Top Chart: creative-tools
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Magic Rainbow Unicorns Slides™ 727496290931 30M+ 4.4 Dagmar Timler Change boring font colours in your documents to a rainbow-tastic feast.
2 MindMeister 119415359491 13M+ 3.5 MeisterLabs GmbH MindMeister lets you create, share and collaboratively work on mind maps.
3 Canva 779010036194 13M+ 4.5 Canva Pty Ltd Empowering the world to design, on every device and every platform.
4 Screencastify For Google 242262968495 12M+ 3.8 Screencastify Screencastify is an interactive video platform for education that makes video creation and assessment easy. Communicate more clearly, personalize learning, and measure student understanding.
5 Awesome Table 56088344336 12M+ 4.5 Talarian Export data from Salesforce, Quickbooks, and many other sources to Google Sheets™. No technical skill required.
6 - Create Slides With AI 904276957168 11M+ 4.2 AI-Powered tool that transforms any text into visually appealing slides, saving you hours of time and effort. Choose from a variety of presentation types and colour presets.
7 MindMup 2 For Google Drive 758379822725 11M+ 4.1 MindMup Collaborative Mind mapping, tightly integrated with Google Apps
8 Music Snippet 324260072797 9M+ 3.1 Tutteo Limited [Formerly Flat for Docs] Music notation and tablature snippets for your Google Workspace. Create your notation and quickly insert it into your Docs and Slides.
9 Creator Studio 509621243108 9M+ 3.3 Digital Inspiration Convert Google Slides presentation to animated GIF images and video slideshows. Extract Speaker Notes from Slides. Sync PowerPoint with YouTube using Slidecasts.
10 Zoho Writer 457660898219 9M+ 3.7 Easy Online Word Processor
11 Icons for Google Slides™ & Google Docs™ 381578326502 9M+ 4.0 freepik Flaticon is the largest icon database. With this extension, you will have free access to our icons for your Google Docs™, Google Slides™, Google Spreadsheets™ and Google Forms™.
12 Extensis Fonts 568288816452 8M+ 3.6 Extensis A better way to preview and utilize over 1400 Google Fonts in Google Docs and Slides. View, access, and sort all the fonts in a convenient panel — even get inspired by trending fonts!
13 Word Cloud Generator 360115564222 6M+ 3.3 Tanya Gupta, Generates a downloadable word cloud, other features include control over number of words, dropping words auto pretty & word tables
14 Miro 1062019541050 6M+ 4.5 Miro Miro is the online workspace for innovation — together.
15 CAD, DXF, DWG Viewer for Drive 17781896491 5M+ 2.9 AutoCAD, DXF and DWG Viewer for Google Drive™. It is a tool that allows you to view CAD files (DXF, DWG...) in your browser.
16 Sketchboard 875955645682 4M+ 3.9 sketchboardme Online whiteboard for real-time collaboration, and intuitive diagramming
17 Mindomo - Mind Map Maker with AI 521918824624 3M+ 3.9 Mindomo Create collaborative mind maps, concept maps, outlines, and Gantt charts. Includes AI mind map generator, multiple export formats.
18 Adobe Creative Cloud 969673929375 3M+ 4.3 Adobe Inc Streamline team collaboration with access to Creative Cloud right from Gmail, Docs, and Slides
19 QR Code Generator 771094986501 3M+ 4.1 AnyMerge Generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets.
20 myViewBoard 11040883588 3M+ 4.2 Your digital whiteboard in the cloud. myViewBoard™ merges the physical and virtual space with on-site touch and online interactive technologies for engaging content creation.
21 Audacity Online 112820967478 3M+ 4.1 OffiDocs Audio editor to import audios, remove noise, cut & combine clips, and apply special audio effects.
22 WeVideo 40890320994 2M+ 5.0 WeVideo, Inc. WeVideo is the essential creative app that drives deeper learning and student engagement. With the WeVideo Google Classroom add-on, teachers can assign and review students’ multimedia creation.
23 GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™, AI, ChatGPT 556929377371 2M+ 4.8 Everest Web Deals GPT Quiz Generator, powered by Chat GPT, simplifies quiz creation. Just enter text or load from handwritten images, text, pdf, or docx, then click Generate Questions. ChatGPT tests, Quiz Maker AI Quiz
24 BeFunky Photo Editor 303057181160 2M+ 4.2 befunky-chrome-developers Edit your photos. Create beautiful collages. Design stunning graphic design layouts.
