Top Chart: administration-and-management
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Microsoft 365 migration 888375727339 27M+ 3.1 Microsoft Corporation Use the Microsoft 365 migration app for Google Workspace to move your content to Microsoft 365.
2 BetterCloud 800521135851 24M+ 4.5 SaaS Operations Management Platform for Google Workspace™
3 Ok Goldy 939946549872 21M+ 4.5 Goldy Arora Perform G Suite Bulk Operations easily right from Google sheets
4 Gopher for Drive 598519870496 15M+ 2.5 Amplified IT Gopher for Drive gives you insights into your Drive and Storage Usage.
5 Certify'em 295230426839 15M+ 4.6 Gleeda Software LLC Send certificates online for free with Certify'em! Set up your exam, assessment, or participation form and start to issue certificates in minutes!
6 Mover 536677932554 10M+ 3.2 mover-google-app Migrate your users into G Suite Drive. Swiftly copy content and permissions from Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, OneDrive, SharePoint, Office 365, NetApp, file shares, servers, and more. This app grants Mover access to your G Suite domain and is required to use
7 GAT+ 199329000796 9M+ 4.5 Audit, manage and secure your Google Workspace™ user's data across all areas. Gain insights into collaboration and enforced protection down to the end-user tab on Chrome.
8 Backupify for Google Workspace 417725447329 9M+ 4.0 Automated, Secure Google Workspace Backup & Recovery for Enterprise Business Gmail | Calendar | Contacts | Drive | Shared Drives
9 Spanning Backup for G Suite 632855923494 5M+ 4.6 Spanning Backup for G Suite™ backs up Gmail™, GDrive™, Team Drive™, Calendars, Contacts and Sites to the cloud so if your users' data is deleted or corrupted you can restore it immediately.
10 LumApps 707106531947 4M+ 3.9 The Leading Employee Intranet, Recommended for Google Workspace™
11 CloudM - Migrate 839787792178 4M+ 3.5 CloudM Migrate with CloudM
12 gPanel 254259794936 4M+ 4.1 Comprehensive management and reporting solution for Google Workspace™
13 Trend Micro Cloud App Security 211086893919 3M+ 3.0 Trend Micro Cloud App Security provides advanced data and threat protection for Google Drive and Gmail.
14 Classright 1005143549738 3M+ 4.7 Goldy Arora Classright helps teachers manage Google classrooms right from their Google Sheet (e.g create multiple courses, assign students to courses etc).
15 Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix 871655740233 3M+ 3.9 AdminRemix LLC Chromebook Getter is a super admin tools to get and set your entire Chromebook meta data.
16 Goal Seek 583737146763 3M+ 2.7 Google The Goal Seek add-on for Google Sheetsᵀᴹ enables users to calculate the required value of a cell to achieve a desired formula value in another cell.
17 CloudM 610068293802 2M+ 4.1 CloudM Automate the management of Google Workspace™ with CloudM
18 Managed Methods - East 944408728772 2M+ 1.0 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
19 GW Manager 611815485470 2M+ 4.8 Addons Studio LLC GW Manager - Google Workspace™ Administration Simplified
20 Managed Methods - West 584949371942 2M+ 1.8 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
21 Afi G Suite Backup 429019162995 1M+ 4.7 Modern Google Workspace (G Suite) Backup with Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Canada datacenters, advanced admin roles, multi-geo compliance, scalable to 1,000,000s users
22 ToogleBox 636568644185 1M+ 4.7 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox ToogleBox is a platform designed to reduce the workload of Google Workspace™ Super Admins by automating and simplifying tasks while enhancing productivity and fostering collaboration.
23 Email Migration 28670739313 1M+ 4.7 Cloudasta Self-service app & turnkey Managed Migration services
24 Booking Calendar 415908983284 1M+ 3.8 Apps Vietutd The clients book your Google Calendar events via Google Forms
25 Druva inSync for Google Workspace 957935124900 1M+ 4.7 Integrated data protection & governance solution for enterprise data across endpoints & cloud apps
26 Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™, Choice limit 451642192898 1M+ 4.8 Everest Web Deals Best Google Forms™ app for limiting response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns. The option gets crossed out on the Google Forms™ when the choice limit is reached. Limiter
27 SpinOne for Google Workspace™ - SaaS Security 829029953048 1M+ 4.8 Spin.AI SaaS Security Posture Management, SaaS DLP, SaaS Ransomware Detection & Response, SaaS Backup - all in one SaaS Security Platform for Google Workspace™
28 Cloud Transfer - MultCloud 72136911391 1M+ 4.5 MultCloud helps you to connect with your Google Drive of G Suite and manage your files between different cloud drives easily.
