Top Chart: business-tools
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Salesforce, Hubspot, Asana CRM data 400312729360 28M+ 4.0 SyncWith Inc Connect quickly and easily to popular CRM tools including Salesforce, Hubspot, Asana, Pipedrive and more
2 Microsoft 365 migration 888375727339 25M+ 3.3 Microsoft Corporation Use the Microsoft 365 migration app for Google Workspace to move your content to Microsoft 365.
3 BetterCloud 800521135851 24M+ 4.5 SaaS Operations Management Platform for Google Workspace™
4 Ok Goldy 939946549872 21M+ 4.6 Goldy Arora Perform G Suite Bulk Operations easily right from Google sheets
5 Google Analytics 477988381226 17M+ 4.2 google-analytics-add-ons Access all of your Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets.
6 Gopher for Drive 598519870496 16M+ 2.3 Amplified IT Gopher for Drive gives you insights into your Drive and Storage Usage.
7 Certify'em 295230426839 15M+ 4.6 Gleeda Software LLC Send certificates online for free with Certify'em! Set up your exam, assessment, or participation form and start to issue certificates in minutes!
8 Mover 536677932554 10M+ 3.2 mover-google-app Migrate your users into G Suite Drive. Swiftly copy content and permissions from Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, OneDrive, SharePoint, Office 365, NetApp, file shares, servers, and more. This app grants Mover access to your G Suite domain and is required to use
9 GAT+ 199329000796 9M+ 4.7 Audit, manage and secure your Google Workspace™ user's data across all areas. Gain insights into collaboration and enforced protection down to the end-user tab on Chrome.
10 Backupify for Google Workspace 417725447329 9M+ 4.0 Automated, Secure Google Workspace Backup & Recovery for Enterprise Business Gmail | Calendar | Contacts | Drive | Shared Drives
11 Mail Merge with Attachments 223404411203 8M+ 4.3 Digital Inspiration Send personalized emails with Gmail™ Mail Merge. Include different file attachments, schedule emails for sending later, CC and BCC recipients, create drafts, track email opens, clicks, and bounces.
12 Spanning Backup for G Suite 632855923494 5M+ 4.6 Spanning Backup for G Suite™ backs up Gmail™, GDrive™, Team Drive™, Calendars, Contacts and Sites to the cloud so if your users' data is deleted or corrupted you can restore it immediately.
13 LumApps 707106531947 4M+ 4.0 LumApps - The recommended Employee Experience Platform for Google Workspace™
14 CloudM - Migrate 839787792178 4M+ 3.5 CloudM Migrate with CloudM
15 gPanel 254259794936 4M+ 4.3 Comprehensive management and reporting solution for Google Workspace™
16 Netskope 1055677045599 4M+ 4.3 Netskope for Google Apps secures sensitive data with granular visibility, control and threat defense and ensures regulatory compliance. It also provides visibility and control over Google third party app ecosystem.
17 Insightly CRM 340379804296 3M+ 4.3 Insightly
18 Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix 871655740233 3M+ 3.9 AdminRemix LLC Chromebook Getter is a super admin tools to get and set your entire Chromebook meta data.
19 Classright 1005143549738 3M+ 4.7 Goldy Arora Classright helps teachers manage Google classrooms right from their Google Sheet (e.g create multiple courses, assign students to courses etc).
20 Goal Seek 583737146763 3M+ 2.7 Google The Goal Seek add-on for Google Sheetsᵀᴹ enables users to calculate the required value of a cell to achieve a desired formula value in another cell.
21 Advanced Summary by Awesome Table 1091159616075 2M+ 3.8 Talarian Advance Summary of responses generates charts and filters based on a Google Form responses.
22 Trend Micro Cloud App Security 211086893919 2M+ 3.0 Trend Micro Cloud App Security provides advanced data and threat protection for Google Drive and Gmail.
23 CloudM - Automate 610068293802 2M+ 4.0 CloudM Automate the management of Google Workspace™ with CloudM
24 XLMiner Analysis ToolPak 600284989882 2M+ 3.2 Frontline Systems Inc. Statistical analysis in Google Sheets, with functions matching the Analysis ToolPak in desktop Excel.
25 Mailtrack & Mail Merge for Gmail™ 129668302705 2M+ 4.1 Mailtrack Mailtracker & Mail Merge for Gmail™ web, iOS and Android. Mailtrack is a email marketing tool with Campaigns, Mail Merge and PDF document tracking from Gmail™ with over 2 million active users.
