™, PDFs, MS Word/Powerpoint, Images, Forms™, Drive™, Gmail™, Calendar™ etc.
25 Colaboratory 1014160490159 54M+ 4.7 Colaboratory team This allows Google Colaboratory to open and create files in Google Drive. It is automatically installed on first use; uninstalling this will not prevent access to Colaboratory.
26 SyncWith | Google Analytics GA4, Facebook Ads, API 449644239211 192K+ 4.8 SyncWith Inc Pull data from anywhere into sheets: Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, Google Analytics™, Shopify, and more
27 Sheet Automation - Automate Google Sheets 250108887537 261K+ 4.9 Sheet Automation Automatic mail merge, data processing, task tracking, and many more.
28 Walution - Send Personalized WhatsApp Messages 994589936585 95K+ 4.8 Quicklution Send unlimited bulk and personalized WhatsApp messages from your own number. Free customer support. Free to try.
29 Two Minute Reports 6804555176 32K+ 4.9 Pull any Data into your Google Sheets in minutes. We make it is easy to integrate with any 3rd Party Data Source like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
30 Form Approvals 835043066020 8M+ 4.7 Form Approvals LLC Turn Google Form submissions into interactive workflows. Capture approvals, signatures, and more.
31 YHFINANCE 881284038348 32K+ 4.8 =YHFINANCE is the easiest way to pull the Finance data into a spreadsheet. =YHFINANCE formula extends functionality of =GOOGLEFINANCE.
32 Choice Eliminator FULL Choice Limit Choice Limiter 59069098094 5M+ 4.7 AddonForge | Choice eliminator - Limit questions by number of responses, eliminate questions by cell value, restore removed choices, customize final choice, get limit notifications, free, Choice Eliminator 1 2 3
33 Form Director 824044380012 2M+ 4.7 Jivrus Technologies Direct Google Forms™ submission to apps in Google Workspace™, CRM, Accounting, Productivity, Marketing, etc.
34 Publigo document merge 677216675116 1M+ 4.9 Scriptit Email & print personalized docs and PDFs based on templates + spreadsheet or Forms data.
35 Social Drive, Comment and Reply for any file 619726404418 149K+ 4.9 This app allows you to comment, manage comments (list, reply, edit, delete..) on Google Drive's file. Share it with your friends.
36 MP3 Volume Changer, Cloud MP3Gain 255046039062 208K+ 4.8 Allows you to increase, decrease, and normalize the volume level of MP3 audio files. Tweak the volume level to make the MP3 louder.
37 TasksBoard for Google Tasks 938219596206 2M+ 4.7 Qualtir Task manager App for Google Tasks
38 GPT for Gmail™ 802100925247 1M+ 4.7 Qualtir Write emails 10x faster with AI. Generate email replies in Gmail with ChatGPT.
39 ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach 211543069193 698K+ 4.7 Orpheus Technology For the smarter writer. A grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Learn how to improve your writing. Also includes a plagiarism checker.
40 Kanbanchi Task and Project Management 631025100586 3M+ 4.6 Kanbanchi Team Project and task management tool designed for Google Workspace. Features include: Kanban, task board, Gantt chart, time tracking, timeline, reporting)
41 Form Builder 133781775166 10M+ 4.6 Jivrus Technologies Build your Google Form by importing from Forms, Sheets, Docs, Slides, PDFs, MS Word/ Powerpoint, Images, etc.
42 Certify'em 295230426839 16M+ 4.6 Gleeda Software LLC Send certificates online for free with Certify'em! Set up your exam, assessment, or participation form and start to issue certificates in minutes!
43 532272210531 813K+ 4.8 railsware Connect apps like Facebook, Google Ads & Analytics to Google Sheets™. Export, merge, visualize data seamlessly. Craft live marketing dashboards. No code needed.
44 Form Publisher 827172627657 28M+ 4.6 Talarian Generate templated documents with Google Forms™. Generate PDF, Google Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint customized documents. Get them approved and signed.
45 PNG, GIF, JPEG Optimizer 120931922875 460K+ 4.7 Easy to use optimizer, resizer for image files. Your image files can be 10%-70% smaller. Supports PNG, Animation GIF, JPEG files.
46 Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF 3122370240 3M+ 4.6 Smallpdf The Smallpdf Google Marketplace app makes it faster and easier than ever before for Google Drive users to work with PDF documents.
47 GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™ 451400884190 4M+ 4.6 Qualtir A free integration of ChatGPT™ and Bard™ into Google Workspace™. The full power of AI for data extraction, outlines, categorization, translation, correction, summarization, etc.
48 BoloForms - Timer with Google Forms™ Quiz Test 1083655933830 280K+ 4.9 BoloForms Free Timer for Google Forms | Proctor for Exam | Quiz with Google Forms™ | Proctoring Software Exam with Google Forms™ | Open & Close Google Form™ after a set date & time.