25 Coggle 884143833690 2M+ 4.1 The clear way to share complex information.
26 Icons by Noun Project 863243688714 2M+ 2.3 Get access to millions of high-quality icons from Noun Project. For icons from Beyoncé to Venn diagrams, we got you covered.
27 Text Editor for Drive 1014087004651 2M+ 3.7 A powerful and lightweight Text editor, extractor for Google Drive. It allow you to edit the Text file, Extract text from file.
28 Fillable Document 305830069607 2M+ 4.1 Jivrus Technologies Make live Fillable Forms from your Google Docs™, Slides™ and Sheets™
29 AutoCAD web app 988888629532 2M+ 3.8 Autodesk, Inc Edit, create, and view CAD drawings in the AutoCAD web app anytime, anywhere.
30 Fun Text 25652727687 2M+ 4.3 The Coder Cat Applies fun effects to your text, such as Rainbow, Growing, Upside down, and much more.
31 Photopea 463342976776 2M+ 4.4 Online photo editor. Open, edit and save PSD and XCF - Photoshop and Gimp files. Convert between PSD, XCF, JPG, PNG and WebP.
32 Powtoon 267262502328 1M+ 4.1 Powtoon With generative AI you create unique and beautiful videos and presentations easily. Millions use Powtoon to add a spark of awesomeness to their internal and external communications. Start today!
33 Insert icons for Slides 👌 96201000411 1M+ 3.6 Romain Vialard Insert 1800+ icons in Google Slides. Available in all colors.
34 Figma 1035183305161 1M+ 3.0 Figma Figma is a platform that helps teams build products together, faster.
35 MovieStudio video editor 785803880206 1M+ 3.6 RedcoolMedia Movie maker online to create, edit and record videos, and adding videos, audios, images and texts
36 Equation Editor for Maths 527686400728 1M+ 3.2 Equation Editor Edit and add in math formulas inside Google Documents/Google Slides. Write math formulas for homework, exams and teaching materials.
37 Cloud FLAC, MP3, AAC Player 24038650308 1M+ 2.9 Listen to high quality music on your browser and Google Drive. Supports FLAC, MP3, AAC(m4a) audio files.
38 Draw Diagrams 168182330634 1M+ 3.4 Free Useful Apps Build interactive diagrams with intuitive UI. You can export result to PNG, JPG or SVG.
39 Cloud SWF Player with Drive 1001879073486 1M+ 3.7 This tool is a flexible viewer, player for SWF flash file with Google Drive. Get a flash, game file. and Play the file directly.
40 EML, MHT Viewer with Drive 533452443516 1M+ 4.1 This utility parses and displays EML(mail message), MHT files. Inline images are displayed both as attachments and in the HTML.
41 Photos to Slides 859164198261 1M+ 2.9 Clay Smith Import photos from a Google Drive folder or Google Photos Album to your Google Slides.
42 Exif Meta Viewer for Drive 111863700124 1M+ 4.4 Exif Viewer is a tool that shows the Exif, Meta info of your pictures, docs. Extracts and displays the Exif, IPTC metadata.
43 QuillBot | Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool 305988918037 1M+ 4.6 QuillBot Save time and immediately improve your writing with QuillBot’s Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool.
44 Magic Rainbow Unicorns 350225147646 1M+ 4.6 Dagmar Timler Change boring font colours in your documents to a rainbow-tastic feast. Rainbow colours are applied on the selected text/paragraphs.
45 Mind Maps 105279339696 1M+ 2.4 Build interactive diagrams with intuitive UI. You can export result to PNG, JPG or SVG.
46 Pixel Art 881112366576 1M+ 4.1 Digital Inspiration Make beautiful pixel art and emoji paintings with Google Spreadsheets. Upload an image and watch as it converts into a beautiful work of art with Google Sheets.
47 Geocode by Awesome Table 904124517349 1M+ 3.9 Talarian Geocode is a tool that helps you get latitudes & longitudes from addresses in a Google Sheet to display them on a map you can share.
48 Cloud Converter 214567865127 1M+ 4.1 Online Audio Converter Convert your audio and video files within seconds. Free and simple to use.
49 GPT for Sheets™ Docs™ Forms™ Slides™ 466607203252 1M+ 4.8 GPT for Sheets™ Docs™ Forms™ Slides™ Gmail™ Workspace™ Quiz (ChatGPT™ CLAUDE GEMINI Mistral) . AI power to write full article with SEO keywords ,ideas, summarization, book, essay, course, translator
50 Moqups 372941403685 1M+ 3.9 Moqups Moqups is a visual collaboration tool that combines whiteboard, diagram, and design features in a single, online app.