26 Shared Contacts: Share Google Workspace™ Contacts 1033860418004 2M+ 4.9 GAPPS Experts Share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Centralize your contacts & labels across your organization & define access permissions like Google Drive™ folders!
27 Managed Methods - East 944408728772 2M+ 1.0 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
28 SurveyMonkey 538645583769 2M+ 4.5 Now you can access the world's most popular web-based survey solution through your Google Apps environment.
29 ToogleBox 636568644185 1M+ 4.8 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox ToogleBox is a platform designed to reduce the workload of Google Workspace™ Super Admins by automating and simplifying tasks while enhancing productivity and fostering collaboration.
30 Afi G Suite Backup 429019162995 1M+ 4.7 Modern Google Workspace (G Suite) Backup with Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Canada datacenters, advanced admin roles, multi-geo compliance, scalable to 1,000,000s users
31 Managed Methods - West 584949371942 1M+ 2.3 Security Audit & Administration tool for Google SaaS Apps.
32 Zoho CRM 469571659015 1M+ 3.5 Zoho CRM is a flexible cloud-based CRM for your business that helps you attract, retain and delight customers.
33 Salesforce Connector 857627895310 1M+ 3.9 Google Import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Google Sheetsᵀᴹ, make changes to Salesforce directly from Google Sheetsᵀᴹ and more.
34 Form Maker 497819770143 1M+ 3.1 MTMOMK Limited This app makes the process of creating Forms much quicker. It allows users to enter all the questions and other details using a Google Spreadsheet and then press a button to create the form. It supports all the question types (except form upload) and allows users to set validation rules. Users can make single forms from individual tabs or many forms from 1 tab
35 Read Meeting Notetaker 766098389391 1M+ 4.5 Read AI Smarter, collaborative meeting notes in Google Meet for free.
36 Zoho Creator 77578066546 1M+ 4.2 Zoho Corporation Create custom apps for all your business needs with very little code. Build once on web and use them across mobile platforms with targeted functionality.
37 GMass for Gmail™ 1009043385982 1M+ 4.8 GMass, Inc. A powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail™.
38 Appogee Leave 920626378223 1M+ 4.3 Appogee HR Absence Management Solution for Google Workspace
39 Email Migration 28670739313 1M+ 4.7 Cloudasta Self-service app & turnkey Managed Migration services
40 Supermetrics 523876908005 1M+ 4.4 Supermetrics Move your Facebook Ads, Google™, LinkedIn and other marketing data directly to Google Sheets™ in just a few clicks.
41 Booking Calendar 415908983284 1M+ 3.7 Apps Vietutd The clients book your Google Calendar events via Google Forms
42 GoFileDrop 894138275988 1M+ 4.9 Connect people to your Google Drive account with GoFileDrop. Visitors can upload files to your Google Drive, just embed our upload tool on your site or use the ready made page.
43 WiseStamp - Email Signature Management for G Suite 842844122024 1M+ 3.7 Email signature manager for Gmail. Easily automate your G Suite signature management - Manage users, assign signatures by department, set auto-invites & more.
44 GW Manager 611815485470 1M+ 4.8 Addons Studio LLC GW Manager - Google Workspace™ Administration Simplified
45 Google Ads 288999541255 1M+ 3.2 Google Ads Quickly import your Google Ads data into Google Sheets
46 Org Chart - Best Chart Builder 219218309058 1M+ 4.0 Time is Ltd. Organizational chart builder with instant Google Workspace sync. You can create multiple org charts and the org chart core.
47 Druva inSync for Google Workspace 957935124900 1M+ 4.7 Integrated data protection & governance solution for enterprise data across endpoints & cloud apps
48 API Connector 95804724197 1M+ 4.3 Mixed Analytics, LLC Connect and import data from any API to Google Sheets™
49 Pingboard: Be a People-First Company 350653815462 1M+ 4.2 Onboard new employees, connect with coworkers, recognize great work, and help managers lead better to drive employee engagement.
50 Email Spreadsheets 431723916752 1M+ 3.9 Digital Inspiration Effortlessly schedule and send Google Sheets and dashboards via email as PDF, CSV, Excel or PNG images. Email charts, timelines, individual sheets, or selected cell ranges to multiple recipients.