29 Pingboard: Be a People-First Company 350653815462 1M+ 4.2 Onboard new employees, connect with coworkers, recognize great work, and help managers lead better to drive employee engagement.
30 Form to Email 168498712758 1M+ 4.0 Apps Vietutd "Form to Email" sends the respondent's answers directly to the forms owner, to help him answer fastest after clicking "reply".
31 Attendance Tracker 602607637436 846K+ 4.2 DEEPAK LOHIA Attendance Tracker to mark Present , Planned Leave , Week-off or absent on a click of a button. Automatically create Date header from start to end of the month on a click.
32 Skolsynk 621373563111 745K+ 5.0 Skolsynk Ekonomisk Förening Skolsynk for Google syncs schools, teachers, students, and student groups from Google Workspace to one or more educational service providers.
33 Email Recall 791533993644 689K+ 4.1 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox RECALL - The Real UNDO. Allow end-users to recover their sent emails within the domain without asking an admin for help.
34 Form Confirmation Emails 949250832337 660K+ 4.1 Apps Vietutd Form Confirmation Emails add-on produces professional confirmation emails for Google Forms
35 Freshservice 952831502883 659K+ 3.8 Freshservice Freshdesk ITIL Helpdesk
36 cloudHQ 125135905029 622K+ 4.6 Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.
37 ToogleBoard 296913135592 611K+ 4.2 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox ToogleBoard is a Google Workspace add-on, managed by ToogleBox, to publish internal communications, important messages, and reminders without sending emails.
38 ezPanel 1077868250335 605K+ 4.5 St3ph ezPanel for Google Apps is a Google Sheets add-on which offer you tools to manage, automate bulk actions and get reportings about your Google Apps domain.
39 Bulkyduce 862622165027 564K+ 5.0 Abhishek Mehta This Add-on will allow you to perform Google Workspace™ bulk operations right from Google Sheet™
40 Exclaimer Email Signature Management 441020792836 492K+ 4.4 Exclaimer Ltd Centrally control email signatures for Gmail and turn every email into a powerful engagement opportunity.
41 AvePoint Cloud Backup 959917514505 485K+ 0.0 AvePoint, Inc. Protect Google Workspace with automatic cloud-to-cloud backup. Encrypt and securely store your data. Restore on-demand for any-time access and fast recovery from errors, attacks, and failures.
42 Magic Cell Notifications 886834937346 446K+ 3.8 Not so Magic Apps Limited Use this add-on to setup email notifications on a Google Sheets when specific cells reach set values. Monitor Google Sheets with email or web hook notifications
43 G License Manager 315466259547 428K+ 5.0 Goldy Arora Easily manage Google Workspace licenses right from a Google Sheet™
44 Gestion en masa 797070285130 416K+ 5.0 Dimensión Gráfica Its main functions are to facilitate the registration, modification, adhesion to groups and the elimination of users. Also the creation of shared folders,all in a massive, fast and easy way.
45 CB Editor 845134922907 372K+ 2.0 Bulk edit your devices
46 ManagedMethods - Cloud Access Monitor 418358341596 357K+ 5.0 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
47 Redstor Cloud Backup 188132590817 348K+ 0.0 Redstor Protect and manage your Google Workspace data.
48 Trend Micro Cyber Risk Assessment 598206359232 327K+ 0.0 The Trend Micro Cyber Risk Assessment scans for ransomware, phishing attempts, business email compromise (BEC) attacks, and other advanced threats that exploit Gmail.
49 Vendr 494431333351 325K+ 4.7 Vendr Vendr automatically identifies all SaaS products in use by your organization.
50 Harvest 168610159629 305K+ 4.5 Simple Time Tracking and Timesheets
51 Zoho Vault 1093594190208 297K+ 4.5 Zoho Vault helps businesses safely store, share, and manage their passwords and implement single sign-on (SSO).
52 Master Console 242783388478 290K+ 5.0 Master Concept Complements the functionality of the Google Workspace Admin Console.