51 Save Files to Dropbox™ 748420716766 1M+ 4.0 This app allow you to save Google Drive's files to Dropbox folder directly.
52 Templates for Docs 993903786873 1M+ 2.8 Templates Thousands of free and premium templates to jump start your project. Download useful templates such as calendars, business cards, letters, cards, brochures, newsletters, resumes, and more.
53 Free Icons for Docs™, Sheets™ and Slides™ 432122626521 1M+ 3.4 Free Icons Choose from over 9000+ icons to use Google Docs. Get access to over 90,000 icons when you install this addon.
54 Slides Background 732310380877 1M+ 4.1 Doshy Simple add-on to generate beautiful material backgrounds for your presentation
55 Adobe Stock 477057038292 974K+ 2.8 Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe Stock integrates seamlessly with Google Slides so you can easily search for images without leaving your presentation.
56 Clipchamp 522349145989 946K+ 4.1 Clipchamp Clipchamp is the online video editor that empowers anyone to tell stories worth sharing.
57 Drive Files to OneDrive™ 920345881173 936K+ 4.1 Drive Files to OneDrive™ is a file transfer, backup tool for Google Drive. It allow you to save Drive's files to OneDrive folder.
58 Screenplay Formatter 329481250452 908K+ 4.1 sjarvie The Screenplay Formatter is a tool that adds the capability of formatting your document files to meet screenplay standards.
59 Free icons, photos & illustrations 204075515330 878K+ 4.4 Icons8 Create beautiful presentations, docs, and sheets in minutes. Get top-notch graphics without googling.
60 OneLook Thesaurus 372652075936 828K+ 3.9 Datamuse A potent thesaurus and brainstorming tool for writers of all kinds. Find synonyms, related words, adjectives, rhymes, and more!
61 Fillable Slide 97307850399 825K+ 4.2 Jivrus Technologies Make live Fillable Forms from your Google Docs and Slides
62 Icons by Noun Project 606689375894 819K+ 2.4 Get access to millions of high-quality icons from Noun Project. For icons from Beyoncé to Venn diagrams, we got you covered.
63 Prezi Video for Google Drive 595410358096 762K+ 4.6 Unlike screen sharing, Prezi Video lets you stay on screen as you present your visuals, keeping a human connection with your audience. Record, export as an MP4 to Google Drive, or share with a link.
64 TIF, TIFF Viewer with Drive 365946121821 755K+ 3.5 This app allows you to view multi-single page color TIFF, various image files. You can open TIFF files from Google Drive directly.
65 Sketchpad 828302415973 751K+ 3.7 Sketch.IO Create and share digital artwork using Sketchpad!
66 Beefree Templates for Gmail 1023465560860 713K+ 4.0 BEE Content Design Inc. Beautifully designed email templates for your Gmail™ messages.
67 Images, Gifs and more 371685248169 692K+ 4.4 AddonsHero Supercharge your Slides, Docs and Spreadsheets by accessing royalty free Images, Gifs, Icons, Stickers, Emojis and Illustrations from providers such as Pexels, Giphy and more.
68 Multiple File Rename for Google Drive 783878738456 690K+ 4.4 A free renaming app for Google Drive that provides better way to rename multiple files with fast, easy and minimal operations.
69 Multiple Images to PDF 650660206328 678K+ 4.1 This app allows you to convert jpg, png images photos easily to a PDF for free. It works locally without going through the server.
70 Photo Gallery by Awesome Table 941991700689 641K+ 3.5 Talarian Photo gallery lists all pictures of a given folder in the Spreadsheet and creates a photo gallery.
71 MDB ACCDB Viewer and Reader 676243562646 614K+ 4.4 This MDB, ACCDB Viewer allows you to view, search through a Access Database file without having Access installed on the machine.
72 こどもスイート たて書きできる版 567192866375 609K+ 3.8 ZettaLinx 文字のたて書き変換ができる無料アドオン。よこ書きの文字をたて書きの画像に1クリックで変換可能。 Googleスライドでたて書き資料の作成も楽々!
73 MindMap 1050079651832 609K+ 3.2 MindMapMaker MindMaps or Map your Mind! Represent your words, ideas, tasks, or other items. With cloud support and Google Drive.
74 Mail to PDF, Print 218424869855 580K+ 3.7 This app allows you to create a PDF and Print from selected MS Outlook mail messages. It also allows you to save bulk Outlook's attachments to Google Drive directly.
75 Photo Paint Instant 1072323238125 542K+ 3.4 Photo Paint Instant is a fast drawing app with image, photo. Supports paint, drawing, webcam capture, and Goolge Drive's photos.