51 SpinOne for Google Workspace™ - SaaS Security 829029953048 1M+ 4.8 Spin.AI SaaS Security Posture Management, SaaS DLP, SaaS Ransomware Detection & Response, SaaS Backup - all in one SaaS Security Platform for Google Workspace™
52 ONE UP 344801895029 1M+ 4.0 ONE UP is the ONE-STOP app for running your business. All-in-one invoicing, accounting, inventory, CRM and expenses.
53 Calendly 797340822162 1M+ 4.7 Say goodbye to email and phone tag for scheduling meetings
54 Streak CRM for G Suite 800057673271 999K+ 4.0 Streak Streak is the premier G Suite-integrated CRM
55 Cloud Transfer - MultCloud 72136911391 998K+ 4.5 MultCloud helps you to connect with your Google Drive of G Suite and manage your files between different cloud drives easily.
56 Form to Email 168498712758 992K+ 4.1 Apps Vietutd "Form to Email" sends the respondent's answers directly to the forms owner, to help him answer fastest after clicking "reply".
57 Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™, Choice limit 451642192898 919K+ 4.7 Everest Web Deals Best Google Forms™ app for limiting response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns. The option gets crossed out on the Google Forms™ when the choice limit is reached. Limiter
58 Signature Satori - email signatures for Gmail™ 228371523437 903K+ 4.8 Tool for central management of Gmail™ email signatures in Google Workspace™ (G Suite™). Unleash the marketing potential of email signatures and keep your company branding consistent.
59 Expensify 452047858523 863K+ 4.6 You weren't born to do expenses.
60 Mailtrack for Google Workspace™: Email tracking 224054973946 851K+ 4.2 Add our checkmarks (✓✓) to your Gmail™ through our free and unlimited email tracking software.
61 Attendance Tracker 602607637436 839K+ 4.2 DEEPAK LOHIA Attendance Tracker to mark Present , Planned Leave , Week-off or absent on a click of a button. Automatically create Date header from start to end of the month on a click.
62 Scan-IT to Office 54058147825 827K+ 4.3 TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning for Google Sheets
63 532272210531 818K+ 4.8 railsware Connect apps like Facebook Ads, Google Ads™ & Google Analytics™ and other apps to Google Sheets™ . Export, merge, visualize data seamlessly. Craft live marketing dashboards.
64 Sortd for Gmail™ 197764131182 809K+ 3.8 Sortd, Inc EMAIL REINVENTED FOR TEAMS & SHARED MAILBOXES info@, sales@, support@, orders@ ...
65 GPT plus Google Docs™ 669226853089 787K+ 4.7 Everest Web Deals ChatGPT Open AI in Google Docs™ enables you to produce AI translation, inspiration, blog, edition, summarization, image generator. You can use the Chat GPT 3.5 turbo, ChatGpt 4, ChatGpt 4-32k, DALL E
66 Zoho Survey 83588307665 762K+ 4.1 Zoho Corporation Create, launch, secure, and send surveys instantly!
67 Capsule CRM 689204729644 757K+ 4.6 Simple, flexible CRM for taking care of customers.
68 Copper CRM for Google Sheets™ 461423560386 749K+ 4.5 You work out of Google Workspace™. So should your CRM.
69 Portant Data Merge 1016888648275 744K+ 4.8 Portant 🤖 Generate, save and email documents automatically from templates (mail merge). Portant can merge data from Google Sheets, Google Forms or Trello into Docs and Slides.
70 Zoho Desk 916872167866 731K+ 4.2 Deliver more happiness in every support ticket with Zoho Desk. Receive support tickets from email, phone, chat, social media. Respond to them from a single place.
71 Form Confirmation Emails 949250832337 729K+ 4.1 Apps Vietutd Form Confirmation Emails add-on produces professional confirmation emails for Google Forms
72 Zoho Invoice 526297669360 681K+ 4.7 Craft professional invoices and collect payments online without spending a dime. Stay on top of your expenses, handle projects, and gain critical insights with over 30 reports using Zoho Invoice.
73 Skolsynk 621373563111 680K+ 5.0 Skolsynk Ekonomisk Förening Skolsynk for Google syncs schools, teachers, students, and student groups from Google Workspace to one or more educational service providers.
74 Slemma 943027289849 678K+ 3.7 Slemma Сreate beautiful charts and dashboards easily from data stored in files, cloud storages and databases. Everything in one place, instantly customizable and available for team.