49 Magic Rainbow Unicorns 350225147646 1M+ 4.6 Dagmar Timler Change boring font colours in your documents to a rainbow-tastic feast. Rainbow colours are applied on the selected text/paragraphs.
50 Tiller Money Feeds 417666986289 76K+ 4.8 tiller-add-ons Your financial life in Google Sheets, automatically updated each day. Track all your accounts in one place, control your spending, and customize everything.
51 Charts, Graphs & Visualizations by ChartExpo 643809879384 212K+ 4.7 ChartExpo Select a chart, select your data, and then press the “Create Chart” button. Insightful charts without the hard work!
52 Flubaroo 817638980086 48M+ 4.6 Dave Abouav {} Flubaroo is a Google Spreadsheets Add-on that helps educators quickly grade and analyze online assignments and assessments, as well as share scores with students!
53 DocHub - PDF Sign and Edit 1179802238 59M+ 4.5 DocHub Sign PDF or document files, create forms and edit PDFs online for free! Apply legally binding eSignatures, send (or receive) faxes, create reusable templates and more.
54 QuillBot | Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool 305988918037 1M+ 4.6 QuillBot Save time and immediately improve your writing with QuillBot’s Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool.
55 ZipBooks 685151888617 112K+ 4.7 Better Bookkeeping. Instant payment.
56 Form Choice Limiter, Choice Limit, Eliminator 919524732132 2M+ 4.7 Everest Web Deals is a Google Forms™ app for adding choice limits when making an appointment form, event registration form, sign up form, or survey using Google Forms™. Easy choice eliminator and choice removal tool.
57 Timer for Forms & Basic Proctor 233751064215 139K+ 4.8 AddonForge | A countdown timer for your exams, online and recruiting tests. Choose a custom duration and optionally a start and end date. The time limiting feature acts as cheating protection. Free timer for forms
58 671128082532 21M+ 4.6 JGraph Ltd is the most tightly Google Drive integrated diagramming application available.
59 Sejda PDF Editor 8721525582 892K+ 4.5 Sejda PDF PDF Editor. Edit, sign, compress, convert to office or image, split and merge PDF documents.
60 DocHub for Gmail™ 449691897296 1M+ 4.6 DocHub Sign, edit, and send PDFs and documents.
61 KPIBees | Connect Mysql, Postgres, API, JSON, XML 623897559595 190K+ 4.8 KPIBees Connect Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Ads, Search Console, Google Analytics, CSV, API, Intercom, SQL Server, JSON, MySQL, XML, PostgreSQL, Web Scraper, Youtube, MongoDB, SEO, Database!
62 Apptivo 372170778797 143K+ 4.8 Apptivo Apptivo is the perfect small business suite for google apps. Apptivo has CRM, Project Management, Invoicing, Timesheets and more. Apptivo is easy to use, affordable and fully integrated. Start now!
63 MarketView - By Wealth Assistants 859226505374 26K+ 4.7 Wealth Assistants Pull real-time quotes, key fundamentals, financial indicators, and more into your sheets to have the information you need to make better decisions all in one place.
64 GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™, ChatGPT, Quiz Maker 556929377371 370K+ 4.9 Everest Web Deals LLC This Google Forms™ add-on, powered by Chat GPT, simplifies quiz creation. Just enter text or load from handwritten images or Google Docs, then click 'Generate Questions'. ChatGPT tests, AI
65 Formfacade 743872305260 3M+ 4.5 Formfacade Make your form look like your website. Gain users' trust by replacing Google branding with yours.
66 Mailway Mail Merge 452416976462 28K+ 5.0 Mailway Send mass personalized emails using Gmail™ and Google Sheets™. Track open & click rates. Simple, easy-to-use and privacy-first (no access to read your emails) addon.
67 Dataslayer 819432412786 18K+ 4.8 Dataslayer Integrate your Google, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter and any marketing data directly into Google Sheets. Digital Marketing Reporting Made Easy.
68 Free Invoice for Gmail - Bookipi 1081056194387 103K+ 4.5 Bookipi Team Create and send an Invoice or Estimate on the go right from Gmail ™
69 Zoom for Gmail 585972765488 12M+ 4.5 Zoom Video Conferencing Meet happy with flawless video, clear audio, and easy content sharing directly from Zoom for Gmail!
70 Auto-LaTeX Equations 850293439076 34M+ 4.5 Auto-Latex Equations Lab - Aayush Gupta, Howard Huang, Shreyas Rana, grimsteel This add-on lets you instantly convert every math equation in your document into beautiful latex images!
71 Drive Explorer 520711270513 627K+ 4.6 Ganapathy Sankaran List path, direct links, image URLs, size, etc., of your Google Drive files on browser or Sheet. Sort files by name, size, etc., Generate direct download links.
