Top Chart: intelligent-apps
Rank Title ID Add-On Installs Rating Developer Secondary Title
1 Automagical Forms 46919649986 35M+ 4.3 Unicorn Magic Automagically convert your PDFs, Docs, and Slides to Google Forms™.
2 Yet Another Mail Merge: Mail Merge for Gmail 52669349336 14M+ 4.7 Talarian Send mass personalized emails with your Gmail™. Track each email in real-time from Sheets™.
3 - Create Slides With AI 904276957168 10M+ 4.1 AI-Powered tool that transforms any text into visually appealing slides, saving you hours of time and effort. Choose from a variety of presentation types and colour presets.
4 GPT for Sheets™ and Docs™ 677318054654 5M+ 4.1 Talarian ChatGPT in Google Sheets™ and Docs™. Get the full power of AI for inspiration data cleaning, classification, extraction, translation, edition, summarization, writing directly in your Sheets™ and Docs™
5 GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™ 451400884190 5M+ 4.6 Qualtir A free integration of ChatGPT™ and Gemini™ into Google Workspace™. The full power of AI for data extraction, outlines, categorization, translation, correction, summarization, etc.
6 Mergo mail merge 91302273949 3M+ 4.9 Email marketing by Scriptit Send mass personalized emails. Get more Opens & Responses thanks to ChatGPT AI.
7 Form Builder Plus 235019714744 1M+ 4.8 Jivrus Technologies Build your Google Form from anything - Sheets™, Docs™, Slides™, PDFs, MS Word/Powerpoint, Images, Forms™, Drive™, Gmail™, Calendar™ etc.
8 GPT for Gmail™ 802100925247 1M+ 4.7 Qualtir Write emails 10x faster with AI. Generate email replies in Gmail with ChatGPT.
9 Plus AI for Google Slides™ and Docs™ 214277172452 842K+ 4.6 Plus Stop creating slides and docs the old way. Make work easier with the best AI tools for Google Slides and Google Docs.
10 Sortd for Gmail™ 197764131182 809K+ 3.8 Sortd, Inc EMAIL REINVENTED FOR TEAMS & SHARED MAILBOXES info@, sales@, support@, orders@ ...
11 GPT plus Google Docs™ 669226853089 787K+ 4.7 Everest Web Deals ChatGPT Open AI in Google Docs™ enables you to produce AI translation, inspiration, blog, edition, summarization, image generator. You can use the Chat GPT 3.5 turbo, ChatGpt 4, ChatGpt 4-32k, DALL E
12 GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Forms™ Slides™ 466607203252 661K+ 4.8 GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Forms™ Slides™ Gmail™ Workspace™ Quiz (ChatGPT™ AI Bard™ PaLM) . AI power to write full article with SEO keywords ,ideas, summarization, improve content, translator, rephrasing
13 GPT for Google Forms™ | Quiz Builder | ChatGPT 37349114302 435K+ 4.7 Lincoln Apps ChatGPT in Google Forms™. Create quizzes faster and easier with advanced AI.
14 GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™, ChatGPT, Quiz Maker 556929377371 394K+ 4.8 Everest Web Deals GPT Quiz Generator, powered by Chat GPT, simplifies quiz creation. Just enter text or load from handwritten images, text, pdf, or docx, then click Generate Questions. ChatGPT tests, Quiz Maker
15 SheetGPT - AI and ChatGPT for Sheets™ 1071108744264 362K+ 4.4 SheetGPT Use AI and ChatGPT in Google Sheets™. Unlock the full power of AI to create content, lists, images, translations, summaries, and more. All directly in your spreadsheets.
16 AI for Google Calendar™ 950518663892 352K+ 3.9 AI-Powered scheduling for tasks, habits, meetings, breaks, & time tracking. Free app →
17 OpenSay (aka AnonymityBot) 821957830243 282K+ 4.5 OpenSay Anonymous Feedback Bot by OpenSay
18 WorkGPT: ChatGPT™ AI (GPT) for Workspace™ 368806015202 261K+ 4.5 ZQ Labs, Inc. Best AI GPT (ChatGPT, Google Bard™ PaLM, Llama 2) for Docs™, Sheets™, Gmail™, Slides. Use AI superpower to deliver great work, write, create and improve content with 10x productivity and efficiency!