53 CloudAlly Backup for Google Workspace 364928561755 287K+ 4.6 CloudAlly provides a secure cloud backup for Google Workspace, for Gmail, Drive, Team Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks. Secured, compliant, regulated, on Amazon AWS S3 Data Centers. 20K+ Customers!
54 DriveUploader 429789668216 277K+ 4.2 Unlimited file uploader for receiving large data directly to your GDrive. Web visitors just drag & drop files into a web browser. No size limits. No login required. Custom forms. Email notifications.
55 xFanatical Foresight 659443922444 211K+ 3.7 xFanatical, Inc. Automate Your Google Workspace Workflow Without Coding
56 Trelson Class Manager 258030355633 205K+ 0.0 Trelson Trelson Class Manager is an administrative tool with automated features to create structure in Google Classroom™ and manage high volumes of courses and students throughout a course's entire life cycle
57 FREE Form Approvals Workflow Form Publisher - Bolo 674195424545 197K+ 4.6 BoloForms 100% Free | Turn Google Form™ submissions into interactive approval workflows and generate templated documents. Create documents, certificates and invoices from Google Sheets™ or Google Forms™.
58 ManagedMethods -E1 26391037328 188K+ 0.0 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
59 Shared Contacts Manager for G Suite 176603020899 184K+ 3.2 Nextify Technologies SARL The missing G Suite Domain Shared Contacts Manager by Nextify Technologies SARL.
60 Zoho Assist 115738514853 178K+ 5.0 Zoho Corporation Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support and remote access software that helps you support customers from a distance through web-based, on-demand remote sessions.
61 Patronum 824001351376 176K+ 5.0 Bespin Labs Ltd Google Workspace ™ Management, Email Signature, Contact Sharing, Drive Management and more.
62 Sheet to Calendar Evento 181338836227 169K+ 4.2 Shihan Khan An awesome tool to use google spreadsheets for making events in google calendar.
63 Greenhouse Gmail add-on 250187532019 163K+ 4.2 Greenhouse Software The Greenhouse Gmail add-on allows users to view candidate details directly in Gmail and sync candidate email messages from Gmail into Greenhouse Recruiting.
64 Cyber Protect 352256590000 163K+ 3.6 Acronis Get easy, efficient and secure cloud backup for Google Workspace
65 Automated Phishing Defense 94796565456 159K+ 4.5 Simple, powerful, and automated protection against phishing attacks.
66 Free Room 964379915562 156K+ 5.0 Neowrk This app allows you to integrate Free Room Smart Office solutions into your organization.
67 Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager 949455169905 147K+ 3.8 Use smartphones to track assets and inventory by scanning barcodes, QR Codes or NFC Tags.
68 mxHERO Mail2Cloud 197328540342 134K+ 3.8 Mail2Cloud by mxHERO | A Revolutionary Email Productivity Solution. Mail2Cloud seems to be an upgrade [to email] in every sense! - VentureBeat
69 AvePoint Fly Migration 56877032370 132K+ 0.0 AvePoint, Inc. Fly enables any Google Workspace customer to easily migrate data into Microsoft 365. Migrate unlimited data with full-fidelity. No infrastructure hassle or installation needed.
70 Organizer & Duplicate Remover for Google Drive 31056671523 130K+ 3.8 Filerev ✨ Filerev for Google Drive helps organize your files in Google Drive. Find and bulk delete duplicate files, large files, hidden files, large folders & more. See how your storage is being used. ✨
71 AI Business Coach 866816835009 128K+ 0.0 Business-Coach.AI AI Business Coach
72 User Getter by AdminRemix 717877121214 122K+ 5.0 AdminRemix LLC User Getter is a G-Suite admin tool to streamline bulk management of domain user account meta data.
73 SonicWall Cloud Security 305109306454 113K+ 5.0 SonicWall The Cloud Security Platform
74 Wizkids Classroom Manager 164623600920 104K+ 4.0 Kasper Wessmann Wizkids Classroom Manager allows domain super admins and delegated schools leaders to manage Google Classroom memberships from a central admin dashboard.