72 Data Connector - JSON API OAUTH FREE 529655450076 57K+ 4.8 Data Connector Connect to JSON APIs and other data in Google Sheets™
73 Mail Track for Gmail 888949007475 46K+ 4.7 Qualtir Track your emails and know when they are opened. Mail tracker for mobile & desktop
74 Awesome Table 56088344336 12M+ 4.5 Talarian Export data from Salesforce, Quickbooks, and many other sources to Google Sheets™. No technical skill required.
75 Password Protect for Google Documents™ 1082163372793 325K+ 4.6 It allows you to create a password pretected document for Google Documents™. You can share this file with others directly.
76 Email to Text — Send SMS messages from Gmailᵀᴹ 135822310631 161K+ 4.5 Email to Text Email to Text add-on makes it easy to send SMS messages from a computer or a mobile device using Gmail. Only US/CA phone numbers!
77 Signature 147316795411 4M+ 4.5 BoloForms Sign-on-screen signatures for your Google Forms
78 Sheet Director 428888432468 138K+ 4.8 Jivrus Technologies Manage bi-directional data flow between Google Sheets and your favorite Apps.
79 Magic Rainbow Unicorns Slides™ 727496290931 31M+ 4.4 Dagmar Timler Change boring font colours in your documents to a rainbow-tastic feast.
80 Timer, Limiter & Camera + Screen Proctor | Quilgo 992310177365 59M+ 4.4 Native Platform Ltd Quilgo adds a time limiter and AI proctoring in your online tests, exams and assessments. Enable camera and screen tracking to reduce cheating in your quizzes. Download reports and certificates.
81 SpinOne for Google Workspace (security & backup) 829029953048 1M+ 4.8 Spin.AI SaaS Security Posture Management, SaaS DLP, SaaS Ransomware Detection & Response, SaaS Backup - all in one SaaS Security Platform for Google Workspace
82 WhatsTarget 507668674982 314K+ 4.6 Neartail Convert Google Forms into WhatsApp order form. Let your users submit orders to your WhatsApp number.
83 AppSheet 376242260902 29M+ 4.4 Google AppSheet is the intelligent, no-code application development platform. With AppSheet, anyone can build and deploy mobile apps in minutes without code.
84 Form Response Limit, Form Limit, Formlimiter 636193074458 340K+ 4.9 Everest Web Deals Form Response Limiter, Form Limit, FormLimiter allows you to add limits to your form’s responses and allows you to control when you can start or stop your Google Form™ based on the date and time.
85 Copper CRM for Google Sheets™ 461423560386 743K+ 4.5 You work out of Google Workspace™. So should your CRM.
86 GQueues for Google Workspace 672546833824 320K+ 4.7 GQueues Create tasks out of emails and mark tasks complete directly from your inbox and calendar.
87 GPX Viewer Reader 762145312774 420K+ 4.5 The GPX viewer is made for the purpose of viewing the gpx file. You can load tracks from gpx file and show them on a Maps view.
88 Kami 185741998891 63M+ 4.4 Kami Bring learning to life with a little Kami magic. Students stay engaged with accessible annotation tools. Teachers save time with streamlined instruction and assessment.
89 Cisco Webex 678783785621 12M+ 4.4 Cisco Webex Schedule Webex meetings directly for Google Workspace.
90 formLimiter 538161738778 91M+ 4.4 New Visions Cloudlab formLimiter shuts off a Google Form after a max number of responses, at a date and time, or when a spreadsheet cell equals a value.
91 Solve CRM 807650370325 37K+ 4.8 Norada Corporation Modern CRM with features to manage projects.
92 Supermetrics 523876908005 1M+ 4.4 Supermetrics Move your Facebook Ads, Google™, LinkedIn and other marketing data directly to Google Sheets™ in just a few clicks.
93 PDF Mergy 567704204295 5M+ 4.4 Manuel Braun Allows to merge PDF files with a simple drag and drop interface.
94 Email Verification 684650843691 27K+ 4.5 EVADDON Run email verification directly in Google Sheets
95 Folgo for Google Drive 665800946111 1M+ 4.5 Scriptit Bulk actions in Google Drive™. Copy, transfer, inspect, rename folders (with subfolders & files). Ease the move to Shared Drives™.
96 Email Migration 28670739313 1M+ 4.7 Cloudasta Self-service app & turnkey Managed Migration services
97 Dynamics 365 Connector for G Suite 1068646806018 60K+ 4.7 iEnterprises An easy to use full featured integration between Gmail, Google Calendar and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
98 Autocrat 539341275670 78M+ 4.3 New Visions Cloudlab Flexible, easy to use document merge tool that creates PDF or shared Documents from spreadsheet data.
99 Zoom for Google Workspace™ 364750910244 56M+ 4.3 Zoom Video Communications Use Zoom to easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from Gmail and Google Calendar.
100 Automagical Forms 46919649986 37M+ 4.3 Unicorn Magic Automagically convert your PDFs, Google Docs™, and Google Slides™ to Google Forms™.