19 DailyBot 412891807137 244K+ 0.0 DailyBot The AI assistant powered by ChatGPT for stand-ups, checkins, GPT prompts, surveys, polls, workflows, forms, kudos, virtual coffees, watercoolers, and more.
20 AI Transcriber 453672319332 228K+ 4.9 SpeechText.AI Turn audio and video content to text and subtitles
21 ChatGPT for Sheets™️ 575253125118 212K+ 3.9 Use AI to generate formulas, categorize items, format cells, and perform repetitive tasks.
22 Dialpad Add-on 1027370902578 205K+ 3.7 Dialpad, Inc Call and message your contacts in Dialpad without leaving Gmail
23 AI Email Writer 931037258446 197K+ 4.6 TimeNavi The AI email writer, powered by ChatGPT in Gmail™. 🚀 💌 Increase productivity by using an AI virtual assistant to write emails for you. Write emails in seconds.
24 Doc Variables 232821636920 195K+ 4.4 Craft shared templates, generate content with AI, perform bulk exports using spreadsheet data, automate documents with Zapier integration, and more—all within one powerful extension.
25 Docsium (GPT AI Writer) 46312178700 168K+ 4.3 Docsium Use GPT-3 from OpenAi™ on your Google Sheets™ and Google Docs™. Simply clean your data, add missing data or even write entire paragraphs. Docsium is the easiest AI writer out there! Try it free
26 Slides Creator - Mail merge for Slides 292250264895 167K+ 3.8 copa webservices Merge Google Slides™ presentations automatically based on any individual created presentation template and Google Sheets™ content like texts, links, and images. Automate your presentation creation!
27 Salesforce Connector for G Suite 1085601474281 163K+ 4.4 iEnterprises Integrate your Gmail, Google Calendar and CRM in one easy step with virtually nothing to install. Now with full mobile support for the Gmail app on iOS and Android!
28 AI Mail Assistant - ChatGPT™ for Gmail™ 793320270264 151K+ 4.3 Klart AI ChatGPT™ AI for Gmail™ - All-in-one tool: Generate answers, summarize mails, translate content, improve & fix mails and ask question to ChatGPT™ to save time and effort.
29 Translator with GPT (ChatGPT AI) - Translate All 257171559362 145K+ 3.9 ZQ Labs, Inc. Best translator powered by ChatGPT AI and Google Translate™ for Docs™, Slides™, Sheets™, Gmail™. It can translate to 100+ languages with any tones in seconds!
30 i CRM for Gmail™ 595198724352 126K+ 4.6 iEnterprises i CRM for Gmail™ is a flexible and robust CRM solution that works directly inside Gmail™ from any browser or in the Gmail™ MOBILE App.
31 GPT Form™ Builder -Create Form™ with ChatGPT & OCR 678204444887 120K+ 4.2 GPT Form Builder With ChatGPT, generates Form™ through prompt text, or extracts the content in document(pdf, Slides™, Docs™, Sheets™, Word, Images) to generate Form™. We also support OCR scanning to create Form™.
32 AI Email Assistant - GPT for GMAIL™ 899305976589 91K+ 4.6 AI Email Assistant - Chat GPT for GMAIL™ is AI email writer for Workspace™ 💌 powered by OpenAI. Save hours of your time with AI-powered for one-click email writing, translation, rephrasing
33 AI Business Coach 866816835009 68K+ 5.0 Business-Coach.AI AI Business Coach
34 Automagical TeacherHelper 465472667650 65K+ 5.0 Unicorn Magic Power your Google Classroom™ directly from Google Chat™!
35 Lara 390658168195 27K+ 4.7 Lara AI Your personal assistant with AI
36 SummarizeBot 883058543244 16K+ 4.4 None SummarizeBot is an AI and blockchain powered multilingual summarization bot! It can extract the most relevant information, keywords and key phrases from: web-links, documents, audio, images with text