75 OKR Software 863651106721 101K+ 5.0 Profit Apps Inc Execute your strategy using the best Objectives & Key Results (OKR) software by
76 Advanced Admin 197429892973 100K+ 5.0 CLOUDPILOTS Advanced Admin is the ultimate tool for admins in Google Workspace. The new add-on offers a variety of tools to improve agility and speed in the admin console. Work doesn’t feel like work anymore.
77 Form Uploads Manager 756774028129 97K+ 3.7 My Routes Stop manually uploading files to Google Drive™, organizing, renaming and adding individual tags / descriptions! Configure Google Form™ add-on once to process every uploaded file and image.
78 Email Reader 1060242446754 97K+ 5.0 Easy ADM Monitor Tool for Gmail™ Administrators.
79 AvePoint FLY 462491773111 86K+ 5.0 Fly Support FLY enables any G Suite customer to easily migrate data into or out of Google Drive from common cloud storage systems such as Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
80 JumpCloud 629652647736 82K+ 4.2 JumpCloud’s open directory platform unifies identities, devices and IT resources — anywhere work happens.
81 Foxit eSign 87504060393 82K+ 5.0 Foxit eSign eSign or send any document for electronic signature in seconds directly from your Google Drive
82 Reports4Hangouts 550322772297 81K+ 3.5 G-workplace Apps Generates a report for you as an administrator of all Hangouts user activity within your domain. Reports4Hangouts offers you a complete overview of Google Hangout usage in your Google Apps domain. It allows you to explore details on the number of Hangouts, the number of participants, the duration and the types of devices that were used. Reports4Hangouts gives insight in the adoption of Google Hangouts in your organisation. Easily create your own trend report to monitor adoption over time.
83 Think Workplace 48397680216 80K+ 0.0 Developer Workplace Facilities Booking Application
84 Import Contacts 232298913796 74K+ 4.0 Quicklution Import Google ™ contact details into a Google Sheets ™. Choose to import contacts within a specific label or group.
85 EZ Mailboxes Investigation 647832824487 73K+ 3.0 Easy ADM Administrators! Now you can read any Gmail message's in your "G Suite" domain's.
86 ManagedMethods - Cloud Access Monitor (Large) 610877024016 70K+ 5.0 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
87 Conecta Control 404856124805 69K+ 5.0 Conecta Nuvem Strengthen security in Google Workspace with Access Control, limiting permissions by time or location in Gmail, Drive, and Documents!
88 Conecta Suite 266221667666 66K+ 5.0 Conecta Nuvem Simple and secure: optimize team time and safeguard information with efficient user management in Google Workspace Admin Console.
89 Form Workflow Plus Forms 206147545912 65K+ 4.6 Tanitapps Collect information and approvals from team members: the easy and efficient way with Form Workflow
90 User Info 331367634987 65K+ 5.0 Abhishek Mehta This Add-on will allow you to download all user information right From Google Sheets™ along with License allocation to user.
91 Bookeo Classes and Courses 903742011539 60K+ 2.3 Bookeo Manage your school with online reservations, memberships, prepaid packages and much more
92 Adya 109437140823 59K+ 4.5 Adya helps enterprises manage and secure their Google Suite applications.
93 Bookeo Appointments 1054152198001 57K+ 3.8 Bookeo Online bookings for your business
94 G Suite IP Restriction | Device Restriction 597947279604 50K+ 5.0 G Suite IP, Device, Time & Location Restriction features allow users to securely login and access Google Apps from anywhere, anytime.
95 LumApps for Google Chat™ 337581475857 50K+ 0.0 LumApps integrations in Google Chat™
96 Email Merging 984249347307 46K+ 0.0 hocggsheetscript This addon will help you create an email template. You just need to replace the object by name of a column in Google Sheet. For example, the Google Sheet file has Email column, so in the template, it should be {Email}
97 x360Cloud 181732790477 46K+ 5.0 Axcient The Google Workspace™ backup solution for business. Effortlessly back up and restore your Gmail™, Google Contact™, Google Calendar™, Google Site™, Google Drive™ and Google Shared Drive™ data.
98 Drive Explorer 960982574864 39K+ 4.6 Get an overview of your Drive data. Download selective Drive folders and files to sheets.
99 Xakia 929260463378 37K+ 5.0 Xakia Technologies Xakia Gmail add-on app
100 Envoy 957276327935 33K+ 0.0 None The easiest way to sign in visitors and send a Google Hangouts Chat message to your employees when their visitors arrive.