75 Email Recall 791533993644 669K+ 4.2 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox RECALL - The Real UNDO. Allow end-users to recover their sent emails within the domain without asking an admin for help.
76 Freshservice 952831502883 665K+ 3.9 Freshservice Freshdesk ITIL Helpdesk
77 465092758304 618K+ 5.0 is a conversation intelligence platform for sales. Generate more revenue by having better sales conversations.
78 Calendar to Sheet 398869950567 607K+ 4.0 Jose Luis Guillén Importa a Google Sheets tus eventos de Google Calendar
79 ToogleBoard 296913135592 607K+ 4.2 ISP Cloud Services Inc. DBA ToogleBox ToogleBoard is a Google Workspace add-on, managed by ToogleBox, to publish internal communications, important messages, and reminders without sending emails.
80 ezPanel 1077868250335 605K+ 4.5 St3ph ezPanel for Google Apps is a Google Sheets add-on which offer you tools to manage, automate bulk actions and get reportings about your Google Apps domain.
81 cloudHQ 125135905029 592K+ 4.6 Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.
82 PandaDoc for Google Docs 463622177030 592K+ 2.8 PandaDoc Send, track, and e-sign your Google Docs with PandaDoc. Features include legally binding eSignature as well as recipient and document analytics. Start by creating an account at
83 Solver 539454054595 570K+ 2.1 Frontline Systems Inc. Solve resource allocation problems with linear and mixed-integer programming, nonlinear optimization, and evolutionary algorithms.
84 Worklytics - Analytics for Google Workspace 325404107925 568K+ 4.7 Worklytics provides advanced analytics Google Workspace. Analyze collaboration and work activity in Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive and many other tools. Learn more:
85 Bulkyduce 862622165027 526K+ 5.0 Abhishek Mehta This Add-on will allow you to perform Google Workspace™ bulk operations right from Google Sheet™
86 SignRequest 411452145109 493K+ 4.3 SignRequest SignRequest allows you to sign, manage and store your documents and contracts straight from your Gmail or your other favorite G suite applications. Free. From wherever you are.
87 Exclaimer Email Signature Management 441020792836 486K+ 4.6 Exclaimer Ltd Centrally control email signatures for Gmail and turn every email into a powerful engagement opportunity.
88 Neartail 743172720058 482K+ 4.6 Neartail Create order form in Google Forms & collect payment. Use AI to extract price & product details to calculate order amount.
89 Pretty Forms Designer 1077249372154 481K+ 4.3 Design Beautiful Forms Customize Google Forms™ with styles, Multi-language form, Inline Math Equation Editor, Custom Form's Layout & Designs, Html formatting, Insert custom Button, Table, & more features.
90 SurveyMonkey 974906149134 473K+ 2.6 SurveyMonkey Export your Form to SurveyMonkey to create powerful surveys.
91 EMS for G Suite 317959924954 450K+ 0.0 EMS Software Google Calendar extension allowing users to create and manage bookings from EMS.
92 Magic Cell Notifications 886834937346 447K+ 3.8 Not so Magic Apps Limited Use this add-on to setup email notifications on a Google Sheets when specific cells reach set values. Monitor Google Sheets with email or web hook notifications
93 Trelson Class Manager 258030355633 421K+ 0.0 Trelson Trelson Class Manager is an administrative tool with automated features to create structure in Google Classroom™ and manage high volumes of courses and students throughout a course's entire life cycle
94 Gong for Google Calendar™ 779001639133 412K+ 5.0 Gong Schedule meetings and capture participant consent to be recorded with Gong for Google Calendar™
95 AvePoint Cloud Backup 959917514505 404K+ 0.0 AvePoint, Inc. Protect Google Workspace with automatic cloud-to-cloud backup. Encrypt and securely store your data. Restore on-demand for any-time access and fast recovery from errors, attacks, and failures.
96 OpenSolver 207251662973 395K+ 2.6 Solve linear and mixed-integer optimization problems in Google Sheets with no artificial limits on problem size.
97 RunMyProcess 1017051308711 390K+ 4.7 Akorbi Digital RMP
98 Email Signature Management for Gmail 64634722053 382K+ 5.0 Create and manage professional company email signatures for your employees in a simple, easy-to-use interface.
99 Zoho Forms 1055037783803 374K+ 4.4 Zoho Corporation Build powerful online forms, on the web or mobile.
100 CB Editor 845134922907 371K+ 1.0 Bulk edit your devices