76 Pictographr 971250203842 519K+ 3.6 jamesming Create beautiful graphic designs with Pictographr. Our quick and simple drag and drop tools allow you to easily unleash your inner creativity. Design highly engaging images for digital marketing, business presentations or academic projects. Even non-designers can produce stunning visuals in minutes. No more waiting around for in-house designers or having to contract out the work… save yourself time and money.
77 3D STL, OBJ Viewer with Drive 533860528540 500K+ 3.0 3D STL, OBJ Viewer is an app for viewing the contents of Stereo Lithography files. You can open a STL, OBJ file to view.
78 Chat-Forms 828567624230 485K+ 4.1 Chat-Forms Convert Google Forms into a Chatbot in one click
79 PNG, GIF, JPEG Optimizer 120931922875 460K+ 4.7 Easy to use optimizer, resizer for image files. Your image files can be 10%-70% smaller. Supports PNG, Animation GIF, JPEG files.
80 Podcast App 269101137627 444K+ 3.6 Most popular podcast form the Worldwide Podcasts, Podcast Awards, iTunes Top Podcasts, and NPR. Listen to them in your browser.
81 Easy Clipart 363069624299 414K+ 3.4 Jason Li Insert clipart into your document
82 Cloud Print with Drive 858886902241 410K+ 3.2 Print a document from your computer or from Google Drive using Google Cloud Print service. Print to any cloud-connected printer.
83 Cloud Photo Viewer 359730803066 406K+ 2.9 This is a image, document, video gallery for Google Drive that simulates a pile of photos scattered. Create your gallery with this.
84 Fountainize 82574770793 397K+ 3.4 Fountainize The easiest way to write screenplays with Google Docs.
85 HTML Editor for Drive™ 67823851872 390K+ 2.8 HTML WYSIWYG editor that provides you with an extended designing workspace to help you create your web pages(HTML,HTM) easily.
86 TeX, LaTex Viewer and Editor 832159663210 380K+ 3.7 Free LaTeX viewer, editor for your browser. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX file directly on browser and generate a PDF.
87 HEIC Image Viewer Decoder 896939897302 352K+ 3.3 This app allows you to view and decode directly HEIC, HEIF images in your browser, and Save as a PNG, JPEG file format.
88 Shutterstock Editor 61388484710 342K+ 2.9 Shutterstock Editor Open and edit image files with Shutterstock Editor and publish them back to Google Slides.
89 Numbertext 505819167361 336K+ 4.2 Alexander Ivanov NUMBERTEXT is a tool for translating numbers in their designation in words.
90 Undo for Google Drive 771585031241 332K+ 4.1 Undo recently changes in the Google Drive. You can undo the move, upload, create, rename, trash, untrash.. changes for the Drive.
91 Next Generation Label Printing 28738788031 313K+ 2.8 rue1401 Create and print labels the easy way
92 Add Emojis to Documents 441977792236 310K+ 3.3 Cool Emojis Brighten up your documents/spreadsheets/presentations with Emojis. Get instant access to over 50+ emojis using the sidebar when you install this addon today.
93 Custom Count and Sum 882697922000 308K+ 3.1 JPV The custom functions of this add-on will allow you to count and sum based on color, style and perform 3D calculations.
94 Klaxoon 88757907571 297K+ 4.0 Klaxoon The all-in-one collaboration platform that boosts engagement for business productivity!
95 QR Code Generator 933272287905 293K+ 4.1 Powerful QR Code Generator. Text, URL, Google Drive, phone numbers, SMS, and contacts are supported.
96 Fillable Document for Sheets 63828731146 286K+ 4.1 Jivrus Technologies Generate merged Google Docs, PDF from Google Sheets and deliver via email. Make live Fillable Form to store, publish and deliver.
97 Video Recorder for Google Drive 224966914694 285K+ 3.8 Online Voice Recorder Record audio or video from your microphone or webcam. Free and simple to use.
98 OpenShot 748029029844 284K+ 3.8 OffiDocs Video editor to merge, resize, scale, trim, snap, rotate, and cut your videos.
99 Video Translator - Translate Video online 285433175728 276K+ 4.8 Video Translator AI-enabled video translator to easily and quickly translate the video into any other language. It's online and easy to handle.
100 Cloud Drive, URL to ChromeCast™ 552347820288 275K+ 4.0 Casts a media file from URL or from Google Drive using Chrome Cast. Cast any video, radio, image given its URL to Chromecast.